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Innovative Jihad

Mashallah our muslim brothers are making their presence felt in the world with ingenious and innovative ways of carrying out jihads.. Few years back not many people outside the darul islam  knew much about Islam. But thanks to our Mujahid brothers  we are  in the news daily and  Islam is  a household word.

Following are some of the  various innovative modern  jihads which are making islam the fastest growing religion in the world.


This is the most important and effective of all jihads and is bringing European kafirs to their knees through explosion in muslim population. Muslims who had failed to capture Europe repeatedly in the the battlefield, are finally winning through achievements in their  bedrooms. Many  of the Mujahids in European countries have four wives and over 20 children. Many of these wives are acquired from kafir ranks  and converted to islam  for extra blessings. The best part of this Jihad is that the  infidels themselves are  paying for it  by  providing welfare cheques to them,   thus freeing the Mujahids from the worry of earning a livlihood, and allowing them to devote all their time to their jihad. Why are the   infidels following this suicidal policy? Allah has answered this question  in Quran.

Aya 2.171 "Disbelievers are deaf, dumb and  blind, and they have no sense".

One Singaporean  religious muslim jihadi got so carried away in bedroom jihad and  his passion to increase muslim umma by impregnating  as many women as possible that he even impregnated his own adult daughters along with all his wives.  Here is from a Singapore newspaper Strait Times:

A 45-year-old man practising muslim man , whose identity was withheld to protect his victims, used quranic interpretations to  justify sex with his daughters, Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee told the High Court.

While conducting religious lessons, he convinced his wives that he had ownership over his children, which included having sex with them, The Straits Times said.
Forty-three charges were levelled against the father, who preyed on his daughters when they were between 12 and 15 years old, from December 2003 to June 2005. The charges included rape, attempted rape and aggravated rape.
Two of the girls became pregnant and had abortions.
 The incidents 'were so numerous that they were hard-pressed to keep count, much less remember the exact specifics of each incident,' Lee was quoted as saying.
The man would send one of his wives to tell a daughter to go to their father's bedroom, Lee said. He had sex with them even though the girls cried out in pain.
The eldest of the abused daughters reported her father to the police on June 24, 2005. He was arrested the next day.


This jihad is getting very popular among young Mujahids all over the world.  Muslim youth are raping vulnerable young and beautiful infidel girls wherever they are finding them  (could it be that these Mujahdids are interpreting   the 9.5 aya  "Slay the infidels wherever you find them", to  "Lay the infidels wherever you find them")

This very important Jihad was sanctioned by Allah in ayas 4.3,4.24,23.6,33.50 and 70.30

Allah says in these ayas  that  muslims are allowed to capture  infidel women and  to have sex with them.

Our apostle (pbuh) , all sahabas and all great muslim invaders  practiced this sanction of Allah.  Some authentic and famous  hadiths are:  

Bukhari , Volume 5, Book 59, Number 512:

The Prophet had their warriors killed, their offspring and woman taken as captives. Safiya was amongst the captives, She first came in the share of Dahya Alkali but later on she belonged to the Prophet.

Bukhari vol 3,Book 46, No. 717

 Prophet had suddenly attacked Bani Mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and their cattle were being watered at the places of water. Their men were killed and their women and children were taken as captives; the Prophet got Juwairiya on that day.

"Sirat e Rasulullah" by Ishaq, pge 464

After 800-900 male adults of Bani Quraiza were beheaded in batches, and thrown in trenches dug in Madina, the apostle divided their property, wives and children as booty. . He took Rayhana d. Amr b. Khunafa for himself.

The History of Tabari, vol 8, pge 29-30

From his share of captive women,prophet gave his son-in-law, Ali a slave girl, Raytah bt Hilal to enjoy her at his will. He also presented Uthman b. Affan, his son-in-law, another slave girl Zainab b. Hayan, and bestowed another girl (name unknown) to his father -in-law Omar Ibn Khattab. Omar gave that girl to his son Abdullah. Most of Prophet's other elite companions received slave girls as gifts..

Although method of operation of modern day Jihad rapists is different from apostle's (pbuh) 7th century ways,  the purpose is the same, pleasing Allah and  terrorizing kuffar.

Thus by suddenly capturing and having sex with an  infidel woman   the Mujahids are   not only following an important sunna  and getting sawab they also get extra blessings for  impregnating a kafir girl with muslim baby.

Rampant raping activities of the muslim young men in Europe  is giving them  image of Tough Guys and  Macho Men , and attracting many  western  young ladies to islam. Some of them are even  converting ,  doning veil and burqas and joining ranks of suicide bombers..

Read on:

Western white woman a suicide bomber

MIREILLE, who was born in Belgium to a white, middle-class Christian family, blew herself to pieces last month in a suicide attack against American troops near Baghdad.


Here are some of the news about world wide Rape Jihad.


A group of Lebanese Muslim gang rapists from south-western Sydney hunted their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and subjected them to hours of degrading, dehumanising torture. The young women, and girls as young as 14, were "sluts" and "Aussie pigs", the rapists said. (Sunday Herald)

After taking an oath on the Qur'an, the Pakistani  muslim man - known only as MSK - told the court he had committed four attacks on girls as young as 13  MSK is already serving a 22-year jail term for leading his three younger brothers in a gang rape of two other young Sydney girls in 2002 (Sunday Herald)


In Bradford, England, Channel 4 pulled a documentary about Pakistani and other Muslim men sexually abusing white English girls, some as young as 11." In France, grotesque reports about systematic gang rapes of French or "too Western" Muslim girls keep coming in. At the same time, European jails are getting filled up with Muslims imprisoned for  rapes

One of the best known "Swedish" serial-rapists   was Mehdi Tayeb who had sex with over 130 women (and 2 men) in Sweden. Some were seduced under alcoholic influence, some date rape drugged. When Swedish police got close to him, he fled back to Iran. 

