Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

How to Beat Jihad

Mr. Farhad wrote the following email to Dr Ali Sina, editor of


Dear Mr. Ali Sina, 

I am also an Iranian (my e-mail name is not my real one) who was raised in Germany . I was living in Iran ( Tehran ) for 3 years and am now back in Germany . As I realised that Islam is a demonic, primitive and laughable cult, I am worried about education in German schools.

Some months ago, the authorities decided that besides catholic and evangelic religion, which can be chosen by the students (they're not obligatory), Islamic education should also be offered. The scary fact is that a lot of students actually chose to study Islam which is taught by Muslims, of course.

As you know a lot of people who are not ''real'' Muslims just chose it in order to ''show'' everybody that they're Muslims. And the authorities are happy that ''islamic education will be a nationwide subject soon''. I can pretty well imagine how these teachers feed them all these lies about islam, the quran and muhammad, and how these students will try to advertise Islam and try to ''islamize'' the society, their friends and relatives.

I feel really bad about this and would like to ask you what I can do or how I can contribute to their enlightening, as I do not want these things to happen. 

Best regards and millions of thanks to you, your website and co-editors.


Ali Sina's reply:

Dear Farhad.  

You have all the reasons to be concerned. It is said that ignorance is bliss. The non-Muslims, particularly the Europeans are blissfully ignorant of the danger of Islam. Only ex-Muslims, who have seen the extent of devastation that Islam causes, can understand the enormity of the threat that this cult poses to the world and human civilization.  

It is a mistake to tolerate Islam. It is a mistake to grant it the status of religion and count it among other religions. Islam is not another color in the rainbow of religions. It is the blackness of the night that aims to obliterate all colors.  

Some mistakes are costlier than others. Sometimes inaction can result in disasters. The mistake that the world committed during the 1930s when Nazism was gaining strength cost over fifty million lives. Tolerating Islam today can result in far more deaths in the near future. If Islam is allowed to take over the world, we will lose our freedom and our civilization altogether. Although this is not in the cards and it is unlikely to happen, the possibility of a nuclear holocaust in which billions of people could perish is very real. This disaster can be avoided if we act now, put a brake on the history and change its course, before it reaches the precipice.  

The only way to avoid this looming danger is to help Muslims leave Islam. This exodus must begin in large numbers and soon. However, this is not an easy task. Muslims have not embraced Islam through reason. Therefore, they will not leave it through reason. Muslims generally avoid dialogue altogether. They believe that there is no need to prove Islam and that everyone must accept it readily once they are called to do so.  

Converting to Islam is very much an emotional rather than rational experience. Emotions act on the most primitive part of the brain. They are stronger and supersede the rational mind. As the result, it is not easy to reason with Muslims. They won’t leave their faith through reason alone. Their strong emotion towards their faith shields them from reason altogether.  

Although the goal of Faith Freedom International is twofold, i.e. a) help Muslims leave Islam and b) warn others of the danger of it, the truth is that “a” very much depends on “b”.  Aware of the difficulty to reason with Muslims, my main focus is on “b". I am of the opinion that the key to reach a large number of Muslims and make them see that Islam is false is in the hands of non-Muslims. Muslims will not leave Islam unless the world denounces their cult.  


The Non-Muslims Keep Islam Alive

We constantly hear Muslims quote famous personalities who have made positive comments about Islam and praised it. Muslims depend on these comments like fish on water. They fish them, encourage them, compile and advertise them, because in the approval of others, they find the validation of their faith. Their entire self esteem depends on how others perceive them and what they say about them. This is a key to understand their idiosyncrasy and devise a strategic plan to combat their Jihad. 

What if this approval stops?  Their entire self worth crumbles!  Doubt creeps in their minds and they lose faith.  A narcissist depends on compliments because in them he finds his narcissistic supplies.  It is through the compliments of others that the narcissist finds his own validation and raison d'être.  

To a certain extent we all are narcissists. We want to be noticed. We seek attention. We want to matter. This craving is so strong that some even commit crime to elicit attention. Vandals destroy, so they can be noticed. Through vandalism they can see their handiwork and feel important. The same psychology is what motivates a serial arsonist or even a serial killer..  

