Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Muslim Outrage in N.Y. over Practice of Sunna by a Learned Scholar

Note: This article may be satire

Muslim community in Buffalo N.Y. and Virginia is outraged on 40 year old married Haji Hafiz Mohammed Memon, author of Islamic books and principal of a well known Islamic boarding school.

He had tricked two of his young and pretty burqa wearing hijabbed girl students into fake marriage and having sex with them.. .

It all started when he was reading about the Prophet’s affair with his daughter-in-law Zainab... The Prophet was turned on by his lovely daughter-in-law whom he badly wanted to take to bed. He managed to trick her into his bed with a fake marriage by saying that Allah had married her to him in heaven and had sent this message via Gibraeel as an aya of quran (33.37)... It worked like a charm; Zainab was in Mo’s bed in no time since his son Zaid and all others in Madina fell for the scam...

All of a sudden Haji Saheb of Buffalo, N.Y. had a great idea to seduce his naïve female students by a similar scam. He knew that they trusted him totally like Zainab, Zaid and all Muslims trusted prophet.

Why wouldn’t they? The Haji Saheb was a very pious Islamic scholar, a hafiz [memorizer] of the Quran and Imam of the school mosque, principal of the school and writer of Islamic books. His scam worked like a charm like the Prophet’s. He managed to sleep with at least two of his young and pretty students (for two years with one of them). Here is the news story:


He may have taken student as second wife

By Mark Sommer
Buffalo News

The principal of an Islamic boarding school on Buffalo’s East Side has been forced to resign after allegations that he was sexually involved with one of his students and that he claimed to have taken her as a second wife.

Evidence suggests Mohammed Ibrahim Memon 40, a father of seven, persuaded a very religious hijabbed student Sajidah Khan, then 21, to sleep with him after lieing to her that a marriage ceremony with her was already performed in her absence.

Dr. Khalid J. Qazi, president of the local chapter of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, expressed disappointment over Memon’s “inappropriate and intimate relationship.”

“Parents have trusted their daughters with Imam Ibrahim, and he has broken that trust and by having sex with them,” Qazi said.

Mixed views expressed

“We were betrayed,” said Chaudhary A. Khan of Woodbridge, Va., Sajidah’s father, who has sent four children to Madania.

At issue is Memon’s relationship with Sajidah Khan, now 23.

Khan says Memon proposed to her at school in August 2006, and proclaimed within days he had married her himself, under Islamic law and then consummated the marriage. He also told her to keep their marriage secret.

Memon admitted “intimate, clandestine sexual relations” with Sajida Khan from August 2006 to July 2008.

More rest of the news with photos of the culprit and victim:


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Name: ha ha ha .....
Date: Thursday September 25, 2008
Time: 19:00:09 -0700


Islam has made sex as a tools to keep and to get new followers. Mohammad was very clever to use this basic instinct of people, to make people ready to sacrifice their lives for him and for the religion. Islam is religion of sex, ha ha ha .....

Name: Ibn Kammuna
Date: Thursday September 25, 2008
Time: 19:26:24 -0700


Thank you Ayesha. Mr. Memon Has introduced a level of deception and trickery to most people, he indeed can be called a true Muslim. His level of morals invite me to say this: What a piece of trash of a human being he is!. But again, he has a good example to follow: his own self proclaimed prophet. Peace to all.

Name: Note - This article is True
Date: Thursday September 25, 2008
Time: 22:10:35 -0700


Confessions & statements have shown the episodes in this article is true, and perfectly consistent with Muslim sex obsessions - which all Muslims acquire from Allah & Muhammad.

Date: Thursday September 25, 2008
Time: 22:53:02 -0700


Islam is Threat for US and for Non-Muslims Countries

Name: Aaron
Date: Friday September 26, 2008
Time: 02:51:15 -0700


I thought it was Catholic preists who did this kind of thing. Clearly not. What is it with the Arabs? Why are they such a sexually perverted race?

