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A reader wrote the following letter to Dr Ali Sina of

    Dear Ali Sina

    Let me ask you a sincere question. Why is it that people who are smart enough to see through the lies of Muhammad find it so hard to comprehend that all religions are the different versions of the same untruth? Does it really take rocket science to figure out that all the surviving religions that we have now, and all the extinct ones that we once had, were all created by men? Why did this man want to convert out of Islam into another false, man-made system masquerading as religion from god?

    Come on, we are not talking about a bunch of ignorant peasants living in some remote village cut-off from civilisation. These are seemingly smart people able to operate a computer and type in legible sentences and express themselves reasonably well. What part of their brains are they not using when evaluating religious claims? I think what we need to do is find a cure for this lack of critical thinking when it comes to religion that has now become chronic among vast sections of society. Muslims are not the only ones to blame for this process of "non-thinking".

    Now, coming to your claim about Islam collapsing within our own lifetime, I think you are being over-optimistic. Sure, Islam will collapse but only when the time comes- which I believe will take yet another 500 to 1000 years from now. Islam will go down along with all other religions that sell the same illogical, irrational fairy tale nonsense, but in different bottles. If you made that claim only to get our spirits high then I can understand that. Nothing works like comforting words of hope and optimism coming from someone we trust and adore. But I think we still need to be realistic when we make such statements.

    Of course Islam can collapse in a day, but only if Mecca were to be occupied and Muhammad's mosque reduced to a rubble and the Kaaba destroyed beyond repair. Maybe something drastic like that unfolding in front of Muslims' eyes might wake them up to the hoax they have been played on


Ali Sina's Response:

Truth and lie are subjective. Assuming there is something called truth; does anyone have access to it? All humans were born ignorant. As we grow and learn new things our grasp of truth expands. What we considered true yesterday does no longer seem true today and it is likely that tomorrow we will believe in something else.

The cells that compose your body are constantly dying and are replaced by new ones. This happens constantly. Within seven years, your entire body is replaced.

Our thoughts are replaced also in the same way. Every day we learn new things and as the result slightly change our mind. This change may seem imperceptible. However, if you look back you’ll realize how much you have changed. Change is inevitable. The only people who do not change are those who do not learn. Change is the necessity of all living beings. Only fossils and fossilized minds remain unchanged.

So, when you talk about truth, which truth are you talking about? The truth that you believed at the age of six, or the truth that you upheld at the age of sixteen? Do you still believe in what you believed when you were six or sixteen? Your truth kept changing and it will continue changing as long as you are alive and are learning.

I can tell you that if there was a time machine and I had the opportunity to go back and meet my younger self of 15 years ago, I and myself would have had a big argument and both of us would have parted disappointed of each other. The younger me would have pitied the older me for being so godless and the older me would have felt sorry for the younger me for wasting his time holding unto absurdities.

You say “all religions are the different versions of the same untruth.” And how can we be sure that you or I have found the truth? What I hold to be truth has been changing and it will continue to change. What if tomorrow I find out that whatever I believe today is not true?

The problem, as I see it, is not in the fact that people believe in different truths. Of course not all views can be true. However, since agreeing upon which truth is the right one is impossible, I propose we agree to disagree. Let’s believe in what we want to believe and let others believe in what they want to believe. It really does not matter who is right and who is wrong. What matters is that we learn to live with each other in harmony despite the differences of opinion that exist between us.

Polytheistic societies believe in variety of “truths”. Each group has its own god and yet they tolerate each other’s beliefs. Although they may fight over other things, religious fights in polytheistic societies are uncommon. People started fighting over religion when monotheism was introduced. Then the truth became the monopoly of only one group. The fact is that even the monotheists do not agree with each other and each group has its own only true god by virtue of whom they wage war and killed others.

The downfall of humanity began when they started thinking that there is only one god and one truth. Millions of lives have been lost because of this belief. If there is one curse affecting humanity is this belief. It is not the belief in God that is evil. It is the belief in the monopoly of the truth that is evil. People do not kill one another because they believe in God but because they think they are the only people who are right and that those who are wrong deserve to die.

The belief in the monopoly of truth is not exclusive to monotheistic religions. Communism was an atheistic doctrine par excellence. Yet because it had the religious belief that only communism is true, the communists killed and tortured those who disagreed with them by millions.

