Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Mohammed "Cartoon Crisis" Goes Global

For a week, beginning on Sunday February 10, teenage youths rioted in Danish cities. The riots began in Aarhus before the controversial cartoon of Mohammed, founder of Islam, were reproduced in Danish newspapers. On Tuesday February 12, five individuals were arrested and three were detained. Danish intelligence agency PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste) announced that the three detained individuals had been arrested in connection with a plot to murder 73-year old illustrator Kurt Westergaard.


Westergaard's image of Mohammed with his turban as a bomb was among 12 which had been published on September 30, 2005, by Aarhus-based newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The drawings had been commissioned by the newspaper after author Kare Blultgen said he could find no artist willing to illustrate his children's book on the life of Mohammed.


The publication of the 12 images led to rioting and protests around the world. These protests grew to a peak during February 2006, and by the end of that month at least 50 people had been killed. The anger had initially been stoked by Palestinian-born preacher Abu Laban of the Waqfs mosque in Noerrebro, Copenhagen. He sent a delegation to the Middle Eastern religious leaders. This delegation carried three extra images which had not been printed by Jyllands-Posten.


Westergaard and another illustrator, Franz Fuschel, were placed under police protection and had to go into hiding. On Wednesday February 13, Jyllands-Posten reproduced Westergaard's picture. By the end of last week, the picture had been shown in 17 Danish newspapers. It had also appeared in newspapers in Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden.


Additionally, the Wall Street Journal, the Observer, and German newspapers Frankfurter Allgemeine and Die Welt reprinted Westergaard's illustration over the weekend, leading to these editions being banned in Egypt.


The urban rioting by Danish youths became more widespread after Wednesday February 13, with fires and arson attacks in Aarhus, Tingbjerg (a district of Copenhagen) Ringsted and Slagelse, but appeared to end after Sunday. The school half-term commenced on Monday this week, and most of the youths that were rioting were still of school age.


Hizb ut-Tahrir Denmark


Danish Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) led an official protest against the cartoons on Friday February 15 in Copenhagen's Noerrebro district, attended by 1,500 people. Leading the demonstration was Danish HT leader Fadi Abdullatif.


Abdullatif has attracted controversy for his anti-Semitic propaganda. In March and April 2002, Danish HT handed out leaflets in a Copenhagen square. These used Islamic Hadiths to justify threatening Jews. The leaflets contained the quote: "kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have been turned you out." They also maintained that "The Jews are a people of slander... a treacherous people... they fabricate lies and twist words from their right context."


Officially Hizb ut-Tahrir claims that it is opposed to violence, but the 2002 leaflets stated that suicide attacks against Israel were "legitimate" acts of "martyrdom". As a result of these leaflets, on October 2002, Fadi Abdullatif had been sentenced to a 60-day suspended prison sentence for distribution of racist propaganda.


In 2004, politicians from across the spectrum had demanded that HT should be banned in Denmark, but the director of public prosecutions ruled that the group could remain legal in the nation.


In the same year, Danish HT distributed leaflets which called for Muslims to kill members of the Danish government. Abdullatif had created leaflets calling for Muslims to go to Fallujah, Iraq, to fight Americans. He urged Muslims to "eliminate your rulers if they stand in your way". In August, 2005 Abdullatif was arrested, and in March 2006 he was officially charged with threatening the Danish government.


On August 17, 2006, Fadi Abdullatif was found guilty of threatening the Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Additionally he was found to be in contravention of Denmark's anti-racism laws by calling for the killing of Jews on HT Denmark's website. He was sentenced to three months' jail.


On Friday, stated Jyllands-Posten newspaper, at the Noerrebro HT demonstration "a direct threat against Danish society was issued." Danish politicians were outraged that the leader of a prominent Muslim group, widely regarded as "moderate", was at the demonstration, photographed standing beside Fadi Abdullatif.


Kassem Said Ahmad is spokesperson for the Islamic Society in Denmark (Islamisk Trossamfund). On Tuesday February 12, after the men allegedly responsible for plotting Kurt Westergaard's murder had been arrested, Ahmad had called for dialogue in a press release. He also said he would support the battle against extremism. He wrote: "We extend a hand out to the Danish society to participate in dialogue in understanding and respecting each other."


In September 2006, Kassem Ahmad appeared in a meeting with Kurt Westergaard at one of the artist's "safe-houses". A television crew was present. It was assumed the meeting would be a sign of reconciliation. When Westergaard did not publicly apologize, Ahmad stormed out of the meeting. He said: "I got angry and went away from the session. All attempts at dialogue were futile. I had expected repentance and an apology." He also refused to allow permission for the recorded material to be broadcast.


Kassem Ahmad's appearance with Hizb ut-Tahrir on February 15 this year was condemned by Henrik Dam Kristensen, integration spokesperson for the Danish Social Democrat party. He said: "If the Islamic Society chooses spokespeople who sympathize with the Hizb ut-Tahrir and participates in this sort of demonstration, then to me, the society has lost a large portion of its legitimacy."


