Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Muhammad: The Champion of Fairness

Muslims love to fool themselves with tales about how Muhammad was fair to his wives. This is of course a big bull. Muhammad played so much favoritism that his wives banded themselves in to rivaling factions. Of course the rivalry was not about who gets that old man to bed but who will share the gifts that his followers used to send him. Since even his followers knew that Muhammad’s favorite wife was the little Aisha, they used to send their gifts to him when he was in her house. This made his other wives resentful who complained. Muhammad’s response was that I get my inspiration when I am under the blanket with Aisha and that you better shut up. This partly explains the incoherence of the Quran. Now we know what he was doing when he was receiving his inspirations. Here is the sahih hadith as reported by Bukhari.

Volume 3, Book 47, Number 755: Narrated 'Urwa from 'Aisha:

The wives of Allah's Apostle were in two groups. One group consisted of 'Aisha, Hafsa, Safiyya and Sauda; and the other group consisted of Um Salama and the other wives of Allah's Apostle. The Muslims knew that Allah's Apostle loved 'Aisha, so if any of them had a gift and wished to give to Allah's Apostle, he would delay it, till Allah's Apostle had come to 'Aisha's home and then he would send his gift to Allah's Apostle in her home. The group of Um Salama discussed the matter together and decided that Um Salama should request Allah's Apostle to tell the people to send their gifts to him in whatever wife's house he was. Um Salama told Allah's Apostle of what they had said, but he did not reply. Then they (those wives) asked Um Salama about it. She said, "He did not say anything to me." They asked her to talk to him again. She talked to him again when she met him on her day, but he gave no reply. When they asked her, she replied that he had given no reply. They said to her, "Talk to him till he gives you a reply." When it was her turn, she talked to him again. He then said to her, "Do not hurt me regarding Aisha, as the Divine Inspirations do not come to me on any of the beds except that of Aisha." On that Um Salama said, "I repent to Allah for hurting you." Then the group of Um Salama called Fatima, the daughter of Allah's Apostle and sent her to Allah's Apostle to say to him, "Your wives request to treat them and the daughter of Abu Bakr on equal terms." Then Fatima conveyed the message to him. The Prophet said, "O my daughter! Don't you love whom I love?" She replied in the affirmative and returned and told them of the situation. They requested her to go to him again but she refused. They then sent Zainab bint Jahsh who went to him and used harsh words saying, "Your wives request you to treat them and the daughter of Ibn Abu Quhafa on equal terms." On that she raised her voice and abused 'Aisha to her face so much so that Allah's Apostle looked at 'Aisha to see whether she would retort. 'Aisha started replying to Zainab till she silenced her. The Prophet then looked at 'Aisha and said, "She is really the daughter of Abu Bakr."

I wonder if there is a hadith saying which position brought more inspiration. Was it when little Aisha was riding on top or when the Prophet "entered his tilt from behind"? Methinks that Angel Gabriel must also be a pedophile for showing up only when Muhammad was in the bed of that child.

If Muslims could feel shame, they would rather hide themselves in the crevices of the earth than show their faces to the world. Only a fool would think this pervert was a prophet. Alas when the rational faculty is destroyed the sense of shame disappears along with everything else.

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