The problem that humanity is facing today is neither the belief in God nor in disbelief in God. Our problem is intolerance. Our problem is the belief that truth is only one and that only “we” own it. The belief in the exclusivity of truth is the root of all the evil affecting humanity.

Assuming there is a truth, it is not accessible to you and I. Truth is infinite and we are finite. It is only logical that the infinite cannot be contained or comprehended by finite being.

I have my own beliefs that are by the way changing constantly. That is why I do not preach them. Today I am convinced of them, but tomorrow I may not be. I confess to my ignorance. I know that I do not know. So what is it that I much preach and promote? My ignorance?

No, I will not promote my ignorance. I let people believe in what they choose to believe and I respect them and their choices, even if those choices seem silly and false to me.

The stupidest thing we humans can do is to fight over the truth. How can we fight over something we do not and can never have? “Truth” is as real as the invisible cloak of the emperor. It only exists in your imagination and fantasies. What you see and describe as truth is as much false as what the person next to you sees as truth. All beliefs are false, including yours and mine. This is the nature of belief, because if they were true, they would be facts and you do not need to believe in facts. You KNOW them.

There is nothing more evil than trying to fight the beliefs that we do not believe. What we must fight against is intolerance. Atheists can be as intolerant as religionists. Assuming one day you have the power, the way Stalin had in USSR had, what would you do with those who do not agree with your version of truth and want to believe in what you regard to be false and irrational? Will you try to impose your version of truth on others by force? What are you proposing we should do? Should we ban people whom you think are irrational and censor what they write the way Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro and Kim Jon Il did/do?

I do not see any problem in the belief in God. If this belief makes people happy, who am I to stop them? Why should I stop them? The belief in God gives them comfort. It has helped innumerable people to overcome their handicaps. Addicts and other substance dependants have used God to overcome their problem and rebuild their lives. The belief in God has definite psychological and emotional benefits.

You say all religions are the different versions of the same untruth. Are they really? Are all religions alike? It would be very unfair to say such a thing. In fact this claim is the biggest untruth. If we must strive to fight all untruths, then we must fight with yours as well.

The truth is that all religions are not alike. Santa clause and Dracula may have one thing in common. Both of them are figments of fantasy. There ends their similarity. Santa is an old jolly man who brings gifts to children and makes everyone happy. Dracula sucks the blood of people and reduces them into zombies. Can we say Santa and Dracula are similar?

There is nothing wrong in believing in fairytales. What you believe to be true and hold on to so fast is also fairytale. You are just as much ignorant of the truth as are the people of faith. We are all ignorant of the truth. If we knew the truth, there would be no need to learn anything new. What is truly evil is intolerance. That is what we have to fight and eliminate, not fairytales. The moment you think you have found the truth and therefore you have the right to silence anyone who disagrees with you, you are intolerant.

I do not fight Islam because it is false, ridiculous and absurd. I fight it because it is intolerant. It makes no difference to me whether you are a Muslim, a fascist, a communist, believe in God, or don’t believe in God. If you think you have found the truth and as such are intolerant of people who think differently, I will be your enemy number one.

As for your second question, the answer is no, Islam will not survive another 500 to 1000 years as you think. The days of Islam are numbered. Islam will be history within a few short decades. If I live my natural life, I will see the end of Islam. You are very wrong. Islam is not the same thing as other religions in different bottle. Other religions will outlive Islam by hundreds of years. They have still a lot to offer to those who believe in them. Islam on the other hand has nothing to offer. It is sustained by instilling fear of hell and that is it. Islam is a fear based cult. Once this fear is dissipated and the mask from the face of the bogyman Allah is removed, Muslims will leave Islam en masse. The exodus from Islam has already begun. It is gaining momentum and soon it will be transformed into an avalanche.

However, I do not believe in magic. Things do not happen on their own. We must make them happen. Defeating Islam prior to the invention of the Internet would have been nearly impossible. With the Internet, however, we have the tool we need to eradicate Islam fast. All we need to destroy darkness is light. Muslims are leaving Islam and are joining our rank to fight Islam. We are growing exponentially.

Do you remember Hussein who tried to cause rift between me and Mr. Spencer?
See this.
He has finally left Islam.
See this.

Many people are leaving Islam every day. Some of them write to tell us about it, but most of them don’t. The majority of those who leave Islam do not even know FFI. One thing is certain and that is Islam is the fastest dying religion. Islam will collapse, and you will see its end.

Ali Sina is the Editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His upcoming book is Understanding Islam and the Muslim Mind.

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