One of the HT speakers at the demonstration said (translation): "Do you believe we will forget (the insults)? Do you believe we have forgotten? We have not forgotten and we will never forget. The government must know that they have seen nothing yet of the potential of the Muslims. If our reactions last time (i.e. during the cartoon crisis) were enough to give them a nervous breakdown, then they shall wait and see what happens when the Muslims resurrect the Khilafah and unite the whole Muslim world under its banner. The west must know that the Muslims are about to rob them of the political initiative, and on that day, dear fellow Muslims, we will hold them accountable for everything. We have not forgotten!"


One Danish politician wrote an angry response to Hizb ut-Tahrir on his website. Villy S??vndal is chairman of the Socialist People's Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti). He wrote (translation):

???Hizb-ut-Tahrir: You are on the wrong path!


Hizb-ut-Tahrir has not only taken a wrong turn -  they are at the wrong place. If they are so brain dead they really want the Kalifa and the Sharia, they are simply in the wrong country. They have nothing to do in Denmark and they will never reach their goals here.


 With age, I have learned that you must choose your struggles carefully. Therefore my advice to HT is - not friendly but nevertheless heartfelt - to seek other pastures.


There are - a tragedy in its own right - countries in the world that are much more fertile to the wet dream of these idiots. So, if they really want the Khalifa (Caliphate) or the Sharia, the potential is much higher in, for instance, Iran or Saudi Arabia. So, from me a clear appeal: You must press on - and it can only happen too slowly.


With their usual sense of timing the HT struck again as an extension of Cartoon Crisis version 2.0. With never failing precision they managed to pour petrol on the fire while talking directly to the Danes, who are fed up by religious fundamentalism, and to a minority of Muslims who seemingly cannot have enough of it.


Therefore, this is my message to HT and their followers - among them apparently the spokesman for Islamisk Trossamfund (Islamic Society in Denmark), who have gladly marched in a demonstration arranged by HT: Find other pastures. Your purpose has no perspective and no future in Denmark.


And to the ordinary Danes, who rightly are tired of the grotesque points of view and crazy demonstrations of HT: You are not alone. I too am tired of them. Let us therefore join forces and send them a message: Your unspirited idiocy has no right on earth, for in the long run nobody wants to live unfree, in ignorance and with your pathetic haplessness.


Some say that among the immigrants, HT are those who are doing best when it comes to education and jobs. I don't know - I'm not a sociologist. But I must conclude that they are extremely bad at all other aspects of life. And maybe that is the real tragedy: That people who are brought up in freedom, who have been offered opportunities that their parents in their home countries never could have offered them, nevertheless end as religious bigots and with hatred towards the society they live in.


To those who feel themselves attracted to HT, and who meet resistance in their life - just like everyone else meets resistance in their lives: Free yourself of the victim paradigm. Free yourself of the Middle Ages. Have the courage to use your common sense. Acknowledge, as a lesson in history, the superior qualities of democracy, acknowledge the equal rights of women and their authority. Acknowledge reason and knowledge as the basis on which you meet other people. Do this and you'll feel welcome in this society.???


Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international group with a sense of common purpose. In February 2006, the group was behind some of the cartoon protests, and again it is trying to exploit grievances on the part of Muslim individuals to promote HT???s agenda.


International Hizb ut-Tahrir


On Wednesday February 20 protests had spread to Indonesia. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Danish and Dutch embassies in Jakarta, Indonesia. And here Hizb ut-Tahrir was organizing protests and making political capital from the event.


Once again, contradicting HT's official claim to be against violence, Indonesia HT's official spokesman called for the death of those who defamed Islam such as Salman Rushdie and Theo van Gogh (who was killed on November 2, 2004). Muhammmad Ismail Yusanto also said: "We heard they have reprinted the cartoons to defend the freedom of speech while in fact they have thereby clearly and seriously insulted the Prophet Muhammad and Islam, and this has happened several times."


Yusanto led a 7,000-strong HT rally at which calls were made for an Islamic caliphate to govern the world in August 2007. Yusanto spoke at a HT rally in Lakemba, Sydney, Australia on  January 28, 2007. He said to 500 people: "Sacrifice must be encouraged. If the capital (of the new Caliphate) fell and was occupied by the invading forces the rest (of the Caliphate) must be involved in an all-out war against the occupiers. Call for all military-aged Muslims to obtain military training and prepare for jihad. There is no victory and glory without hard work and sacrifice - no pain, no gain."


In Indonesia, the group has frequently colluded with the Front Pembela Islam (FPI or Islamic Defenders Front) a violent Islamist group which in February 2006 threatened tourists and stoned the American Embassy over the cartoon issue. After the tsunami of December 24, 2004, HT joined forces with FPI during the relief effort. One FPI member threatened to "chase down any Christian (relief) group that does anything beyond offering aid."


