Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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Muslims and Air Travel

For thousands of years Air travel had been a human dream until the Wright brothers created history with their first powered flight in 1904. Today, aviation remains one of the most impressive and the most outstanding human inventions. The progress that was made in air travel since then is something we deserve to be proud of. In future, history will acknowledge the contributions made by the Americans, Europeans, Russians and other nations to this outstanding human achievement. History will also record the only contribution made by Muslims to aviation, which is to crash the planes and kill their passengers. 

Muslims happen to be the only group to perfect this art of crashing commercial planes to kill innocent, helpless civilians. Their list of achievements includes:

·        In 1967 they introduced to the world professional hijacking; a Palestinian group hijacked an Israeli Boeing 707 to Algeria.

·        In 1970 they introduced multiple plane hijacking when they hijacked, then exploded four commercial planes in a Jordanian desert.

·        In the 1980s they perfected the art of planting explosives in electronic devices such as cassette players. They successfully exploded a jumbo jet over Scotland killing hundreds of civilians.

·        In September 2001 humanity witnessed with disbelief how a group of dedicated Muslims hijacked four commercial planes and crashed them into buildings killing thousands of innocent civilians.

·        In 2006 they introduced the use of liquid explosives  

As the world continues improving in aeroplane designs to give us even better, more reliable and safer aeroplanes, Muslims work in the other direction and continue their own destructive innovation—to add to their dark record in aviation. To maximise the carnage their last innovation was to use liquid explosives to blow up several aeroplanes over American cities. 

The last week’s foiled attempt is an intelligence success that saved thousands of lives. On this occasion the terrorists failed to score any kills, but with hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled and thousands of passengers stranded and hundreds of extra staff brought in to the airports it is not difficult to realise the magnitude of the blow the terrorists delivered to the economy, globally. Western airlines may even suffer more setbacks in the future as passengers may choose to travel with Islamic airlines because they are less likely to be targeted. 

More worrying is that last week’s events have exposed the West’s continuing failure to understand the nature of its evasive enemy. The West still lives in denial and does not want to comprehend and digest the naked truth. Just imagine, some British media even were reluctant even to refer to the terrorists as Muslims, some hosted programmes addressing the sufferings endured by the ‘mostly moderate’ Muslim society.  

The suspected Muslim terrorists are all British-born, just like those who perpetrated the 7/7 attack last year. Some of them are recent converts to Islam, which speaks volumes about the nature of Islam. 

It doesn’t matter if a Muslim is born in Europe, America or any other part of the world, it doesn’t matter if Muslims are integrated or not. We must not forget that those who carry out the terrorist attacks in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan are fully integrated in their societies. We must not forget that the Muslim converts who turned to terrorism are fully integrated in the British society.  

There is only one aspect which matters— Islam itself. Put this ideology in the brain of a genius and you get a stupid who is prepared to commit mass murders. Islam is the common factor that links all terrorists together; it is a lethal disease that disables the brain of its sufferers and makes them vulnerable to commit mass murders and damage. It is a sure threat to any society and must be eradicated. 

Some Muslims may appear moderate and live normal lives; they may even be only remotely connected to Islam as they hover on its outer circle but they are always at risk of being sucked into the darkness of the Islamic black hole. 

Just like any disease there are stages of Islamic disease: a suicide bomber, being the ultimate, full-blown and terminal state. Any Muslims is potentially at risk of getting to that final stage. Daniel Pipes describes what he calls a ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ (SJS) to describe the condition when ordinary and seemingly undedicated Muslims suffer of rapid change in character and develop the state of suicide bombers. A stark example is that some seemingly normal university students went through this change.

Thanks to Muslims, air travel is going to be even harder with no guarantee of security. According to a recent poll about 25% of British Muslims (that is about three hundred thousands of them!!) find 7/7 attacks acceptable. Officials in the UK say the security services are stretched to their limits, and there is a limit to what the security services of any country can do. With so many Muslims approving terrorists’ attacks, the terrorists have the capability and the will to plan for more and more attacks with the inevitable conclusion that one-day they will succeed resulting in massive casualties.  

In dealing with terrorists, there are only two options: either to hit decisively or wait until the terrorists hit hard. The West must start making the environment unsuitable for the growth of Islamic terrorism. This is a very unusual war that calls for very unusual measures—new laws need to be introduced.  

The West made itself a very attractive place for Islamic terrorists. Here the immigrant Muslims can practice their religion freely and safely, something they could not do in many Islamic countries. Their mosques are safe and their Friday’s sermons are not censored; they can dress the way they like and women can wear headscarves or burkhas, which are banned in some Islamic countries. Their children can go to Islamic schools and eat halal food. In the West, the state will just say yes to their demands and the press will show all understanding to their ‘sensitivities’. How a culture of unabated tolerance and subservience to Muslim demands could provide any deterrence to the proliferation of Islamic terrorism? — Please do think about this.

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