Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Bangladesh: Hindu Boys Targeted for Indoctrination with Jihad

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), a Hindu organization, fear attacks by Islamic militants after helping rescued minor Hindu boy from madrasa.

Bangladesh government has failed to protect and promote human rights of the minorities of Bangladesh over the years. Rape, gang-rape, kidnap and forceful conversion of members of the ethnic and religious minorities has turned Bangladesh into a land of human rights violation, opposed to the demand of UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The rising Islamic militancy threatens the existence of the minorities in Bangladesh. Many Hindus were forced to leave the country because of communal violence.

The Story of Poresh Chandra Sarker: Background Information

Recently, a minor Hindu boy, 13-year-old Poresh Chandra Sarkar, was traced out of his long disappearance. The boy from poor family took up job as child labour in a restaurant in the capital. Dhaka. Far from his village, there a Muslim man, named Hamdu Mia, came to know about the boy's helpless condition, and with the help of some Maolanas (Muslim clerics) of a madrasa, they illegally converted this immature boy to a Islam from Hinduism and confined him in madrasa, away from all contact with his parents.

After lots of frantic searching for the boy, a clue came from a letter with $58 sent by Poresh to his father on 25.04.2008 through Genera Post Office (GPO) in Dhaka. Based on the clue, the boy's father Krishna Chandra Sarker contacted a Muslim officer at the GPO. The officer informed Krishna Sarker that he knew of his son's whereabouts and that he might get back his son if his family converted to Islam.

Failing to make contact with his beloved son,  Mr. Sarker filed a police report (GD # 1498) with the Paltan Police Station, Dhaka.

The police then called in Hamdu Mia along with the Maulans to the Police Station. The parents, along with the relatives, beg to the police to hand over their son to them until late at night, but they were forced out of the Police Station with getting custody of the boy.

It appears that the police were connected to the extremists. The lawyers, representing the boy's father, suspect that the innocent boy might have undergone  terror-training in a camp somewhere like Bagmara, as the boy shout to his father over a cell-phone that, “I have sacrifice my life to establish the law of Allah in the world, and don’t try to find out me…..” (Allahar Ain Prothistha Korar Jonno ejibon utshorga koriachi Amar Khoj Korio na). He has been trained to keep shut himself under any circumstances.

Later on, the father and the son was brought before a court in Dhaka, chaired by magistrate Ms. Shamima Parvin on 07 April 2009. Unfortunately, ignoring the age of the victim and submission of Mr. Sarker's lawyer, the magistrate ordered that the boy be sent to the Madrasa, instead of handing him over to his parents. But, faced with objection of the lawyers, she sent the boy to Jail Hajat (Safe Custody).

Later on, when the boy was produced before court again on May 5, he was handed over to his parents: the boy was rescued, thanks to his parents frantic efforts.

Poresh is slowly getting better decaling the extremist indoctrination and JIHAD mentality. But the parents, the boy, and ISKCON (who gave the family temporary shelter) are in fear of persecution by the Islamic extremists.

Many national and international organization has demanded to the government to take proper steps to secure the boy and his family and highly condemn the forceful conversion.

Jasada Nandan Acharjee, Sebait and Executor of Swai Bag Ashram said to Asia News that “I do believe in the religious freedom of all people but I highly condemn what was happened with the poor Hindu boy Poresh, the Islamic fascist has brain washed the boy with message of hearted and Jihad and that is also violating the Human Rights”.

He said that many often the children of minority communities, targeted by the Islamic fascists, are indoctrinated with the message of Jihad.

Rupauga Goar Das Bramachary of ISKCON said to Asia News that Poresh was initially saying that he would sacrifice his life for Allah, he was indoctrinated with the idea of JIHAD as the JMB (Jammatul Mujahedin, Bangladesh) people do; now after hearing the religious teaching of Hinduism, he is shedding the extremist teachings received at the madrasa.

