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Eurabia Marches Forward

The first time I read Bat Ye’or’s description of the Eurabian networks, I found it hard to believe that something that big could go on despite the fact that I had never heard about any of it. But then I started checking the available documents myself, and discovered that it was all true. Perhaps the greatest betrayal in modern Western history, yet largely ignored by Western media.
The EU Commission and senior European officials at the very highest levels, frequently diffused through various innocent sounding and semi-official organizations, create agreements with Arabs and then quietly implement them later as federal EU policy.

This is accomplished because tens of billions of Euros paid by European tax payers are floating around in an EU system with very little control. Europeans are thus financing their continent’s merger with, in reality colonization by, the Arab and Islamic world without their knowledge and without their consent. If average Europeans understood the implications of what is going on, there would be explosions of anger from tens of millions of people all over Europe and the entire European Union would immediately disintegrate and collapse. However, most people do not yet understand the full scale of this, since our so-called critical and independent journalists remain suspiciously quite about the issue.

Here is an example from Italy. Romano Prodi, Prime Minister and leader of the current left-wing Italian coalition government, is a former leader of the European Commission, the EU’s government, and has been identified by Bat Ye’or as a particularly passionate Eurabian. Upon taking office as PM last year, one of his first announcements was that he would speed up the implementation of Eurabia. Well, it looks like he is a man of his words, as his Minister of Health is now announcing a massive transfer of knowledge and technology to Arab countries:

Italy’s health minister Livia Turco on Thursday launched an intiative by Mediterranean and Middle East countries to co-operate in health care, including sharing research facilities, computer databanks and identifying best practices and excellence in service provision. “The plan is diplomacy in health care through which Italy wants to contribute to peace and development in the Mediterranean region,” Turco said speaking at an international conference in Rome to implement the project. The project will also involve the creation of a “command room” that will co-ordinate initiatives between, national, regional and local governments in the region as well as with universities and other research and education institutions and the private sector, Turco said.

Super-Eurocrat Romano Prodi wants more cooperation with Arab countries. He talks about a free trade zone with the Arab world, but this implies that Arab countries would enjoy access to the four freedoms of the EU’s inner market, which includes the free movement of people across national borders. This fact, the potentially massive implications of establishing an “inner market” with an Arab world with a booming population growth, is virtually NEVER debated or even mentioned in European media. Yet it could mean the end of Europe as we once knew it.

In June 2006, then newly elected Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi stated that “It’s time to look south and relaunch a new policy of cooperation for the Mediterranean.” Prodi was outlining a joint Italian-Spanish initiative which sought to provide countries facing the Mediterranean with “different” political solutions from those offered in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. The prime minister then explained that the Barcelona Process – whose best known aspect is the creation of a free trade zone by 2010 – was no longer sufficient and a new different approach was needed. “The countries on the southern shores of the Mediterranean expect that from us” he added.

Notice how Prodi, whom Bat Ye’or has identified as a particularly passionate Eurabian, referred to what the Arabs expected from European leaders. He failed to say whether or not there was great excitement among Europeans over the prospect of an even freer flow of migrants from Arab countries and Turkey, which is what will result from this “Euro-Mediterranean free trade zone.”

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