Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
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Twenty Three Years: A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad

Chapter 1: His Birth

Chapter 2: The Religion of Islam





About Ali Dasti

Ali Dashti was born in 1896 in a village in Dashtestan, a district adjoining the port of Bushehr on the Persian Gulf in Iran. His father brought the Ali Dashti to Karbala in Iraq and lodged him in madrasa for training in Islamic and theological studies so that he could become a cleric. He received a full madrasas education acquiring a thorough knowledge of Islamic theology and history, logic, rhetoric, and Arabic and Persian grammar and classical literature. But realizing what Islam was all about as this book will reveal ― he chose not to undertake a clerical career, when he returned to Iran.

Instead, he became an author and novelists and a parliamentarian. After the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran, he was arrested and tortured the Khomeinis which left with a broken thigh. He was release but not allowed to return to home at Zargandeh, a northern suburb of Tehran. A notice in the Iranian periodical Ayanda reported his death in the month of Dey of the Iranian year 1360, i.e. between 22 December 1981 and 20 January 1982.

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