Name: tanstaafl
Date: Friday September 26, 2008
Time: 07:00:35 -0700


Memon is thinking of writing a book entitled "How to pick up girls using the Qur'an."

Name: DavidM
Date: Friday September 26, 2008
Time: 07:53:09 -0700


I'm glad the father responded like a normal father should. In some Islamic societies aren't the daughters supposed to be stoned; the "honor killings"?

Name: infidel
Date: Friday September 26, 2008
Time: 12:03:24 -0700


Good article Ayesha. Poor Haji Saheb was surrounded by these well preserved fully covered niqabbed virgins day and night. Proximity to them without seeing them probably made him hornier .Had they been wearing normal clothes without a niqab Haji wouldnt be pushed to the limit.

Name: Vijay
Date: Friday September 26, 2008
Time: 12:11:26 -0700


How could 21 year old niqabi girls go for a 40 year old ugly bearded married mullah . Doesn't it prove Ayesha's theory that when you enter islam you park your brain outside.

Name: some has an opinion, "Islam is the religion of the dick"
Date: Friday September 26, 2008
Time: 15:38:13 -0700


The names of the Imam and the girl in the article, sound Asiatic- Pakistani to me, they are not Arabs, it is not only Arabs that have perverts among them, it only shows you that Islam like other cult man made religion allow perverts and cunning people to pray on young girls and women and deceive a whole community, Islam encouraged and cherished the animal instinct in man to the point that it became " The Religion of The Dick " They should have had the penis as a symbol rather than the crescent and the star, a lot of ancient world pagan religions, in Egypt, India and Greece, worshiped the penis and considered the sexual activity as a part of worshiping! The only difference between them is that Islam allowed men the privilege alone, while for women is different, if they were to seek sexual pleasure with different partners, they are considered whores and they get killed!

Name: Isa Saly
Date: Saturday September 27, 2008
Time: 04:17:37 -0700


Out of topic comment deleted. - Editor

Date: Saturday September 27, 2008
Time: 04:52:54 -0700


These POSTS ABOVE are carefully coined by the Zionist supporters to mislead and prepare the gullible mindset against Muslims to falsely justify their designs in order to dominate and loot as they do now.

Name: Snake Oil Baron
Date: Saturday September 27, 2008
Time: 17:26:45 -0700


"Zainab was in Mo’s bed in no time since his son Zaid and all others in Madina fell for the scam..."

Was this early in Mohammad's career? I understood that he had two sons who died early on. I find it hard to keep track of the "prophet's" biography. At any rate, it is sad that this kind of abuse in the name of God(s) continues to this day. But Islam, of all religions offers people the greatest warning as to what it is capable of.

As for the comment about the other comments being carefully crafted by the "Zionist" supporters to in order to blah blah blah... isn't it far more likely that we came to our opinion of Islam based on the behavior of people like Haji Hafiz Mohammed Memon, terrorists, and clerics who talk about unveiled women being like "uncovered meat for cats" and being like buses which anyone can ride? Your assumption that no one can ever come to have a negative opinion of Islam without being part of a conspiracy makes Islamic opinion seem far more irrational and lame. Maybe you, Mr. Too-lazy-to-leave-a-pseudonym, are the "Zionist" carefully crafting his comment to blah, blah, blah...

Name: To above, I'm sure you are a Muslim.
Date: Saturday September 27, 2008
Time: 21:13:28 -0700


Your fear of the Zionist is a fear of non-existing shadow your mind thinks is haunting the world. Or is it just a convenient excuse to justify the Islamic crimes to mankind?

Name: adopted son is equal to real son
Date: Sunday September 28, 2008
Time: 04:23:11 -0700


adopted son is equal to real son. Mo just lied that allah order him to do so. No the almighty god will not be animalistic attitude. This itself show entire quron and islam is stupid irrationality.

Name: Baan Kohli
Date: Monday September 29, 2008
Time: 05:26:26 -0700


Islam prohibits, adoption of children!

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