American psychiatrist James Gilligan, the author of Preventing Violence, argues that the reason most criminals commit crime it to get respect. He writes: “I used to think that people committed armed robberies in order to get money; and indeed, that is the superficial explanation that they would often prefer to give, to themselves and to us. But when I actually sat down and spoke at length with men who had repeatedly committed such crimes, I would start to hear comments like "I never got so much respect before in my life as I did when I pointed a gun at some dude's face." 

The key to helping Muslims leave Islam is to deprive them of respect. For a narcissist, the most important thing is the image. Muslims depend on the image of Islam for their self esteem. Having lost their identity and being left with nothing but Islam, they feel respected when Islam is respected and insulted when Islam is insulted. As long as non-Muslims respect Islam, Muslims will continue clinging to it. They will abandon it once the entire humanity denounces Islam an regard it as something evil and dangerous.    


Shame vs. Guilt 

Islamic cultures are shame based. Shame is a painful experience. To avoid shame you have to hide the source of shame. This means you must protect the image. Your entire self esteem and self worth depends on that image. When you are shamed you become violence. Violence is one way we humans deal with shame. 

The following is an email sent to us by Drunkia. It shows the relationship that Muslims have with Islam and the grip that this cult has on them. She wrote: 

I agree with you totally sir. Muslims are violent, of abuse, and that they are rapists. It is totally true that these stories they call miracles are flukes. Than why the fucking hell am i not in the mental asylum?! Why the hell, me, a young muslim girl who never swears unless really neccesery is bloody fucking swearing now? Shut up your bitchy damn mouth and shut the hell up with you. You were born to maybe an honest mother but born to be a non honest man. Believe me, I totally agree with you that muslims are violent. If I wasn't typing this at the computer screen, you  wouldn't have a decent face by now. And my fist would be bloodied and I would be punished. But what worse punishment is there when you'r being a stupid hell bum to my religon. Get your fucking asshole over here and write back. I am not a girl of voilence, but I can-my family can be a family of murder! Rot in hell. Lol. Gonna cry for your mama when your being thrashed by allah. And also, hand over the $50, 000 to me. Look at this. I start with a bissmillah for the day, and I am lucky, If not, then I am unlucky. Also, I believe allah very strongly that I'm ready to prove that anything allah says is true. And please, I'm begging, no-I'm ordering you not to call Allah a "he" or a "she". Peace be so not upon you. From your so not lovely e mailer. 

lots of hate, wait! I'm not going to bother giving my name away to such a disgusting human. Believe me. I don't have to try. I know where you live. I know where you sleep, I know your relatives, I know where you work, I know your friends. And something frets you and comforts me, I know that you are a sucker.  

This person, is most likely not a violent person. But given the chance she will do what she says she would. People of all faiths are offended when their religion is insulted, but only Muslims are capable of completely losing their heads and becoming vicious murderers. Why? It is because Muslims have lost their selfhood and Islam has become their only identity. Islam gives them self worth, a false sense of pride and selfhood.  Once Islam is criticized, they feel their vulnerability and are shamed. What can you say when people call your prophet a pedophile and you can't deny it. This caused intense shame and the only way to deal with this shame is to become violent.  The best way to describe their behavior is to say that they are “possessed.”

In order to help them overcome their savagery, Muslims must be “exorcized” from Islam.  To do so, Islam must be discredited so it loses it appeal. Shame makes makes them violent but eventually it will set them free. Therefore the answer to their violence is not to respect their faith but to shame them more. Only intense shame can break their shell and set them free.  

Narcissism is fed through narcissistic supplies. Recognition and respect are narcissistic supplies. Feeding narcissism does not help the narcissist, It rather makes them worse. They become bullies, more arrogant and more demanding. Narcissists cannot be helped through appeasement. In the words of Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last." What the Germans and many European governments are doing today vis-à-vis Islam is appeasement. They are not aware of the danger of Islam and the calamity that they are going to face in a very near future. Ignorance has a price to pay. The price of this ignorance can be civil war and blood of innumerable people, both Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe .  

Our responsibility is to awaken the non-Muslims and warn them of the danger of Islam. The danger comes from Islam and not the Middle Eastern people. Unlike Muslims, who discriminate, violate and abuse the human rights of non-Muslims, the Non-Muslims have difficulty with discrimination. However, they must understand that Islam is just a belief and beliefs do not have rights. Humans have rights, beliefs don’t. 

