Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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Concluding the Debate

We had wished that this debate could go a bit further. However, we regret to inform the readers that we had to conclude the debate with Prof. Lammi's assertion that he has made most of the points he had. He also informed us that he has personal issues to attend. Here is latest conversation between us and Prof Lammi:

Prof Lammi (17/04/2006)

Here is my last entry, which I would like to entitle "thank you":

Every debate comes to a natural end when the main points of contention have been aired, and after that it tends to become repetitious.  We have reached that natural end.  I've enjoyed our debate and I hope that others have too, regardless of how they interpret its results.  You have treated me with integrity, and for that I thank you.  Sincerely yours, Walter Lammi


MA Khan (18 April, 2006)

Dear Prof. Lammi,

We understand that we could not agree to discussion the few issues about Islam according to the way mainstream Muslims view it. We also understand that because this disagreement, our exchanges ending prematurely. We regret again that we couldn't spare time for unheard voice of Islam (Sufi/Moderate). We think we need to confront and expose the Islam (the Islam Prophet had lived) for which people are dying in dozens everyday because of the Islam.

Away from context and interpretation, 2 other issues were kept for later analysis:

  1. The way Islam should be addressed - rejection, reformation etc.

  2. The value Islam adds to humanity.

We are willing to delve into this area so that readers can get a few points. If you are not interested we will put an announcement to close the discourse.

Yet, we agreed or not, the readers have had an opportunity to listen to views from both sides - an element sorely missing in Islamic culture. This one of our aim too. Make Muslims listen to arguments from both sides. Howsoever bitter and emotive that might sound - they will slowly become less and less sensitive to it with time. That's the way, you can create tolerance amongst Muslims. This is our views. Of course, there could be disagreements and alternative views. Let them follow their school of thoughts.

Let us assure you that you hold as much respect (if not more) from us now as you held at the start.

We regret that we might have argued on issues on the basis of points you have put forward. Some of them might have sounded unacceptable to you and we regret any such feeling caused. For our part, we take no offense whatsoever. We take everything as part of the debate and we felt happy that you made some points and gave us the opportunity to discuss them.


Prof Lammi (19/04/2006)

Dear Mr. Khan,

No offense at all.  I really mean what I say about your exemplary integrity.  But I think that the debate is already quite long and I've expressed all that I wanted to say, so it's a good time to end it.  I might mention that I also have a book manuscript (on an entirely unrelated subject) that must be completed, so I am no longer able to devote the time that this effort requires. 

Best wishes,

Walter Lammi