When in 2006 the nudes-free Indonesian version of Playboy was published, Hizb members promised to take to the streets alongside FPI who were already smashing windows at the magazine's offices. In June 2006 the Indonesian government suggested that Hizb ut-Tahrir and FPI could be officially outlawed due to their reputation for disrupting security and public order, but such a move was never made.


In Indonesia, HT took root in the 1980s, when KH Abdullah bin Nuh, the owner of the Al-Ghazali Islamic boarding school in Bogor, West Java, invited HT Asia-Pacific leader Abdurahman Albaghdadi from his home in Australia. It now claims to have 100,000 members. It is currently gaining popularity among students at University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology and Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta.


HT in Bangladesh also has a reputation for encouraging violence. In February 2006 HT organized a rally of 5,000 protesters at Dhaka. There were cries of "Death to those who degrade our beloved prophet!" and "Hang Culprits!" as HT members demonstrated against the Danish cartoons.


HT was introduced to Bangladesh by Golam Mowla. He had encountered the group when he went to London to become a PhD student in 1993. He met Nasimul Gani and Kawsar Shahnewaj and by 2000 these, together with Mowla, had set up Bangladesh's first HT office.


In July 2004, Bangladesh HT was accused of making death threats against ten politicians. Mohiuddin Ahmed, leader of the Bangladesh HT, denied the claims. The Bangladesh group has a student wing, called Chhatra Mukti.


In September 2007 Bangladesh HT members were protesting against more insulting cartoons of Mohammed. These were part of a series created by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who had represented Mohammed's head on the bodies of various dogs. On August 18, 2007 one local Swedish newspaper, Nerikes Allehanda had published one of these pictures. In November 2007 two terror suspects were apprehended with a map of Vilks' home.


In Bangladesh, several HT members were arrested for protesting about the Swedish cartoons. At the same time, stated Dominic Whiteman, HT in Britain were busily recruiting Bangladeshis from the Brick Lane/Tower Hamlets region of east London, and taking out advertisements in British Bangladeshi newspapers.


The cartoon issue is one that is now being exploited by Hizb ut-Tahrir. The group was founded in Jerusalem in 1953 by Islamic jurist Mohammed Taqiuddin al-Nabhani (1909 - 1977). The group is banned in Russia, the former Soviet states in Central Asia, the Netherlands and Germany. It banned in most Middle East nations, such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It is banned in Pakistan, but remains legal in Britain, North America and Australia. In some Central Asian states, where authorities enact harsh punishments, the group has been linked with sporadic terrorist actions.




The first British branch of HT was founded by Omar Bakri Mohammed. He had been expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1985 after he had formed a group two years before called Al Muhajiroun. This was viewed as a "front group" for Hizb ut-Tahrir. Arriving in the UK as an asylum seeker, Bakri founded UK HT in 1986 with a Syrian called Farid Kassim.


On February 16, 1996 Bakri broke with HT and took some members to form his own group called Al Muhajiroun. Under Bakri, HT had gained a reputation for violence and intimidation. It was banned by the NUS from attending university campuses in 1996 after its members had intimidated Muslim women students to wear the hijab or headscarf.


No one should forget that Hizb ut-Tahrir was said to be responsible for the murder of an African student at an east London college in 1995. The student, Ayotunde Obanubi, had been accused of "insulting Islam". He attended the (former) Newham College of Further Education in East Ham. After a college visit by Omar Bakri Mohammed which was attended by 200 individuals, Mr Obanubi was stabbed in the arm at the college. A few days later, on Monday February 27, 2007 Obanubi was again assaulted by a group of young Muslims. The Nigerian student died on the steps of the college.


The gang that killed him was led by Saeed Nur, an older brother of the student who had inflicted the stab wound. This individual had earlier warned Mr Obanubi with the statement "Don't mess with Muslim boys and my religion." Nur was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996. Former HT member Ed Hussain has said that the killing was directly inspired by Hizb ut-Tahrir's ideas.


HT maintains that it is opposed to violence, but it is mistrusted by many moderate Muslims. Despite this opposition, the group is constantly trying to inveigle itself into the ranks of "acceptable" Muslim society in Britain.


On Monday February 18 this week, the East London Advertiser reported that Dr. Abdul Waheed, the spokesman of HT Britain, was going to attend a discussion meeting at the London Muslim Center in Whitechapel, east London. Tower Hamlets Council was to fund this meeting with ??19,000. Only when pressured did the council claim that it did not approve of funding the HT spokesman's presence.


This event, called "Has Political Participation Failed British Muslims?" will take place on February 26. Speakers will include Lord Nazir Ahmed and also Makbool Javaid, a lawyer. Mr Javaid may not wish to be reminded of this, but in 1998, he was a signatory to a fatwa by Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was then leading the extremist group Al Muhajiroun.


