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What is God?

Dear Hammad;  

I am not publishing your email, because you asked not to. Here is my reply.  

Humans have tried to find an answer to the question of God since the dawn of their intelligence. They came with various answers, only to discard them later and find new ones. Gods manifested themselves in animals, in natural phenomena, in planets and stars, in supernatural imaginary beings, and as the natural law.  

As our intellect expanded, our answers to this question changed. Yet, despite the amazing discoveries in science, we seem to have not been able to find a satisfactory and definitive answer to this old quandary. All we can do is decide what isn’t God. What God is, is yet unknown.  

God can’t be an animal. It can’t be the sun, the moon or a star. God can’t be many. And finally God can’t be a being. All these can be demonstrated logically. What can’t be demonstrated is that God exists.  

Throughout the history, God has always been the projection of man’s attributes. It has been the incarnation of his fears and hopes. It has been the ideal towards which humans have aspired. Since humans are different, their thoughts, fears and aspirations are different and so are their gods.  

The Aztec believed in Huitzilopochtli who was a war god. It is estimated that approximately 20,000 people per year were sacrificed by the Aztec royalty. Captives were taken to the top of pyramids where, upon a ritual flat stone table, they had their chests cut upon and their hearts ripped out. Then the bodies of the victims were tossed down the steps of the pyramids.  

Critical to understanding the motivation behind the ritual sacrifices is the concept of ”tonalli,” which means “animating spirit.” The tonalli in humans was believed to be located in the blood, which concentrates in the heart when one becomes frightened. This explains the gods’ hunger for the heart. Without this sacrifice, all motion stops, even the movement of the sun. So when the Aztecs made their sacrifices, as far as they were concerned, they were keeping the sun from halting in its orbit. [1]  

The god of the Israelites played favoritism. He had chosen the Jews as his own people. The rationale behind this was that the Jews were living in captivity most of the time. Their captors mistreated them. In the past humans were cruel to each other, more than they are today. To compensate that, the god of the Jews liked them more than he liked other people. He would promise them victory at the end and severe punishment for their captors and oppressors. He assured them that these tribulations are only to purify them from their sins. With these fantasies the Jews endured great hardships and did not let go of hope. Redemption and glory was always around the corner.  

To Jesus, God was love. Jesus was a man of peace. He taught people to forgive each other’s sins, find the beam in their own eyes before looking for the speck in the eyes of others, to not throw stone when they are sinners themselves, to love their neighbors and even to turn the other cheek. His God is very much like him. That is the kind of God that Jesus had envisioned.  

To a narcissist like Muhammad, God was everything a narcissist wants to be. He was omnipotent, a fearsome deity that demanded respect, commanded to be praised and ordered to be worshipped. Muhammad’s god was a wanton god who did whatever he pleased. He could make rules and break them at will and no one was allowed to question him. He could send pious people to hell and reward evil doers, if he so desired. Humans could not be sure of their fate and could not gain salvation through good deeds alone. They had to also submit to him, bow to him and worship him in order to gain his approval. Muhammad’s god is a despot dictator. His mind resembles the minds of Saddam Hussein, Hitler and Stalin. He is ruthless to those who oppose him and kind and generous to those who praise him. He is a needy god, desperate to be noticed and extremely offended and vengeful if neglected. To Muhammad, these qualities were supreme. His god is his own alter ego - a projection of who he was.  

Einstein’s god was the god of natural law. Einstein was a man of science. He believed that there is an order in the universe. He was referring to this order when he said “God does not play dice.”  

Einstein’s god had nothing to do with the god of religions. A man of his intellect could not possibly believe in a god that intervened in human affairs, broke his own laws to perform miracles, sent prophets and answered prayers, as if humans could influence the divine Will and change the natural law by supplicating. He described his belief in god as: 

A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestation of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty - it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude; in this sense, and in this sense alone, I am a deeply religious man.  

He resented having his religious convictions misrepresented and clarified:  

It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.  

Great minds are religious and yet their religiosity is so different from religions as we know them. The cosmologist and mathematician, Stephen Hawking, who spoke of "the Mind of God,” when asked by CNN's Larry King whether he believed in God, answered: “Yes, if by God is meant the embodiment of the laws of the universe.”  

Whether God exists or not, is entirely a different matter. Even if it exists, it can never be understood by humans. What we humans consider to be God is our own creation. This creation is good or is evil depending on its creators. The god of Jesus is good because Jesus was a good man. The god of Muhammad was evil, because Muhammad was evil. Neither the god of Jesus is real nor is the god of Muhammad. They are as real as Santa Clause and Dracula. Yet, as the  the Aztecs and Muslims have demonstrated, the belief in an evil God can be devastating. 

Not all Christians believe in the same god of Jesus. The Medieval Church believed in a different god. Their god was a lot influenced by the Islamic god. That is why the Church went so off tangent from the teachings of Christ. Today, not all the Christians believe in the same god either. For some,  god is tolerant, loving and inclusive. For others he is jealous, possessive and exclusive.   

God is not one. There are hundreds of Gods. Many of them are forgotten. No one remembers anymore Huitzilopochtli or his kinder and gentler partner Quetzalcoatl, who only demanded the sacrifice of animals such as snakes and butterflies. No one prays anymore to Mars the god of war; to Venus, the goddess of love; or to Pluto, the god of death. Yet these gods had their days, in which they ruled supreme. “Forgotten lie the martyrs in their dusty catacombs, and the faiths, for which they died, are cold and dead.”[2] 

According to some estimates there are 240 gods. Unless we assume that God suffers from split personality disorder, we must admit that Yahweh, the god of Moses and "Father" the god of Jesus were not the same. They have distinctively different attributes. Allah does not resemble either one of them. He is ruthless, sadist and bloodthirsty. Then again, the same Allah has a spiritual awakening and takes an entirely different personality when he manifests himself to Guru Nanak and Baha'u'llah and starts talking about love and brotherhood of mankind. 