He said we do believe in the religious freedom of every soul; when he becomes mature, he can entitled him with any religion, but no one should misguide a minor child with the Islamic JIHAD idea to destroy the boy's life and endanger life of other people through him.

ISKCON's food for life has gave shelter to this boy and to his parents. But the organization said: we have fear about the security; we have responsibility for the whole Hindu society related with us; for Poresh, the whole temple and other Hindu believers living nearby can face communal violence.

A small local Human Rights Organization, Sonatan International Foundation, is helping the family to get the legal aid.

The joint-secretary Pinaki said to Asia News that "we have observed that some of the Islamic fascist are guarding outside of ISCKON temple, we are not sure how they came to know about the presence of the family in this temple, only we know about the presence of the Poresh and his family’s presence in this ISCKON temple”.

Prof. Nikhil Chandra Pal said to Asia News that "The situation is very fearful. At any time, anything bad can happen to us and to the boy and his parents; we are all targeted by the Islamic extremists”.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a US Congressional panel, has recently dropped Bangladesh from its Watch List of countries that violate  rights of minorities to religious freedom. Bangladesh was in the list from 2005 to 2008.

USCRIF removed Bangladesh from the Watch List in its May 1, 2009 report, urging the new Awami League administration to strengthen protections for all Bangladeshis to enjoy the right to freedom of religion or belief, and undertake efforts to improve conditions for minority religious communities.

The commission hoped that the government of Bangladesh would investigate and prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, the perpetrators of violent acts against members of the minority religious communities, women, and non-governmental organizations, committed in the past.

The fate of minorities, nonetheless, remains unchanged and their religious freedom is far from adequate.

William Gomes is an independent human rights activist and a political analyst. He can be reached at

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Name: Puneet Madaan
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 02:27:19 -0400


Great work from ISCKON...

Name: sat-chit-ananda
Subject: why this happens ..
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 04:02:24 -0400


This happens because Hindus don't care enough about their own spiritual traditions, and neglect to educate their children. Most Hindus don't know much about the Bhagavad Gita, and probably nothing about the Upanishads.

Name: Sanjay
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 04:05:36 -0400


Praisable job done by ISKCON.

Name: balam
Subject: Minorities in Bangla-desh
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 05:05:33 -0400


Mother India was raped by Britain ,which produced two illegitimate off-spring.One was called Pakistan-The land of Pure Evil and the other one came to be known as Bangla-desh,equally evil.Both are Islamic ,based on seventh century barbaric culture,introduced by a fake Prophet in the garb of a religion.It is based on sex and savagery with no morals.It was very disturbing to read about the forced convertion of this poor hindu boy.Thank God,he is safely back with his family.Not long ago a young Christian Bangla-deshi girl was abducted outside her house and gang-raped by six Bangla-deshi MUSLIM men.During her ordeal,she fainted and her body was dumped outside her house.The girl identified her attackers,but the police would not register the case against the criminals because the victim happened to be a Christian.What right countries like Banga-desh have to exist ?.These Bangla-deshi Muslims forget that there forefathers were once Hindus,who were forcibly converted into the cult of Islam which changed them from human beings into the lowest forms of animals called MUSLIMS.

Name: Former ISKCON member
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 07:45:47 -0400


I stayed in the Gurukul in Mayapur (rural Bengal) and heard about how the ISKCON headquarters had been attacked many times by Muslim villagers trying to overrun it and loot it and that several people had died in these attacks. This is in Hindu India. The position of Hindus in Bangladesh is so much more precarious as this story indicates. It is a brutal extermination of non-Muslims in another Muslim country about which myths of the peaceful spread of Islam abound.