This fatwa included the statement: "We the undersigned call upon the Muslims around the world including Muslims in the USA and in Britain to confront by all means whether verbally, financially, politically or militarily the US and British aggression and to do their Islamic duty in relieving the Iraqi people from the unjust sanctions."


In 1998 Javaid threatened to sue various newspapers for reporting that his support for the fatwa meant he supported Osama bin Laden. The Sunday Mirror of August 23, 1998 called Javaid a "supporter of Muslim fanatic Osama bin Laden".


Javaid argued that he had only been involved with Al Muhajiroun as a legal adviser, and that if he knew of the group's support for terrorism, he would not have helped them. Even if Al Muhajiroun's support for terrorism was not so well known at that time, its anti-Semitism was no secret. In October 1997, the group had carried banners outside Ealing Town Hall. One carried the legend: "The hour will never come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them."


Without wishing to disparage Makbool Javaid because of his former associations, one should also note that another speaker at the upcoming Cordoba Foundation meeting will be Osama Saeed, who has acted as spokesman for the Scottish wing of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB).


In November 2006, Saeed urged Muslims in Dundee not to cooperate with Tayside Police's Special Branch community contact unit. He said: "The police are doing their jobs and their job is to push the boat out and push the limits they can push. Our job is to resist that, and resist that we must."


One question remains, apart from the obvious one of why rate-payers are funding the meeting. That question is: Why is the Cordoba Foundation called "Cordoba"?


Cordoba is in Andalucia in southern Spain. After Muslims, led by Tariq bin Ziyad invaded Christian Visigoth Spain in 711 AD, Cordoba had become the capital of the Western Umayyad Caliphate.


What is the message that is implied in the choice of this name? According to the group's website: At times when human minds and intellects clash, the spirit of Cordoba is evoked. The symbol of human excellence, intellectual ingenuity and spiritual elation, Cordoba, the city, civilization and people, remains living evidence of the ability of minds and aspirations to meet, collaborate and strive for the common goal of advancement and success.


The group claims that its aim is to prevent a clash of civilizations. Yet the invasion of Spain was exactly that, a conflict of civilizations. Bin Laden still argues that Andalus should be returned to Islam.


The Cordoba Foundation was founded by Anas Altikriti who was president of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) from 2004 to 2005. One should also remember that MAB was founded by Kemal el-Helbawy of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB was founded in Egypt after the last Caliphate, that of the Ottomans, was dismantled in March 1924. The MB slogan is: "Allah is our goal; the Messenger is our model; the Quran is our constitution; jihad is our means; and martyrdom in the way of Allah is our aspiration."


For Britain's policy makers and politicians, both at local and national level, it is not always so easy to pick out the moderates from the radicals amongst Britain's Muslim representatives. Hizb ut-Tahrir stands out because it proclaims loudly its desire to create a Caliphate. But for some other groups with less extreme reputations, whose leading figures are influenced by Jamaat-e-Islami or Deobandi (Taliban) ideology, all roads ultimately lead to the Caliphate.


 (Danish translations courtesy of Wiking)


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Adrian Morgan, aka Giraldus Cambrensis of Western Resistance, is UK-based writer and artist. He also writes for Spero News, Family Security Matters and He has previously contributed to various publications, including the Guardian and New Scientist and is a former Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Society.

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Quran is indeed the living miracle of Islam. Source:

Name: Platypus, humanist
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Hi Muslims! You know, I am a friend of all animals and especially of pigs and monkeys (I keep a piglet as pet in my home) and, to me, they are more likable than snake, lizards and scorpions, the ancestors of the Arab nation of Saudi Barbaria. But many people keep snakes and lizards and scorpions as pets in their homes. But they are not Muslims (the pets...) ???Allah made perfect everything he created???. So says the Quran. So why your childish comparison of Christians and Jews to monkeys and pigs in this awful book? Do you realize that your religion is being hated by all nations throughout the world with your acts of terror? What do you expect with the tactic? Friendly people who will embrace Islam on the spot? Violence and terror doesn???t work anymore; it???s an outdated weapon of war and it just makes people all over the planet to hate you and your religion the more and more. Wake up! Read other books! Keep your religion private! Or move to a more peaceful religion! If you like death, kill yourself without killing others and good riddance! Why don???t you live and let live? Paradise is a hoax in any religion! -Platypus, humanist

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to Platypus, humanist: Your nickname and your comment are contradictory. You are an (oxy)moron!

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To Pierre Morat: It is the nature of the Platypus to be an oxymoron...

