Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islam is the Enemy of Freedom

A great irony of the age is that the seemingly most diehard proponents of freedom—the useful idiots of our time—are the most dangerous unwitting accomplices of liberty’s enemy—Islam. Keep in mind that the very name “Islam” is a derivation of “taslim,” the Arabic word for “surrender,” surrender to the will and dictates of Allah as revealed by Muhammad and recorded in the Quran.

This non-negotiable surrender to Islam requires the individual as well as the society to disenfranchise themselves of many of the fundamental and deeply cherished human rights. Below is a brief presentation of what this surrender to Islam entails and why it is imperative that all freedom-loving people arise and defeat the menace of Islamofascism.

Amendment I of the Bill of Rights enshrines some of the most cherished ideals of freedom-loving people:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Islam considers itself the three branches of government. It enacts laws as it sees fit, adjudicates laws, and executes as it deems. Islam is anathema to the provisions of the First Amendment and much more.

  • Islam proclaims itself as the only legitimate religion for the entire world, grudgingly granting minor recognition to Judaism and Christianity from whom it has liberally plagiarized many of its dogma. Jews and Christians are allowed to live under the rule of Islam as dhimmis and must pay a special religious tax of jazyyeh. Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Baha’is, members of other religions, agnostics, or atheists are not even allowed to live practicing their belief or disbelief.

  • Islam actively suppresses and even prohibits the practice of other religions, including those of the “people of the book,” Jews and Christians. There is not a single church or synagogue in the cradle of Islam, Saudi Arabia, while thousands of mosques dot the tolerating and welcoming non-Moslem lands. Islamic countries that allow for Jewish and Christian places of worship subject these “people of the book” to numberless subtle and not-so-subtle forms of persecution. Moslems in non-Moslem lands proselytize relentlessly and convert others while any Moslem who leaves Islam is judged as apostate and automatically condemned to death.

  • Freedom of speech is just about non-existent in Islam. The word is Allah’s, his chosen divines such as Ayatollahs and Imams are the only ones who are to make pronouncements squarely-based on Allah’s word, the Quran. Any expression in the least at deviance from the Quran, the Hadith and the edicts of Islamic high divines is heresy and severely punishable. Hence, stifling of free expression is the major mechanism by which the Islamic clergy retain power and prevent constructive change in Islamic societies.

  • Freedom of the press is completely alien to Islam, since a free press tends to express matters as it sees it, rather than as it is stated in the Quran. To Islam, the Quran is the press and the only press. There is no need for critical reporting, no need to present ideas that may conflict with the Quran, and no place for criticism of anything Islamic. The stranglehold of Islam on the individual and society is complete.

  • Peaceful assembly of the people is not allowed. The backward oppressive Islamic societies inflict great hardship on the citizenry and any assembly of the victims presents a threat to the suffocating rule. Islamic governments routinely prevent peaceful assemblies from taking place. Failing to do so, they unleash their hired thugs, the police and even the military against any assemblage no matter how peaceful and how legitimate is its grievance. The Islamic Republic of Iran which is vying with Saudi Arabia as the leader of true Islamic rule, routinely attacks any and all gatherings of its people, arrests them, imprisons them without due process, tortures them, and even executes them in secret dungeons. Journalists, academics, unionists, students, teachers, women rights groups who dare to petition the government for redress are labeled subversive and are severely punished.

  • Maltreatment of religious minorities and the non-religious is criminal indeed. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, for instance, the government has launched a systematic program of genocide against its largest religious minority—the Baha’is. The government is gathering a comprehensive list of Baha’is, their occupations, locations, properties and the like—action reminiscent of the Nazis. The government is banning Baha’i students from post high-school education unless they recant their religion, deprives them of engaging in numerous forms of occupations and trades, denies them from holding worship gatherings, razes their holy places and much more. The Islamic Republic of Iran is not satisfied with its cruel treatment of the living Baha’is and has launched a war on their dead by bulldozing Baha’i cemeteries in several cities. Thus is the rule of fundamental Islamism that is awaiting the complacent and snoozing world.

  • Oppression of women in general is tragic indeed. Men are allowed to have as many as four wives simultaneously and as many concubines as they wish or can afford. Men can easily divorce their wives and automatically have the custody of the children, if they so decide. Women have subservient status to men in all areas of the law. Equality under the law has no meaning in Islam. Just one example of the dreadful way of treating women in Islam is a case of a Saudi woman who was gang-raped. The Islamic court convicted the woman to prison term and lashes for having committed the “sin” of riding in a car with a male who was not her relative. This is a standard form of Islamic Shariah justice—a savage heritage of barbarism that ruled the Arabian Peninsula some centuries ago.

  • Islam has a solution for every “problem.” It deals with homosexuals, for instance, by hanging them en mass and gloating about it, even though homosexuality is just as prevalent in Islamic lands as anywhere else. Recently an Ayatollah made a ruling on homosexuals. He said that they should be hanged and tortured before they are hanged. In Islam the rulings of high-ranking clergy constitute the law and are binding.