As Drunkia’s email show, Muslims can become feral dogs if their religion is criticized. Savagery should not be tolerated. Those Muslims who choose to defend their religion with savagery should be locked up or kicked out. Dialogue should be welcomed, but we must show zero tolerance for violence.  

Once dialogue begins, Islam will be discredited and Muslims will be set free. Once their source of pride becomes a source of shame, they will no longer cling to it but rather will be embarrassed of it and would want to dissociate themselves from it.  

The Western culture, is guilt based. Westerners do not do wrong because of guilt. The Eastern culture is shame based. For us Easterners, everything is about image and how others see us.  

The opposite of guilt is innocence. If your ethos is guilt based, you have an inner police that stops you from doing wrong because doing wrong makes you feel guilty.  

If your ethos is shame based, all you care is to preserve your image. The opposite of shame is honor. You can do wrong but as long as no one sees it, your image is not tarnished and you can still be seen as an honorable person.  In a shame based culture, wrong and right have no meaning.  It is all about shame and honor.  If the stain of shame is removed, even if it means the murder of your own daughter, honor is restored.  These are two very different worldviews. Unless we understand them we will not be able to make sense of Muslims and their minds.  

Shame based cultures are primitive. All Eastern cultures are shame based even when they are not Islamic. Japanese culture, for example, is, or it has been, a shame based culture. Our Persian culture is also shame based. Proverbs like “I keep my cheeks rosy with slaps,” are telltales of a shame based culture, where image is more important than facts. This proverb says that I may be starving but my pride does not allow me to let anyone know it so I slap myself to keep my cheek rosy. Because poverty is the source of shame as long as I hide my poverty, I have preserved my honor.   

Islam is a fear based philosophy that has taken root in a shame based milieu. This is a very dangerous combination. When you combine fear and shame moral codes, you give birth to the most insidious ethos imaginable. That is Islam. Islam is an illogical doctrine that is based on fear and is defended through honor. This makes Islam more dangerous than Nazism. Muslims are not concerned about the irrationality of Islam or about good or evil. They are mostly concerned about losing face and upholding the image of Islam. 


Violence Wins 

One fact we must all agree on is that brute force is stronger than civility. If you and I confront each other and I use violence against you while you try to reason with me, I will win and you will lose. The reason Muslims have won since the time of Muhammad is because the non-Muslims were reluctant to resort to violence while Muslims were always ready to do so. The reason we live in freedom today is because the Europeans responded to Muslim barbarity with equal savagery. If not for the crusaders, we probably would not be free today.  

When in the battle of Badr, Nadhr ibn Harith, a poet of Mecca and a cousin of Muhammad who was critical of him was captured, he turned to his captor Musab, his one time friend and asked him to intercede on his behalf so Muhammad does not kill him. Musab reminded him that he had denied the faith and had ridiculed Muhammad. “Ah!” said Nadhr, “had the Quraish made you a prisoner, they would never have put you to death!”  “Even were it so,” Musab scornfully replied, “I am not as you are; Islam has rent all bonds asunder."  

Muhammad ordered his cousin Nadhr to be decapitated. Musab was telling the truth. Islam rends all bonds asunder. It is called Moqalib-al qulub. It transforms the hearts of the believers and makes them ruthless and hard. After converting to Islam, believers turn against their own people and do not shy away killing their own loved ones.  

This has been the secret of the success of Islam since its inception. Ordinary people are not militant. They subscribe to the philosophy of live and let live. This is a commendable trait in a civilized world. However, where the law of juggle applies, the most ferocious and the most cunning beast is always the winner. A pack of hyenas can raid a large herd of wildebeests or gazelles; kill as many of them as they want and they are always victorious. The hyenas and other carnivores always win, because herbivores are not violent. Brute force wins. Good and evil are human concepts. In nature force is what matters. This is a principle. Because Muslims are militant, and the rest of mankind is not; because they are violent and the others are not, Muslims always win.  

Tolerance of intolerance encourages it. Islam must be stopped. There are two ways to do that. One is by weaning Muslims from Islam and the other is by responding to their violence with greater violence. In the humble opinion of this writer the first option is sanity while the second is war. Needless to say that the option of inaction is insanity and suicidal.  