7 Kurdish Muslim immigrants are suspects in a gang rape case against a 16 year old Norwegian girl in Oslo in December. One of the men charged with the gang rape is suspected of being involved in another gang rape of a girl in Oslo ten days later.


Front Page Magazine writes:

"Each of us was raped by between three and six muslim men....One woman refused to have sex with them, so they split her head into pieces with an axe in front of us."

This happened in Darfur, from which Sudanese military personnel actually airlifted women to Khartoum to serve as sex slaves.


 Indira Dzetskelova, the mother of one of the child hostages in Beslan, Russia, reports that "several 15-year-old girls were raped by muslim  terrorists." Her daughter "heard their terrible cries and screams when those monsters took them away."

This indicates that there are two things the massacre in Beslan have in common with the ongoing massacres in Darfur: both, are examples of Islamic jihad terrorism, and both are characterized by rape...


Jammu & Kashmir: Gang Rape Jihad Against Teen Girls

The courageous mujahideen in Jammu & Kashmir have again raised the bar on inhuman depravity while engaged in glorious holy war for Allah: Foreign Islamic militants in Jammu kidnapping and gang-raping young girls -


A mujahid   slow poisoned infidels  in Dallas Texas by sprinkling his dried feces on the pastries he made in the bakery  of a grocery chain where he worked as a pastry maker  (customers of that grocery chain had been complaining of shity taste in the pastries for a while) Here is a news clip from  The Dallas Daily News:

"A Dallas jury sentenced Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh to five years for sprinkling his own dried feces on pastries at the Fiesta Mart at Ross and Greenville avenues in East Dallas, the foreman of the jury told The Dallas Morning News that the jury had wanted to punish him especially severely because he "showed no remorse."


An imam of Gaza city thought of an innovative way of Jihad of praying to Allah to dry out the private parts of jews so that they are unable to copulate and  reproduce.  Here is the news:

JERUSALEM - Sheikh Abu Muhammed, an imam at the popular Al-Tadwa mosque in Beit Lahia north of Gaza City, went on to ask Muslims at his Friday night sermon to pray for the sexual organs of Jews to "dry out" so they cannot reproduce, a Palestinian in attendance at the mosque services told WorldNetDaily.


 Some muslim mujahids of California started a jihad of vandalizing liquor stores and destroying liquor bottles so that kafirs cannopt get any booze. Here is the news:

OAKLAND - Two muslim men pleaded no contest to a count of felony vandalism stemming from the Nov. 23, 2005, rampage in which nearly a dozen men wearing suits and bow ties invaded the two stores, smashing refrigerator doors and knocking liquor bottles off store shelves.  Damage at each store was estimated at $15,000.

A total of eight men were charged in the attacks, which reportedly were carried out by vandals who chastised store employees for selling liquor.


A saudi student of University of Houston carried out his Jihad by cutting off the head of his   close infidel friend after inviting him to his apartment.

Houston, Texas: Ariel Sellouk, was a Jewish college student in Houston, who had met Mohamed Alayed in school and became  his  very good  friend. Later Saudi national Alayed began a religous transformation. One day he  invited his friend for a drink at a bar. Afterwards Sellouk went with Alayed to his home . Without warning, Alayed seized him from behind and cut his throat  with a folding knife. His roommate, (another muslim)  was present at the time and witnessed the slaying. Alayed got a ride to a local mosque afterwards to offer prayer of thanks to Allah. 

The killer was an Arab, a newly minted religious Muslim and the son of a millionaire Saudi businessman. [Houston Chronicle]


A muslim student Mohammed Taheri Azar of University of North Carolina, Chappel Hill thought of an ingenious way of Jihad by renting a big SUV and running it  over his fellow students and kafir buddies at the campus. The big poweful SUV has the capability of killing a whole bunch of kuffar in a single hit. In a letter to the local newspaper he wrote:

"I live with the holy Koran as my constitution for right and wrong and definition of injustice.I've read all 114 chapters about 20 times since June of 2003 when I started reading the Koran. What I did at UNC was  out of love for Allah . I live only to serve Allah by obeying all of his commandments of which I am aware by reading and learning the contents of the Koran ( he means the aya 9.5 , " kill the infidels wherever you find them")


Another amazing and innovative Jihad was deviced by  Pakistani born british mujahids to poison the English soccer loving infidels by selling them poisoned bear and burgers.  That way kuffars die slowly while watching a haram  activity (soccer has been declared haram  by a saudi mufti) Here is the news:

LONDON Mar 24, 2006 (AP)- An alleged al-Qaida terrorist Britain told accomplices to sell contaminated beer at soccer games or poisoned hamburgers from street vending stalls, an FBI informant told a court Friday. Waheed Mahmood, 34, accused with six other British men , claimed during a meeting in Pakistan that he had already tested the poison plan, said the witness, Mohammed Junaid Babar.. Babar claimed Mahmood said "you could get a job in a soccer stadium as a beer vendor."

"You just put poison in a syringe, inject it in a beer can and put a sticker on it, which would stop it leaking, and hand them out," Babar said, recounting Mahmood's proposal.

He said he also suggested getting "a mobile vending cart selling burgers, just poison those. You could set up a shop on a street corner and sell poisoned burgers and then all you have to do is leave the area."


A  pious muslim Jihadi group of New York thought of a very effective way of Jihad by stomping on an American flag, tearing it into peaces with loud chants of quranic ayas and bad mouthing America in down town Manhattan in broad day light in the  presence of a large number of infidels.

Here is the video of that excellent Jihad . Every muslim who sees this video gets his iman vitalized and faith in Allah rekindled.. It is Islamic duty of every muslim who watches this video to forwad it to other brothers.

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