  • Not only Islam does not allow freedom of assembly and the press, it is intrusively restrictive in every aspects of a person’s life. The way women should dress, the haircut of men, the music people are allowed, movies to watch, television programs to view, and even parties in the privacy of their home are subject to the ridiculous monitoring of moral police. Islam is hell-bent on outward morality and puritanical conduct while it is rotten to the core just below the pretentious surface.

  • Islam segregates by gender many public places and events such as beaches, sporting venues, public transportations, and even building elevators. Families are often prevented from attending a sporting event together or swimming together at a beach.

  • Egypt, the crown of the Arab-Islam world, demands that citizens declare Islam or only one of the two other religions, Jewish and Christianity, as their religion in order to receive the government-issued identity cards. ID cards are required for jobs, healthcare, education, a marriage license and a host of other things. If you are an agnostic, an atheist, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Baha’i, you are forced to perjure yourself to receive the indispensable ID card. In a real sense, Islam the pretender of high moral ground compels people to lie in order to receive what is their birthright as citizens.

I have been sounding the alarm about Islam’s imminent deadly threat for a number of years. The Islamic treasury flush with oil extortion money together with the help of useful idiots is having the upper hand in this battle of survival for freedom. The slaveholder Islam has been transformed into a more virulent form of Islamofascism; it is an inveterate unrelenting enemy of freedom. We need to act now and stem the tide of this deadly threat. Tomorrow may be too late. Freedom is too precious to abandon through complacency, acts of political correctness, or outright cowardice.

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Amil Imani is an Iranian born, pro-democracy activist who resides in the United States of America. He is a poet, writer, literary translator, novelist and an essayist who has been writing and speaking out for the struggling people of his native land, Iran. Amil Imani's Home Page:

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Name: al ham dull ill aahhhh nukes r islam's right
Date: Tuesday November 20, 2007
Time: 22:21:37 -0700


al ham dull ill aahhh nukes r islam's right to kill kafirs.the 72 houries r waiting to get screwed and give joy.

Name: abd
Date: Tuesday November 20, 2007
Time: 23:14:23 -0700


thank god we have useful idiots like you to protect the freedom of capitalistic exploitation.

Name: vbv
Date: Wednesday November 21, 2007
Time: 00:00:35 -0700


Islam has perfected the art of cruelty, utter barbarianism and sexual perversion under the cover of "religion", while Maoism, Stalinism, communism, PolPot-ism, etc have failed since they did not have "Allah" and a "prophet" to intimidate and carry out the despotic acts. Freedom is foreign to islam as the basis of the creed is "submission to the Diktats of Allah and Mohamed" and not free spiritual inquiry! So haow can anyone expect freedom of speech, or thought or conscience!

Name: Godot (Muslim by birth and apoatate by choice)
Date: Wednesday November 21, 2007
Time: 07:28:04 -0700


A well-done review!

Name: kat
Date: Wednesday November 21, 2007
Time: 09:27:04 -0700


This is a beautiful essay. If I could make Islam illegal here I would. It's a demonic "religion" and I believe Muhammed did not see the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) but he had a visit with Satan. Shaitan to you Muslims.

Name: Average Joe
Date: Wednesday November 21, 2007
Time: 20:52:51 -0700


I have to agree with Kat. If the Father of Lies where to design a religion to confound mankind it would be Islam. Steal and corrupt just enough of Judeo/Christian influence to make it plausible, stir in the sexual hangups of adolescent boys, add a healthy dollop of plunder for profit, top it off with a heady sauce of "God wills it" and sit back and watch the fun.

Name: the fore warner
Date: Wednesday November 21, 2007
Time: 22:26:38 -0700


mark of the beast of revelation please refer to the beast by s. altaf

Name: Greg
Date: Thursday November 22, 2007
Time: 13:48:56 -0700


Good job Amil. I certainly have grown to hate islam. I try to focus my brothers and sisters on this evil but they are guilty of complacency too. And very much into political correctness too.

Name: Chengiz khan
Date: Thursday November 22, 2007
Time: 17:03:07 -0700


Abraham is nothing but derived from Aham Brahmasmi meaning I am brahman. They might have stolen this concept and named Abraham.A(ham)braham(smi) with slight repositoning of letter 'a' and deleting the last 3 letters. You can conclude that there was only one religion in the beginning and that was the Dharmic religion. Even Jesus (Isa) is nothing but the twisting of Iswar (name of Shiva) and Maria is nothing but (Maariyamma, the violent aspect of Kali ie Parvati). It seems that later religions have copied much from India. The numeral One (is Onnu in Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada/Telugu), I think somebody should research these connections.