If we choose the path of sanity, the only way to help Muslims leave Islam is to discredit it. This means openly criticizing it, the way we do with Christianity or other religions. Christianity has not been spared from criticism. There has been nothing against Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism that could have been said and it hasn't. Why Islam should be spared from criticism?  If there is any truth to Islam, let its apologists defend it.  If it cannot be defended logically then it is a lie. Why should we bow to a lie when it is responsible for countless deaths and so much bloodshed?     

The best people who can criticize Islam and discredit it are people like you and me. We know Islam inside out and it is up to us to speak out. Everyone must become a critic of Islam. However the ex-Muslims can do what others can't.  Our enemies are militant, determined and proactive.  We must also become militant, determined and proactive.   


Our and Their Vulnerabilities

You can’t win a war without knowing your enemy. In order to win this war, we must know the psychology of Muslims. Once we know his mind, we know his weaknesses and his vulnerabilities.  

The weakness of Muslims is Islam. They cling to it for their identity and pride. They want you to respect Islam and with that feed their narcissistic craving. When you see millions of Muslims go berserk over a few cartoons, you know that you have touched a very sensitive cord.  

This knowledge is crucial to win this war. When in war, you attack your enemy in his weakest spot. That is why attacking the character of Muhammad and the credibility of the Quran is essential to our struggle against Islamic terrorism. To win this war we must wean Muslims from it and to do that we must discredit it. Islam’s grip on Muslims is not logical but psychological. We can win this war only if we wage it psychologically. How to do that? By telling the truth! Once everyone stops kowtowing to Muslims and calls them Mohammedans and pedophile worshippers, the battle is already won.  It amazes me that some non-Muslims who pretend to be fighting against Islamic terrorism are offended by these terms and think calling Muslims with such derogatory terms are gratuitous and unnecessary. Far from being unnecessary it is imperative. It is the very strategy of our war against them. These are not insults but facts. These facts, once spread worldwide and echoed by everyone, will crush the Muslim's faith in Islam and will help them cut their umbilical cord from it.     

Muslims are not afraid of fighting. They are not afraid of killing or dying. They are afraid of ridicule. That is their weak spot. It is right on their weak spot that we must concentrate our attacks.  

Only a fool would deny that we are in a war. Muslims have resumed their iihad against humanity. Each side has its weakness. The weakness of non-Muslims, particularly the Westerners, is their guilt. Muslims abuse the non-Muslims in their countries and violate their every human right, but when they come to the West they demand, not just equal, but preferential treatment. Not only they do not abide by our rules, they make us abide by theirs. Most of the meet served in fast food restaurants, and schools in Europe is halal. Why? It’s because the non-Muslims don’t care. And because that Muslims win.  They win because of our indifference and inaction.  The Westerners feel obliged to comply because they are bond by their guilt. Here is where Muslims have their enemies by their collars. They know our weakness and our legal system and they take full advantage of that to strengthen their position. Do we know their weakness? .  

The vulnerability of Muslims is shame. Having lost their identity, Muslims seek their selfhood and pride in their religion. Criticizing Islam for Muslims is the most devastating experience. For them, who literally worship Muhammad more than God, hearing him questioned and ridiculed is traumatic.  

Paradoxically, this is also their salvation. The more Islam is criticized, the less sensitive Muslims become and gradually they stop clinging to it as their source of pride. Eventually Islam will become their source of shame. It’s then that the great exodus from Islam will begin. It can happen overnight.   

Muslims are afraid of dialogue. When they talk about “dialogue between civilizations” they actually mean monologue. They want you to listen to their story, but they are not willing to listen to yours, much less to tolerate your probing questions. They demonstrated their intolerance for dialogue when the Pope quoted a Byzantine emperor saying Islam is violent. They avoid situations where Islam can be seriously examined. This is their weakness.  

The Westerners cannot overcome their weakness. They can’t bring themselves to discriminate against Muslims. Their sense of guilt is too strong and too debilitating. This gives Muslims an edge. The only way for the West to overcome this handicap is to take advantage of the weakness of Muslims and this means criticizing of Islam and ridiculing its pedophile, rapist founder.

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Ali Sina is the Editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His latest book is Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet.

