Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
Links to Other Websites

Websites run by ex-Muslims

Amil Imani - Site of an Iranian ex-Muslim in English and Farsi

Ampbreia - Site of an ex-Muslim woman

Apostates of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Derafsh-Kaviyani - Site of an Iranian with articles in English and Farsi

Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation

Faith Freedom - A highly recommended website

Forum Murtadin Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia

History of Jihad

Islam Review

Islamic Scriptures Unveiled - blog by ex-Muslimah

Khalas - Website by a former convert to Islam

Murtads from Malaysia

Nonie Darwish

Patan Ore - Website of an Afghan ex-Muslim and poet..

Secular Islam

Taslima Nasrin

The Apostate


Fel Mish Mish - An exMuslim Arabic blog


1000+ Mistakes in the Quran [must read]

All About Muhammad

Altar of Democracy - Website Dedicated to Oriana Fallaci

Atlas Shrugs

American Thinker

Anti-CAIR  - Website for scrutinizing CAIR

Answering Islam - A Christian site to refute Islam with some erudite & strong articles.

ArabAthiests/Humanists - Arabic and English website

Australian Islamist Monitor

Bare Naked Islam

Barely A Blog

Butterflies and Wheels

Canada Free Press

Caliphate Rising


Centre For Study of Political Islam

Challenging Islam

Counter-Jihad Education Taskforce

Crusade Media

The Counterterrorism Blog

Daily Ablution

Dhimmi Watch

Efsha - Good website in English and Farsi

For the Grandchildren

Freethought Mecca

Global Politician


Harry's Place article on Islam

House of Apostasy

Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities

Hyscience - Disbelievers' Guided To Kafr, Fitnah, and 'Spreading Mischief in the Land'

Global Terrorism Analysis  - In-depth analysis of al-Qaeda and the War on Terror

Infidels Blogger Alliance

Internet Infidels' Islam Library - A good collection of articles

Internet Haganah

Investigate Islam -- Thousands of documents in French

Islamic Expansion and Decline

Islamist Threat blog

Islam: The Religion of Peace?


Islam Undressed

Jihad Monitor

Jihad Watch

Justify This

Jesus Never Existed

Infidel Nation

Know Islam - Arab Humanist group with content in Arabic and some English

Life and Times of Ahmed and Mohammed - Humor site

Little Green Footballs weblog

Malaysian Blog

MCB Watch

Middle East Facts

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

Militant Islam Monitor

Mosque Watch

A New Dark Age Is Dawning

News Back

Persecution Project

Persecution In Sudan - Nifty photoshop work

Political Islam

Prophet of Doom

Quran Reading Blog

Refuting Islam

Regime Change Iran

The Religion of Peace


Saudi Institute

The Truth About Iraq

The Truth Messenger

The Legacy of Jihad


Truth About Islam

Ummah News Links

Urban Infidel blog

Undeniable Politics

United American Committee


Victims of Jihad


Western Resistance

Wizbang blog

Women of Afghanistan - RAWA

Women in the Middle East