Name: karl darwin
Date: Thursday November 22, 2007
Time: 19:33:52 -0700


if (Brahma = Abraham) then (Pakstan = Phakstan)

Name: Bobby
Date: Thursday November 22, 2007
Time: 20:39:02 -0700


The writers and most commentators on this site seem to have to recognized Islam for the evil that it is. No one really hates Muslim people - but hate what Islam does to them. As evil this cult is, it is shocking that is still allowed to be preached and practiced in civilized countries. But we live in an age of political correctness, "balanced views" and the folks in govt. and media too lazy to learn indepth about it before forming policies and making statements. Even if they do understand the danger, no one wants to be tagged a racist or be the focus of the ire of islamists. Even well meaning muslims behave like brainwashed zombies promoting their faith. But with the spread of information I hope a day will come when the world will stop tolerating Islam.

Name: qwer
Date: Friday November 23, 2007
Time: 06:07:53 -0700


Hi moslem!! Do you think only Christian, Jews, Hindu your enemy? Absolutely wrong moslem!! We all very hate with your islam and Mo!! You live like a fly: NOBODY WANT TO STAY BESIDE YOU!! Your islam is satanic teaching, your Jibril is evil, and your Big MO is the greatest murderer, terorist, sex maniac! We hope you will be terminated ASAP!!

Date: Saturday November 24, 2007
Time: 02:14:42 -0700


Muhammad in the Bible:

Name: pmk
Date: Saturday November 24, 2007
Time: 17:02:39 -0700


Bobby, nobody hates Muslim people, which is why no one in the West will face up to the threat Islam represents to our freedom. The man who knows a wonderful Muslim doctor or teacher or family that is assimilated in the West will not accept what Amil has written. Where you and I see the subjugation of women, he'll see the woman's freedom of choice being exercised - she chose to wear the hijab and we shouldn't condemn her for doing so. He'll say the French were being intolerant by banning the hijab. We'll have to learn the hard way. History is filled with examples of Islamic conquest, some in just the last few decades. We'd rather not see it. We won't learn from history and so we are condemned to relive it. It's easier to cling to our political correctness and to love all people, in the naive hope that they will then love us back.

Name: Walter Sieruk
Date: Monday December 03, 2007
Time: 11:28:59 -0700


To give relevent philosophy that can apply to the thrrat of Islam, the precepts of the thired Presendent of the United Sattes, Thomas Jefferson should be cited. He wrote " A conviction that we are right accomplishes half the difficulty of correcting wrong." and "Our part then is to pursue with steadiness what is right, turning neither to the right nor left for the intrigues or popular delusions of the day, assured that the public approbation will in the end be with us."

Name: JustMe
Date: Wednesday December 05, 2007
Time: 22:09:35 -0700


What a joke it is that to retain followers of this so called religion, the individual is kept in strict adherence to the laws of the sect under threat of torture or death. Why, if allah is a wonderful god, is it that no one wants to follow him (except of course those up high enough to make thier own rules)? Wake up muslim, and repent before the one True God, JHVH, and accept his Savior the Chrst; Yashua. Seek the will of the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses.

Name: No 2 Islam
Date: Thursday December 06, 2007
Time: 04:07:42 -0700


I defecate on the Quran.

Name: Tulane
Date: Tuesday December 11, 2007
Time: 21:51:08 -0700


Because of subversive nature of this dangerous militant ideology, it is necessary to organize armies - both manifest and secret - to combat it anywhere in the world with an ultimate goal of its destruction. Cells of volunteers need to organize and rise up to the task of protection and removal of Islam from the civilized world.

Name: bobby
Date: Wednesday December 12, 2007
Time: 19:23:22 -0700


Immigrant Muslims will never be grateful. They think it is their God given right to take over other people land and property. If someone gives refuge to a muslim out of compassion, they shouldn't expect any gratefulness. Why would you allow someone to stay in your house and then take over it and throw you out? This is exactly what is happening with muslim immigration to western countries. People asking for tolerance in the name of multi-culturism are missing the point. Does mult-culturism mean self-destruction?

Name: Constantine the Great
Date: Thursday December 13, 2007
Time: 13:02:12 -0700


The cave where Mohammed received his first visions and visitation by "Jibreel" was well-known as the home of a jinn, which is why no-one ever went there and why it was so deserted that Mohammed was able to spend hours there uninterrupted.

Name: Nuri
Date: Monday December 17, 2007
Time: 17:13:01 -0700


I did not see any intellectual value in this article or others in this web. It's all rubbish. There's no absolute freedom when you subjected to God's will. If you want full freedom get out from this world. This world doesn't belong to you. It's Allah creation.

Date: Tuesday December 18, 2007
Time: 02:39:26 -0700


To Nuri - You get out of this world. This world belongs to sane people and not to fictitious and fraudulent thing called'Allah'. Allah is bullshit! Muslims are trickster eying for others women,land and wealth. They are the most amoral species that the world has ever seen! They are bigots,extermely intolerant and violent.They deserve to be exterminated along with otherepidemic diseases!

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