Name: agnostic
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Adrian, Brits are to blame for the situation they are now in. There is no Churchill now. Britain needs a Cromwell to set things right. For 10 years your people allowed the Labour Fascists under Blair and now Brown to emasculate you, cut you salami slice of your rights, your pride in your judeo-christianity, your values, your history, your culture and traditions and permitted Leftist moonbats, Liberals to control the nation. {Britain never learned from History nor from Churchill who fought a lone battle for 6 years warning his countrymen, because he loved his country, and King so much, of the danger of Hitler and the military build up by Germany. Brits were too involved in fun and frolic and surrendered to the moonbats in power then.} Blair did your heads in when he reversed all of Margaret Thatcher's achievements. It was he who allowed cultural suicide of his country and people when with the UK Department of Education made some absurd recommendations on how Islam is taught and Muslims are treated in their universities. 1. Universities should employ Muslim scholars to teach Islamic theology: ???Students should be given the opportunity to learn from competent traditionally trained Islamic scholars in at least those parts of the syllabus that directly inform everyday practice of Islam???. 2. All universities must employ Muslim chaplains or advisers to deal with the growing number of Muslim students on campus. More prayer rooms for Muslims should be provided. 3. Islamic Student Societies should be better recognised and encouraged. 4. Universities should cooperate with Islamic schools and colleges (dar al-ulum) to break down the divisions between British society and the Muslim community. Universities should help madrassas and dar al-ulum because they play a key role in Muslim communities and in the training of future community leaders. They need a formal link to higher education qualifications. 5. Islamic studies should be linked to job opportunities such as teaching, chaplaincy and Islamic banking. 6. Universities should provide add-on modules in Islamic studies for all students. 7. Guidance should be given to all universities on Friday prayers, Ramadan and halal food. All university staff should receive awareness training on Muslims and Islam. He created a safe haven for terrorists and their organisations when they were expelled or fled from their country of origin. He sold all the Crown Jewels of England = first half 2006, e.g. while 2,401 UK firms were gobbled up, British companies bought only 667 overseas businesses. He said that foreign takeovers of airports, utility companies and other strategic companies are beneficial to consumers (Independent, June 9, 2006.) He emasculated the Royal Navy. Today if Britain is attacked, the once Britannia rules the waves has to go hat in hand to Germany for protection. Under Blair Britain embraced a foreign policy that steadily changed it from a great imperial nation to one that is opening itself up to becoming a vassal of the greatest current colonizing power of this age, the European Union, led by arch enemy Germany. Before he left office he ensured that polygamy for muslims is most desirable and brits pick up the tab. Brown had already made concessions and provisions for muslims polygamy when he was chancellor. Ian Blair, commissioner of police said that in combatting terrorism and extremism the Met should share intelligence with muslim leaders. And there you have Omar Bakri clearly stating that no muslim will share any info that will endanger his fellow muslim. He wants the black flag of islam to fly and the queen in burqa. Hizb ut-Tahrir was banned and thrown out by Germany but warmly embraced by Blair and provided safe haven as that repulsive Ken Livingstone rolled out the red carpet and embraced a known terrorist. Now Britainstan has Brown who inherited Blair's squelched investigations on the BAE deal with Saudi Arabia with Prince Bandar, the head of the Saudi national security council, and son of the crown prince, was alleged in court to be the man behind the threats to hold back information about suicide bombers and terrorists. He faces accusations that he himself took more than a Billion British Pounds in secret payments from the arms company BAE. Bandar was accused in high court hearings last week of flying to London in December 2006 and uttering threats which made the prime minister, Tony Blair, force an end to the Serious Fraud Office investigation into bribery allegations involving Bandar and his family. The Court Hearing has the Judge Moses listening incredulously at Britainstan's HELPLESSNESS!! Moses said that after BAE's commercial arguments failed, "Lo and behold, the next thing there is a threat to national security!" And more 7/7's in the offing. Brit natives citizens pay obscenely large amounts of taxes, but get less and less in return for this, except increasing surveillance, with the state becoming more hostile to one's interests, more dumbing down, more appeasement to terror in their midst, forcing tolerance for the violently intolerant. Perhaps Britain should emulate Storm the Bastille and construct guillotines, get those racks and axes in the Tower of London ready, and tar and feather the traitors within before they are hung, drawn and quartered. It's survival man, plain and simple. Oh, Brown never called for a Referendum and sold Britain's sovereignity called the Lisbon Treaty. That's treason.

Name: Free speech includes freedom to offend - even Muslims
Date: Friday February 22, 2008
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Akhter says "Some western states, including the US, UK and Vatican, have taken exception to those offensive drawings, have conceded to the Muslim grievances and called for restraint by editors in such matters which touch upon the beliefs of millions of people. Non-Muslim high profile public figures like Clinton have condemned the decision to publish such offensive material. " That only proves Western leaders have no comprehension of their own heritage. My rights to free speech are not to be trampled by your sense of offense. What offends Muslims must not ipso facto be banned. Since when do Muslims get to dictate what is and is not acceptable? I haven't seen Muslims show such perspicacity where the feelings of non-Muslims are concerned. You get what you give.