All gods are human creations. We give birth to them, we worship them and then we abandon them and forget them. It’s now the turn of Allah to be put to rest. This deity has outlived his utility. He is not fit anymore for our time. Allah, like Huitzilopochtli is a bloodthirsty god that demands human sacrifice. We must kill him and drive a stick into his heart so he can never raise his head again to suck the blood of innocent people.  

A Christian woman beheaded in Indonesia at the altar of Allah

There is no truth in Allah. This deity is evil, because its creator was evil. He is the figment of the mind of a very sick man.  

Muslims under the influence of Islam are reduced into savage beasts. See more examples of what they are  capable of  here

If you need to believe in a god, there are many gods to pick from. If you don’t like any of the existing gods, make your own. I made mine. I believe in the single principle underlying the existence. This is the same god that Einstein, Espinosa and Hawking believe/d. I believe in the Dao, the eternal, unknowable, unchangeable principle. Yes, I am a believer. I believe in beauty, in harmony, in order and in love. I believe in the infinite potential that is laden within each one of us. My god is not a being. It is a non-being that is the mother of all beings. I do not worship it, nor do I pray to it. I simply try to understand it and apply it in every breath that I take.  

You ask why Allah does not help us. The answer is that he can’t, because he does not exist. He is as real as Huitzilopochtli.  He exist only in Muslims' imagination. If you understand the real God, i.e. the eternal law that governs the universe, you will be able to help yourself by applying that principle to your life. Help is there for all those who stretch their hands to grab it. You explained how you transformed your life with positive thinking, succeeded fanatically and overcame your problems. So you already know God and have been blessed by it.  

Krishna says, people pray to different gods according to their understandings. But whichever god they pray to, it is me who answers their prayers. Whether you want to give credit to Krishna, to Yahweh, or to any other god is up to you. The Principle says that whatever you focus on becomes real. Those who focus on success, health, wealth and happiness and persevere, gain. Those who focus on failure and are overtaken by fear, lose.  

You asked why God plays games with us. It’s not God that plays games with us. It is we who play games with God. We give names to God, when names are to distinguish things from their likes. God is not a thing and has no likes. Therefore it is nameless. We describe God in various forms, when God is indescribable. We  ascribe human attributes to God, call it loving, knowing, wise and omnipotent, when God can't  have attributes. God can't be neither kind nor cruel. God is not the Father, the Lord or the Sovereign Ruler. God is not the creator because creation is an act and acts take place in time. God is timeless and therefore it can't act. We pretend serving God, whilst God is sanctified from any need. All you have to do is understand God and follow it.You understand god through science - the science of the outer world and the science of the inner world. 

No one can tell you about God. No one can teach you what God is. You must understand it on your own. If colors cannot be explained to a blind who has never seen colors, how can one explain God to one who has never felt God?  That is why no one can tell you about God or show you the Way. Truth is pathless. You don't have to go anywhere or follow anyone to find the truth. Just as you don't have to go anywhere to find the sun because it shines everywhere, you don't have to follow any path to find God because God is within you. Stop listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry who claims to be a messenger of God. God does not send messages through third parties. God's message is all around you. It's in every leaf, in every breath that you inhale, in every atom that makes this universe. You yourself are the greatest message of God. Listen to your own higher self and you will hear God speaking loud and clear.    

God has no personality or awareness. It is not a being or a thing. It is not conscious of you and me or our world. It does not send us calamities nor it saves up from peril. It’s just there as the law for us to abide and to enrich our lives with it.  

God does not punish or reward you. You do it yourself by breaking the law or by following it. If  you put your hand on fire, it burns. There is no one punishing you. Since no one is going to punish you, there is no point in asking for forgiveness. Once you break a law the damage is already done.   

God is everything. It is the only reality that exists and is self subsisting. In comparison, the world is noting but a chimera. In fact the very notion of comparing being and non-being is absurd. You can compare apples and scooters, because both of them are things, but you can’t compare God with anything that is not God. God is real, everything else is not. You can't compare real with non-real. The non-being is real and the being is not. This is the greatest paradox.  

The universe is only a thought in the mind of God. That is, if you want to think of it poetically. God exists, without being. It is the most manifest and the most hidden at once. How is that possible? Think of life! Isn’t life both manifest and hidden? Life is only an expression of God. 

God envelops everything and everyone. You can’t escape it, not even for a fraction of a second. The moment you cease to obey God, you cease to exist. That is because God is not the lawgiver but the law itself. Even if as a human you disobey and break the Law, your body knows how to obey. That is why you are still alive. That is why you have a physical being. It's because every cell and atom in your body abides by the Law, and metaphorically speaking, "is a believer." 

As you can see, we humans have come a long way in understanding God and all we have understood is that we do not understand. We used to believe in animals, in mythological figures, in planets and stars, in ghosts, in many gods and in a single god. Some gods were loving and others were vengeful and cruel. All of them are products of our fantasies. Our greatest thinkers, no longer think of God as a personal being but as an impersonal law of the universe. Our understanding of God evolves, as our brains evolve. The gods of our forefathers, no longer satisfy our quest for knowledge. It’s time to leave those gods behind in the dust of history and find the God that makes sense to our more advanced intellect.

[2] Margaret A Murray in The Genesis of Religion

Ali Sina is the Editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His upcoming book is Understanding Islam and the Muslim Mind.

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