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Name: Anon.
Date: Monday July 23, 2007
Time: 08:10:47 -0700


But but but GW Bush says it's a noble and peaceful religion. T Blair says it's a religion ahead of its time. It's all very well and good to say this should be done and that should be said but no one with the ability to reach the majority are willing, the examples perpetrated daily in the name of islam are rarely reported in the MSM and the sheep with their rosy colored glasses on are reluctant to focus on such barbarity. You and I are mere 'racists' and islamophobes wishing to upset the applecart. I've been mocking one of a few muslims at work for some time now and it doesn't work, I've been using taqiyya on him lately and have converted to islam so we can share 'our' desire for jihad and hatred for Jews and non-muslims. When I get him on his own, he's dead..

Name: Marie
Date: Monday July 23, 2007
Time: 10:30:01 -0700


Westerners cannot overcome come their weakness is because of the ignorance of Islam that is being promoted through the western media, including censorship of controversial materials. Also Western Politicians and democratic groups want to bring democracy into the Middle East by holding discussions with Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Please Check out for articles about these discussions. P.S. Western politicians and government's lack of knowledge of Islam is appalling.

Name: Muhamed
Date: Monday July 23, 2007
Time: 23:28:36 -0700


“Eventually Islam will become their source of shame. It’s then that the great exodus from Islam will begin. It can happen overnight” ali sina is day dreaming. He is not watching the news, too busy analyzing his own twisted views. More and more Muslim countries are electing Islamic political partiers than ever before, most recently Turkey. Conversion to Islam has increased specially in the recent years despite the western media lies and manipulations about Islam. Get your head out of your ass for once.

Name: robert a
Date: Tuesday July 24, 2007
Time: 03:32:26 -0700


The way to make Islam disappear overnight is to have found a substitute for oil during the day. That stupid,idiotic religion is surviving on 13 trillion dollars. Take that away and it would be a quaint religiion in decline. We could take tours and see how backward people of the 7th century were by modern standards.

Name: Marie
Date: Tuesday July 24, 2007
Time: 09:57:07 -0700


Hey Muhamed, the Muslim countries that elect Islamic partiers are not democratic countries, even though some of them claim to be and have a record of human rights violations that is longer than a football field. Also Muslim countries most of the people still have primitive beliefs, that keep them from moving forward.

Name: Politicallyincorrectlib
Date: Tuesday July 24, 2007
Time: 10:01:20 -0700


"Conversion to Islam has increased specially in the recent years despite the western media lies and manipulations about Islam. Get your head out of your ass for once." Are you kidding? The western media has done everything possible to present Islam favorably. And more people these days leaving Islam than joining it, whether you like it or not. Most of them however, remain silent about it so good Muslims like you won't kill them.

Name: Debatosh
Date: Tuesday July 24, 2007
Time: 10:31:13 -0700


Your analysis is very very good.

Name: Stop Islam
Date: Tuesday July 24, 2007
Time: 16:02:21 -0700


I just hate Islam. It is the worst religion.

Name: Ananda
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 00:14:19 -0700


Drunkia's post followed the psychological condition you so brilliantly described. However, part of your response to her should have been exposing Islam with facts & intensity, as you prescribed.

Name: Andrew
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 08:59:22 -0700


Your should take the time out to learn the real islam. There are good and bad people in every culture, group, religion, society. Don't sterotype.

Name: sarraj
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 09:29:04 -0700


to mr ali sinna Islam and all islamophobes islam is a religion of peace. we are saying that people in all religions have a right to believe in any religion .its because of that bastard bin laden .he is giving all people and even Muslims themselves a bad name believe me there is not a single verse in the entire quran that promotes violence.suicide is not allowed in islam neither is the killing of islam in the quran it says that the first question in the grave will be about bloodshed.please do not blame islam for the actions of bin laden he is a terrorist and when captured he should be given such a punishment that all terrorists will remember believe in whatever u want as for me im with all those who support the war AGAINST terror please these comments about islam being untolerable have hurt me very much. its terrorists who are the culprits.