Name: wally
Date: Friday February 22, 2008
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This furore, that Muslims have whipped themselves into, is a hollow hypocritical farce: it is proved by the fact that most of the cartoons were published in an Egyptian paper before they were published, or even heard of, by anybody outside Denmark: El Fagr on October 17, 2005. There was no reaction at all from the religious or political authorities and there were no riots in Egypt. As usual the Muslims are conjuring up a phantasy piece of play-acting in order to give themselves an excuse for their hatred of, desire to terrorise and urge to dominate the west. This is evident from the fact that the Danish imams who toured the middle east, seeking to whip up anger, felt the need to download a picture of a pig squealing contest, add it to their dossier and falsely claim it was a slur on their unedifying prophet.I'm glad the Observer has finally summoned up the backbone to finally publish one of the cartoons at least. The non-publication by any periodical in the UK, of these cartoons, I regard as shameful. Islam is the enemy of free speech and therefore of the truth: this alone is enough to prove it is a force for evil in the world.

Name: BS!
Date: Saturday February 23, 2008
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People have the right to say what they want thats deomcracy and even if its against islam. Many western liberals see it as racist to say something insulting about islam just because muslims are mostly not white. Yet everyday millions of people insult christianity which is permitted. I think there is a double standard here and many liberal governments are simply easing western societies into an age of limited freedoms out of fear of prevoking the over-sensitive muslims .

Name: Patrick Risk
Date: Saturday February 23, 2008
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The illustrator's do a great service for humanity by bringing attention to the CLOWN Muslims refer to as their prophet. The depiction of their dimwit leader as a dog is an insult to all dogs...And it came to me in a dream...One of Mo's wives was very concerned about the prophet's craving for dog biscuits. She tells the family doctor, he seems to be addicted to doggy treats. Doc says: Not to worry, they wont hurt him...Next visit to the doctor, Mrs. Mo is in tears, Mo has died, again...Doc says, you're not going to tell me he died from eating dog biscuits are you? No doctor, he was sitting in the driveway licking his balls and I backed over him...The mockery and ridicule is just beginning...Patrick Risk

Name: Mr M Class
Date: Saturday February 23, 2008
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They say that the truth hurts. The protests against the cartoons are pathetic and bring islam into contempt.