Name: seeker
Subject: ungrateful. Reason obvious
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 14:16:49 -0400


I had just turned six years old when the 71 war broke out. At that time my mother gave permission to my aunt to take me to Barrackpore, Calcutta which was thousands of miles away. My uncle who was an officer in the Indian Army was in action in Bangladesh. After the war, my uncle took me to Dhaka and Khulna. I have fond memories of that time.We used to shake hands with the soldiers of the Mukti Vahini though I used to be scared of their guns. There were burnt vehicles ,shells, bullets all around. The pakistanis killed some three million Bangladeshis before India had to intervene and save them. Today these same Bangladeshis are vehemently anti Indian and are trying their best to destabilise India. I dont want to make judgements about who is right or wrong but what is happening in Bangladesh today makes me think.I want say that in the end eveything boils down to one word, ISLAM. Do these people ever wonder who their ancestors were?

Name: Dr. D. M.
Subject: Your Article
Date: Friday May 15, 2009
Time: 17:40:45 -0400


Dear Mr. William Gomes, Thanks a lot for writing the article and telling all the readers the story. I have come to know about this incident through different channel. Your article gave the true story. ISKCON is doing a great job. We have to fight this radical islamic or, any radical religious forces. Thank you all. Kind regards, Dr. D. M.

Date: Saturday May 16, 2009
Time: 09:59:49 -0400



Subject: WHY HE F????
Date: Sunday May 17, 2009
Time: 04:03:39 -0400


Why the ???? mother India kept her legs wide open , so that any body can come and ???? her anytime. Now also mohter india is lying in same position that is why congress has come to power. Now congress gundas will do thy thing to appease muslims. Have you done anything to to stop this non sense other than writing in this site ???? JOIN RSS. and Make People JOIN RSS.- we can save our Nation (Is it a Nation)

Name: Archpagan
Date: Monday May 18, 2009
Time: 05:18:04 -0400


Many thanks Mr. Gomes for bringing to light the barbarities of the Islamists in Bangladesh. Media in Kolkata, manned by scoundrels has almost blacked out the news. The same media would make mountain out of a molehill whenever the Hindus take any minor retaliatory action. Yes, I agree RSS is the only hope for the Hindus.

Name: Kafir/infidel ( EX.communist )
Subject: Killings by ISLAMISTS/ Moslems & misinformation by Moslems, commies ,Marxists,leftists,congress party in INDIA
Date: Monday May 18, 2009
Time: 18:47:48 -0400


We all are greatful to Mr. William Gomes for writting truth ,facts and this article. But we have to see the solution for this poisonous virus called ISLAM/MOSLEMS/MO/ALLA..... what do the United nations do bout this barbarism ? what is the secretary general doing ? what action is INDIAN government doing to protect HINDUS in any ISLAMIC country ? Nothing. I urge Mr. WIlliam Gomes to write more and as an activist form a coalition of humanists and bring all such atrocities ,killings,brualities, discrimination perpetrated by the ISLAMIC theocracies , to the attention of UN and other international bodies. International community must unite and act to eradicate this killing monster called ISLAM, right now. All of us must act and do to eradicate this menace from ISLAM to the human socities everywhere.

Name: Nanak Sen
Subject: New-Muslim
Date: Friday May 22, 2009
Time: 23:30:00 -0400


In this country, Govt. itself encourage the convertion by giving some previliges through its ministry. Vice-Versa, under the indirect association, here, some hindus are compelled to be converted. Moreover, an inhuman act, Enemy Property act now the Vested Property Act by name is still in action to illuminate the hindus. By this act, the hindus are severely suffering. Some of them are forced to leave the country having been disturbed by such cruel act.

Name: Kumar Mithu
Date: Saturday May 23, 2009
Time: 02:56:50 -0400


I heard something about ISCKON, but I didn't know that they do this type of good jobs. This boy Poresh is from my village. I know him personally. He was a very innocent typical village boy. I was astonished when I heard the total matter. Heartiest thanks to all who helps Poresh's family to get back their child.

Name: Dr Bipul k Chaki
Subject: Minority in Bangladesh
Date: Monday May 25, 2009
Time: 06:43:28 -0400


thanks to mr Gomes, but this is not an isolated incident. not only in Bqangladesh it is all over the islamic world the same .so the international human right s should think the issue in a wider veiw

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