Name: allat
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 12:16:34 -0700


"Your should take the time out to learn the real islam. There are good and bad people in every culture, group, religion, society. Don't sterotype." --------------- Yes, ALL of lus here, have INDEED, read the koran, and researched the background. But yes, islamics are all the same. So far, in all the violence and riots and rapes committed, and "honor" killings, and all that, I haven't heard of any islamics stepping forward on the side of compassion and respect for life and property. --------------- NOT ONE! ------------- Robert, have you? --------------Marie, I'm surprised a woman should defend the atrocious cult, defend the indefensible. ------------------ Politically incorrect: -----------"“Eventually Islam will become their source of shame. It’s then that the great exodus from Islam will begin. It can happen overnight” ali sina is day dreaming. He is not watching the news, too busy analyzing his own twisted views. More and more Muslim countries are electing Islamic political partiers than ever before, most recently Turkey. Conversion to Islam has increased specially in the recent years despite the western media lies and manipulations about Islam. Get your head out of your ass for once." --------- PI: Have YOU read the koran? Do you know what it really says? Islamic political partiers" = Hamas, and the sort. Bah!What are these parties offering to the common people? What are they doing to improve lives? All I see, is violence, and the obtaining more weapons to kill each other. What do these parties offer the world? Come on! All you islamics have so many sects, Ahmadis, sunnis, shites, sufis, wahabis,you're all killing each other. What is there to convert to? Every sect is afraid of the other, and looks down on the other. ANd when each has an opportunity, they are very happy to slaughter each other. -------------- "Conversion to Islam has increased specially in the recent years " Where to you get your stats? You know,there are many more islamics leaving the cult, than are converting. -------- No, we don't want your cult of death. ---------- Allat-a Happy Pagan Polytheist Amazon

Name: Allat
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 12:28:15 -0700


BTW, all that are AGAINST islam, are being called "islamophobes." Well, I have a darn good reason for my aversion to islam. ---------- How about if I call you islamics and islam lovers, "ISLAMONAZIS?" We can call each other namers, eh? I love it!-------- I'm a Pagan Amazon, and I KNOW God is everything and everywhere. Even (rolling my eyes) in YOU!

Name: Allat
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 12:34:47 -0700


You islamics, take yourselves so seriously. No sense of humor. What you - bearded men - and you, imams, ought to be, is turned over the knees of your mamas, or wives, and given a good spanking! Teach you a lesson, as to what's what! He, He!----------- Allat_ a happy Pagan Amazon

Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 12:55:51 -0700


Thank you all for this enlightening discussion. For any of you who have questioned your faith in "Allah" and have wondered if there is more to knowing God than what you've been taught, please consider this: There is only one true God, the Almighty Creator of the universe, who cares about each and every one of us, even those with hateful murderous thoughts. There is a way to know Him and to be embraced and loved by Him, for each of us. This is the hard part: to admit our wrong, our filth and our participation in evil, to admit that we've been fighting on the wrong side (every human that has ever lived has fallen short of what God had intended, and is in need of salvation.) This is the easy part: to ask His forgiveness, put aside our wickedness, and ask for the healing and cleansing power of His son Jesus to separate us from our sins (which only guarantee us death and hell--why would we want to keep them?) and to make us clean and whole again. There is no cost, nothing we can do to suffer or earn it to make that happen other than believe it and accept it, because Jesus already paid the cost out of His incredible perfect love for us (He willingly died a horrible death on a cross to pay our debt, to set us free.) Our response--use this wonderful life we've been given to spread the life and mercy and forgiveness to others. The violent death of a human explosive device is of no use to Him--in fact, He weeps over tragedy of your deception. The courageous thing to do, instead, is to LIVE for Him, be an instrument of peace and stand against hate. It is important that you know this: Good will always triumph over evil; Our God reigns mightily, always and forever; The light always rules over darkness; Love always triumphs over fear. Prayer is mightier than the sword, and our loving, victorious God will always prevail-- God in Heaven (not the violent monster that you have been taught) be forever praised!...I am praying for you all, that your eyes be opened, and your ears able to hear what is real and true and GOOD. I am NOT afraid.

Name: Allat
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 13:28:40 -0700


To "Blank" Stop with your comments trying to evangelize. I'm sick and tired of the christian and islam cr**p of speaking of God as if It were a He. OR that there is even ONE God. And I'm damn sick and tired of talk about "sin" and forgiveness. Get off your high horses! ----- We've got enough trouble with the Great White Shark of islam as it is!-------- Leave religion alone, already!-----Live and let live! a confirmed Pagan Polytheist

Name: Tamara
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 14:51:08 -0700


Sorry, I'm not blank, I just was in too big a hurry that I forgot to enter my name. Stop is something I cannot do, the truth knows no rest. God exists whether you think He does or not, I also believe in the air I breath even though I cannot see it. God does not need our approval or our validation on His existence. He does, however, respond to anyone sincerely seeking Him. "To all who seek, I will be found." Make no mistake this is a religious fight, what belief would you replace Mohammad ism with? Hedonism? the belief in nothing. Live and let live? My faith teaches that as a man thinks, so is he.