Name: Suffering because of muslims in Malaysia
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Comments by muslims defending their religion and their founder comes across very very lame. I live in Malaysia where the malay muslims in power thwart any opportunity for us; allows mass immigration of indonesians, indin muslims , pakistanis, and bangladeshis to increase their vote banks. These immigrants were given instant PR status (two of them were Abu Bakar Bashir, the JI leader, responsible for 200 deaths in Bali, and Hambali the terrorist languishing in Gitmo by then pm Mahathir, responsible for the islamisation of this constitutionally defined secular country) and in many cases, the malay muslims (all govt depts are 99% malays) in both the immigration and national registration dept that issues MYKads, the identity card , while 4th generation born Indians and Chinese are issued red cards. The marginalisation of the Indians here is nothing short of genocidal. Indians are hated because they are mainly hindus. The deliberate marginalisation is intent on creating a slave class to be kicked, humiliated, and whose suffering of hunger, deprivation, and near suicidal makes the day for the malay muslim. Indians were mainly in the Railways, the Estates, Telecoms, but these are all today in the hands of the malay muslims. While the malays who lost their jobs are immediately looked after by FELDA schemes that provided land, rubber/palm oil trees that ensured steady income, apart from a monthly stipend from the govt. the Indians were brutally evicted with no job, no place to live. While the PM on will mouth about Islam justice, fairness, lies about islam, west needs to understand islam, the ground reality is no dissent, no dialogue that addresses non muslm's grievances is allowed, be it for the common man or its coalition partners. BUT the pm's son-in-law is allowed to be loud, noisy, and ugly demonstrating in front of the US embassy when Condolezza Rice visited the country. Chinese work day and night to contribute to the 85% taxes paid to the nation's treasury, yet under the Land Acquisition Act, our vast banks of land slogged and bought for with blood and sweat of our forefathers is taken away overnight. If this is not daylight robbery, what is?It is pointless trying to excuse islam. We have our mental faculties intact to read, and islamic history is full of violent barbarism executed by none other than the founder of islam who claims he is a prophet and a man of god. Therefore in Malaysia non muslims are wary, every single day, of more and more islamisation heaped on us for we feel the INJUSTICE, the deliberate marginalisation foisted on us, that our temples are demolished, our churches cannot have a cross, a dome, that it has to be factory-like structure, we cannot ring our bells during sermons too loudly as it hurts the sensitivities of malays, but we are woken up rudely and crudely by the amplified blood curdling shrieks from mosques that send even the dogs howling! That is ok, we have to understand we are told. While mosques and suraus are built in every new town, others are barred from doing so, yet malays have no shame literally to pronounce: we are multi religious country, we practise freedom of worship! The All-malay-muslim govt depts have created their own fiefdoms where little napoleans and little mullah napoleans rule the day. Nothing gives a muslim more sense of satisfaction, more feeling of superiority when he rudely attends to a non muslim kept waiting for hours, while he is all attention to his own muslims. Reading agnostic's summary of the UK education dept on islam brought chills - its the same thing pm Abdullah Badawi is trying to implement in our schools. Most Indian and Chinese parents send their children to their own schools fleeing from the heavily islamised national schools where pupils are indoctrinated into islam's glory . Further islamisation will make us hate islam and muslims even more. Already churches are today involved in elections currently underway , in a desperate attempt to stop islam being forced on non muslims in Malaysia. The point is while the ruling party is eager for islamisation of the non muslims while practising corruption, nepotism, slavery, discrimination, hatred and venom spewed every Friday against the non muslims, forcing non muslims to adopt muslim garb, forcing non muslims to respect them while they behave like scoundrels, thugs on pain of harrassment by police, the ruling party will not have hudud laws - that would mean that 99% of them would lose their limbs and heads! But sharia, yes, they force sharia on non muslims through the most hideous means, the ugliest being snatching dead bodies by pronouncing (no documents needed) that the dead person had converted to islam to grab his property. They are not interested in beggars, only people of wealth, and those who achieved something like Moorthy who was the first Malaysian to scale Mt. Everest so they can write in their history books in future that it was a muslim who performed the feat. We now have elections on March 8, and we all expect this to be the dirtiest. Every election we are threatened with the spectre of May 13 that saw the deaths of chinese and indians at the hands of malay muslims when they lost; the slaughter of indians in Taman Medn where malay policemen stood by and allowed their fellow co-religionists to murder while preventing those indians who tried to go to the rescue. ................To those Muslim Commenters on this site, not a single one of you provide evidence of dissenting with your co-religionists who rampage their host countries in destruction. Isn't it clear that because your co-religionists live off the labour of your hosts , that not having contributed to any infrastructure, or done anything worthwhile except parasiting, watch violent pornography all day long with only one aim: to gang rape your host country women. Isn't that why the West's jails are full of muslim rapists, muslim criminals? It is pointless trying to excuse islam. Because you did not build, you do not contribute, you destroy with impunity . You threaten to carry out your quranic jihad. The Very Ugly Truth is islamic history is full of violent barbarism executed by none other than the founder of islam who claims he is a prophet and a man of god. To these defenders of islam and its founder, go read the Holocaust where 80 million Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists were slaughtered by your muslim compatriots, even the so-called mild Akbar beheaded up to 35,000 hindu warriors . There is a column of skulls of non muslims by your forefather in Afghanistan. I mention India because that's where a country lost its people, it's magnificent libraries destroyed, and priceless books consumed by flames. Is it any wonder why all muslim countries are cesspools? All failed states? Ain't you muslims ashamed even to lie that you are 1.5 billion when in truth you are nothing more than 750 - 800,000? Why is it so difficult for you that some of your co-religionists are leaving the religion of destruction and death? When all is said and done, Actions speak louder than Words, and here in Malaysia non muslims are testimony to suffer utter cruelty, discrimination, day light robbery, corruption, marginalisation, corrupt judiciary, corrupt govt depts. Yet without us the country would be in the boondocks. Malay muslim achievemts are: 1) Rapes. Even small malay girls and boys studing koran in the ustaz house is not safe. 2) Incest - all in the family - grandfather, father, uncle, brother, cousin rape 5 year olds. They have orphanages for these bastard children. 3) Drug addicts 4) Aids. In all these malay muslims emerge No. 1, top of the list. Must make muslims and islam defenders on this site proud perhaps, but we non muslims in Malaysia rely on our wit, resourcefulness, and sheer grit to live another day.

Name: Daylight robbery in islamic malaysia
Date: Saturday February 23, 2008
Time: 20:20:23 -0700


