Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Success of Islam in Britain

While American Muslims and CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) have been dragging their feet and have not been very successful in making a dent in USA so far — alhamdulillah, our Muslim brothers in Britain have been a lot more successful. Look at the following achievements:

By the grace of Allah our brothers who have more than on wife may be getting tax breaks. .Masahallah! That is a great achievement having the infidels realize the virtues of polygamy and subsidies it. Next step will be to convince them of the advantages and virtues of sex slaves and "muta", the temporary marriage.

Another step forward is getting excellent benefits approved for Muslim brothers to reside in jails for dawa activities. Now our brothers can stay inside British prisons in comfort and carry out conversions while government takes care of their families outside. Remember that prisons are the most fertile grounds for recruitment of Mujahids. Experienced killers and rapists are brave and fearless and make excellent jihadis who are not afraid to die. Why waste time and try to train lily livered amateurs when you can get pros. It took real men to carry out successful and epoch making 9/11 mission. Beslan Mujahids were not far behind; they made all the Muslim Umma proud by raping and killing underage infidel children. We should not also forget our Mujahids Richard Reid and Jose Padilla who were recruited in prisons and who offered to die for Allah but unfortunately failed.

Our brothers had always complained of lack of facilities inside prisons to carry out dawa activities, Islamic education and congregational prayers with the new converts, in style and comfort. Alhamdulillah, now British prison authorities will build beautiful mosques with minarets to facilitate Islamic education and prayers inside the prisons. The attractive spacious mosques will entice many new converts who reside in depressing cramped quarters and would love to spend time in the new well furbished facilities.

Previously our terrorist brothers were being punished in jails for terrorism and killing innocents. Now the British authorities have accepted that any struggle for the sake of Allah is not terrorism but is jihad and therefore not punishable. Our terrorist brothers will now be freed if they prove that they killed for Allah and not for any other reason.

Following are some real news items from British press. Read on:

Muslim second wives may get a tax break": the Sunday Times ( London )

"The Inland Revenue is considering recognising polygamy for tax purposes. Officials have agreed to examine "family friendly" representations from Muslims who take up to four wives under Sharia, the laws derived from the Koran. Existing rules allow only one wife."

"Radical cleric may get more British benefits": Abu Hamza al-Masri, currently in British jail on incitement to murder charges may get 200 a week in welfare for the three years he has been in jail. According to the Sun, which broke this story, Abu Hamza already is getting plenty of other benefits:

  • A rent-free 500-a-month house in which his wife and eight children live;
  • 2 million of taxpayer funds to pay for his now-seven-year legal battle against deportation;
  • Special help in jail to bathe, dress, and eat due to his disabilities, as well as a personal nurse who visits him daily; and
  • A new hook (see the Oct. 20, 2004 update of this entry)

"Terrorist set free": a Palestinian terrorist known as Abu Rideh, 33, with links to associates of Osama bin Laden and detained for the past three years, is about to walk, a free man. Oh, and Abu Rideh is accused of taking a female member of the prison staff hostage and to have tried to cause an explosion at the prison. (Dec. 19, 2004)

The "1.6 Million Mosque" At Hook's Jail": ("Hook" refers to Abu Hamza Al-Masri, the behooked Islamist leader charged with 16 offences, including soliciting to murder and inciting racial hatred.) The warden at Belmarsh Prison, Europe 's highest security jail, plans to spend 1.6million to build a mosque on the prison grounds for Abu Hamza and other al-Qaeda terrorists. The new mosque has to be built because they refused to pray in the "multi-denominational" chapel available to them, because of the presence of Christian crosses there. The mosque will be 150 by 150 feet, and will have a dome and a minaret.


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