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No To Political Islam

On the third anniversary of military attack on Iraq, is there any hope? Are we going to witness Amercian militarism in action again? Is attack on Iran imminenet? Interview Ali Javadi, director of NCTVDoes Islamophobia exist? Should we restrict freedom of expression on the basis of religious "insult"  Interview Ibn Warraq, writer of Leaving Islam

proposal submitted by OIC to UN human rights commission, should Blasphemy become recognised? How should we stop these religious attacks? Interview Roy Brown, president IHEU.

Crime of Passion, honour killings, or terrorist attack on women? No mittigation, no excuses for the so-called honour killings. We should unite globally to fight political islam. Azar Majedi's speech at 8 March international conference in Cologne Germany.  

NCTV, a satellite television, presents "No to Political Islam" a new, one hour weekly programme by Azar Majedi. In this programme, through interviews, reports and debates, Azar Majedi examines different issues concerning political Islam, crisis in the Middle East, secularism, women's rights and Islamic terrorism both in the Middle East and internationally. We invite all those interested in these topics to watch the programme and contribute by sending their questions and comments to Azar Majedi.

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No to Political Islam

No to Political Islam
Programme 11
14 March  2006
Interview Ali Javadi on the threat of military attack on Iran, and the anniversary of attack on Iraq Interview Ibn Warraq on Islamophobia and freedom of expression
Interview Roy Brown On blasphemy laws submitted to UN human Rights Council by OIC
Speech by Azar Majedi at 8 March conference Cologne, Germany
No to Political Islam
Programme 10
09 February  2006
Interview with Caroline Fourest, French writer and  journalist regarding Manifesto: Resistance to the New Totalitarianism, Political Islam, Islamophobia and freedom of expression.
Interview with Saman Khoury, from Peace and Democracy Forum, East Jeuresalem, on the political situation in Palestine, Hamas and the peace process. Is there a deadlock?
Interview with Hamid Taqvaee on the escalation of violence and terrorism in Iraq. What can be done?
No to Political Islam
Programme 9
09 February  2006
Interview Ali Javadi on atomic crisis, the threats by a nuclear Islamic Republic, How it could be stopped? Economic sanctions? Military attack?
also interview about the caricature crisis, the role of the Islamic movement in organising the angry demonstrations, Islamophobia and freedom of expression.
Interview with Jamal Zakout, deputy head of the political committee of Palestinian National Council from Gaza regarding the future Hamas government, the future of peace, Islamisation of Palestinian society.
No to Political Islam
Programme 8
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
14 February  2006
Interview with Ali Javadi on abuse of Iraqi people in the hands of British soldiers, the situation in Iraq and the rise of political Islam in Iraq.
Interview with Homa Arjmand about the 8th March international conference in Cologne Germany, women's rights and political Islam.
interview with Janek Kuczkiewics from ICFTU on the day of International solidarity action with the Bus workers of Tehran.
reading letters received regarding Azar majedi's article "don't be intimidated" on the over caricaturs of Mohammad.
No to Political Islam
Programme 7
09 February  2006
Azar Majedi interviews Maryam Namazie, Roy Brown, President of IHEU and Hamid Taqvaee, on the issue of the caricatures of Mohammed and the angry demonstrations in the Middle East.
Must these caricatures be banned?
Who organized these demonstrations?
What is the role of Political Islam?
Does it help to apologize? Should one apologize?
A brief report on the Tehran's Bus workers' protest and the international solidarity, an Interview with Bahram Soroush, ILS 
No to Political Islam
Programme 6
02 February  2006
Palestinian Election: Hamas and the peace process, Is Hamas going to Islamize Palestinian society, Is Political Islam stregthened? Interviews with Rami Bathish spokesperson if MIFTAH, a Palestinian NGO, from East Jeurasalam, Adam Keller, from Gush Shalom, An Israeili grass root organisation, and Ali Javadi from Worker-communist party of Iran. Azar Majedi's speech at the conference on globalisation of political Islam in Stockholm January 21
No to Political Islam
Programme 5  
17 January 2006
Banning the burque in Netherland. Is that violation of freedom of choice, freedom of religion, or in defence of women's rights?
Interview with Hamid Taqvaei: Nuclear crisis in Iran: Is a millitary attack imminent? What is its consequences?
Interview with Maryam Kousha: 5000 women are killed world wide, why honour killings? How to stop it? A conference on 8 March in Cologne, Germany.
No to Political Islam
Programme 4   
13 January 2006
Interview with Adam Keller from Gush Shalom (Peace Block) from Israel, a progressive grass root  organisation working for peace between Israel and Palestine, about the effect of Sharon's disapperance from political scene on peace process, and political situation in Israel.
Interview with Ali Javadi about resumption of nuclear activities by Islamic Repuiblic of Iran, and the possibility of economic sanctions and military attack against Iran by the US or Western governments.
Also interviewing Ali Javadi on Hadj, this so-called sacred moslem ritual, the death of 350 people on the last day of Hadj who were crushed to death, and brutal killing of animals. What can be done to stop the death of hundreds of people every year in Hadj?
No to Political Islam
Programme 3    
13 December 2005
Appeal for acquittal of an Italian judge who has been sentenced to 7 months in prison and 1 year suspension for refusing to reside in a court room with the Cross present.
Message of solidarity to the meeting in Paris to celebrate 100 years of secular law in France.
Interview with Jocelyne Clarke general secretary of Union of secular family in France.
Interview with Hamid Taqvaee about secularism and its historical significance.
Interview with Issam Shkri about elections in Iraq and Iraq 1000 days after US and British military attack.
No to Political Islam
Programme 2

6 December 2005
An analysis of Saddam Hussein's trial.
Azar Majedi's speech in Stockholm Oct 29 re our fight against political Islam and for secularism, our future plan.
Interview with Ali Javadi re recent political developments in Israel and leadership chage in Labour party and formation of new party by Sharon.
No to Political Islam
Programme 1   
  29 November 2005
A brief analysis of seculaism and Political Islam.
Homa Arjmand's speech in Stocholm 29 Oct re political Islam.
A Palsesinian father made history.