Corrupts; and ABSOLUTE Power corrupts absolutely! This has been, and will continue to be, what the citizens should expect, and will get, when they voted in a government, giving them absolute power to govern others; and with such absolute power, the law-makers of the state will make any law, create any rules, impose any regulations and taxes, in accordance with their own wishes, and that of their cadres. In Malacca, 143 owners of pre-war shophouses and houses situated along Malacca River, stretching from Kampung Hulu to Kampung Pantai and Jalan Hang Jebat, were shell shock to find out that the state government had gazetted their buildings for compulsory acquisition. (Source: StarMetro) The state had come up with a plan drawn by some businessmen whose sole objective is to seek profits at the expense of all others. If the businessmen desires to develop a project on some other peoples land, the cheapest way is to concoct with the state government and use the power and authority granted to acquire the land using the Land Acquisition Act; that way, the land will be acquired at dirt cheap price without the need to negotiate as the owners would be forced to surrender their properties in the name of public interest. The business project plan codenamed, "Venice of the East," was to beautify the river at a cost of RM91.2mil to be paid from taxpayers money. But they could still beautify the rivers without expelling the people from their property. They could repaint the houses, do some aesthetic decorations and cosmetic makeups, clean up the river, plant a lot of trees, construct some walkways and broadwalk, landscaping and lighting up the place, and built some bridges and buy some Gondolas for tourists to ride through the river. But alas, the businessmen will not make money; for they want to acquire lands at a dirt cheap price, do a little dressing and then resell it at 100-times the cost, pay some of these profits to those on the corridor of power, and pocket the rest, leaving the people who have lost their property to be the new breed of destitute animals. The potential destitute animals who are owners of these buildings along Malacca River learnt about their future predicament from DAP Lim Guan Eng who showed them evidence of a letter dated Jan 17, 2008, issued by the State Land and Mines Department of the intention of the State Government to gazette the buildings for compulsory acquisition. Resident Yeow Siew Hung, 60, owner of two warehouses, said he was shocked to learn of the plan. "My father began his business 80 years ago. I have continued his legacy. I will be sad." Another resident Mr Tan asked why the state government did not have a meeting with the owners before making the decision. "It seems like a midnight raid," he said. Fortunately for these owners, this is election time; and in the run up to election day, the government of yesterday will have listening ears, become exceptionally kind hearted animals for a while, and become great promisors of everything and anything that the people had wished; promises which does not constitute an "offer" and thus can be varied and withdrawn as it was intended to be "invitation to treat" only. State Housing and Development Committee Chairman Datuk Koh Nai Kwong tells the building owner that they can temporarily ignore the letter from the Land and Mines Department, claiming it is a mistake. "We will investigate how the letter was leaked," said Koh. A Mistake? One too many! The government did not deny their intention; they had the mens rea, and the actus reus will be soon, as soon as the election is over. And the authority will be investigating how the letter was leaked, not the mistake itself. Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam said at a press conference that the proposal will be postponed. Well, it is now election time and postponing the plan is necessary. After the election, the plan will be rushed and bulldozed through the state legislature, and the people will be subdued and annihilated. Posted by Maverick SM at 2/21/2008 08:59:00 AM 15 comments Links to this post Labels: Developer, Election, Politics, Projects

Name: agnostic
Date: Wednesday February 27, 2008
Time: 16:52:06 -0700


All European newspapers should take a stand for press freedom and publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed printed in Danish dailies, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Wednesday.>>>>> Has Germany already underway in the clash of civilisations? It is high time that the West currently in Sucidal Mode make a clear statement that We Are At WAR with filthy Islam and its adherents who are ALL POTENTIAL MASS MURDERERS. Quarantine, Deport or genocide. There are no other options.

Name: Truth
Date: Thursday February 28, 2008
Time: 03:39:53 -0700


How come it's ok for Jews to punish those who deny the holucaust? So many ppl have been placed in jail for just questioning the numeric possibility of the numbers of jews killed. Even the Jews use different numbers in their writings,being off by millions. Yet,anyone who questions it,is always punished,even though that has nothing to do with the real laws of Judaism. Well,the fanatics have nothing to do with the real laws of Islam.

Name: Robert
Date: Thursday February 28, 2008
Time: 16:54:25 -0700


A rewrite of HT's Words: Do you believe we will forget 9/11? Do you believe we have forgotten? We have not forgotten and we will never forget. The Islamist must know that they have seen nothing yet of the potential of the democracies. If our reactions last time were enough to give than a nervous breakdown, then they shall wait and see what happens when the democracies resurrect the Western Alliance and unite the whole world under its banner. The Islamist must know that the democracies can erase them off the political and religious map, and on that day, dear fellow humans, we will hold them accountable for everything. We are not about to forget.

Name: SomeOne
Date: Wednesday March 05, 2008
Time: 16:21:42 -0700


Endlich - der erste arabische hardcore Anti-Islam-Blog ist da. Endlich - der erste arabische hardcore Anti-Islam- Fotoalbum ist da. --- At last - the first Arab hardcore anti-Islam blog is here. At last - the first Arab hardcore anti-Islam Photo Albums is here. --- أخيرا أول مدونة تعري وتفضح الإسلام أخيرا أول البوم صور يعري ويفضح الإسلام

Date: Thursday March 06, 2008
Time: 07:30:39 -0700



Name: islam lover_KSA
Date: Thursday March 20, 2008
Time: 08:15:27 -0700


I want say that WE ARE THE MUSLIMS LOVE OUR PROPHET pace be upun him and nobody can destroy our love to Him. Allah sent Him as MERCY to ALL PEPOLE really we love Him

Name: AntiChrist
Date: Wednesday March 26, 2008
Time: 23:57:57 -0700


Try read this passage: 1 John 2:22, Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Mo and his Quran denied Jesus, he is the antiChrist mentioned about 600 years before he was even born. He denied the Son, that means he denied the Father also. Mo is the personification of Satan himself. So, next time you say something about Mo, in fact, you're saying something about Satan!!!!

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