Name: Politicallyincorrectlib
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 22:11:46 -0700


"believe me there is not a single verse in the entire quran that promotes violence" Except verse 9:5, 8:39, 5:33, 8:12 and many more. Why are you lying?

Name: balank
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 22:15:41 -0700


I think internet is the best tool to destroy Islam. Now all in the world can access the truth, he can apply his own logic and reasoning to reject any faith thru' the facts and pictures which is freely available in the net. Allah did not foresee the invention of the "satan" anmely the internet. Here you can see the Cartoons and other free expressions without being beheaded. I think u have to support the spreading of internet to the maximum that this is the best weapon to fight Islam.

Name: Allat
Date: Thursday July 26, 2007
Time: 11:53:02 -0700


Tamara: Stop with the religious, christian nonsense. I'm sick of christians trying to get their way. They tried for millennia, and here, we, Pagans, are still.We are The Others, among whom Cain married. You see, the fallacy of the Judaic-christian Genesis. Adam and Eve, were NOT the 1st man and woman, after all! a Maverick Pagan Polytheist

Name: The Rebirth of the Crusader
Date: Friday July 27, 2007
Time: 06:04:46 -0700


Your comment about the Crusaders stopping Islam from conquering Europe is correct. I find it bizarre when Muslims refer to the Americans in the Middle-East as Crusaders because it implies that the reason they are there is to fight Islam. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most Americans have very little knowledge about Islam. However, I believe the time is quickly approaching when they will begin to truly understand how intolerant, backwards and dangerous Islam really is. American women laugh now when they see Muslim women wearing their veils and living such a subservient life. The will stop laughing once they begin to believe that Islam wishes to prevail this archaic life upon them. Then the 21st Century Crusader will be reborn and the Muslims will have no one to blame but themselves. The American forces in the Middle East are nothing but puppies. The wolves are still sleeping in their dens.

Name: javid bazaz
Date: Thursday August 02, 2007
Time: 11:12:34 -0700


The way you r writing against islam shows your fear and those people who have little intellect would be able diffrenciate between the truth and propaganda, and your fair is not because you think muslims are voilent,but it is beacuse of the the number of muslims is increasing in the west and yes i am not talking about the immigrants, i am talking about the number of people reverting to islam,my brother you have every right to difrenciate between right and wrong ,but my only request to you is - be just, read quran without any prejudice see how difrrent you will feel ,, quran is the final testament, we muslims are the only people after chritians who believe jesus was the messenger of GOD and he was born without having father, the more people write against islam the more people accept it,today islam is the fastest growing religion in the world,,some people say islam was spread by sword, i ask them which muslim army went to indonesia and malaysia,, think about it my brother,, may Allah bless you and show you and ever one the write path,, peace be upon jesus, peace be upon muhamad , may Allah bless us all ,, Muslim is always proud to be a Muslim

Name: bobby
Date: Thursday August 02, 2007
Time: 15:53:15 -0700


Why does the world tolerate halal? if butchers need to be muslim for halal, then won't all non-muslims butchers be out of business? What a way to corner a whole profession for their cult members.

Name: A concerned Citizen of America.
Date: Saturday August 11, 2007
Time: 15:47:05 -0700


The truth of the matter is that our country (America) is being taken over from within by the radical muslims as a result of our very own laws which were desinged to protect us; instead these laws are going to be our ruin. Pay attention to the events that take place, what info is actually revealed by our media and exactly what is being done to correct any issues as they relate to violent muslims. You will soon see that we are in a heap of trouble and most of us are not even aware of It yet.

Name: Teoman/Vienna
Date: Friday September 07, 2007
Time: 06:27:09 -0700


Reply to Mr. Javid Bazaz. I believe only people who are not happy with themselve will say that they are proud be to Muslim. I have only one question to you. By who and were all four followers of Muhammed were killed. Ali, Osman, Ebubaker and co. If you do not know for your information. All three were killid in mosque and by moslem. Do not make yourselve looks fool.

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