Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

The History of Jihad against Austria (1500 - 1683)

How the Jihad nearly overran Austria in 1683, threatening the Islamization of Europe. But in 1683 the Day was carried by Jan Sobeiski the Christian Braveheart from Poland who saved Austria and Europe from Islam.


Poland the Bulwark of Christendom “Propugnaculum Christianitatis”

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Christian inhabitants of southeast Europe lived in perpetual fear of Muslim invasions. The Mongol-Tartar raiding parties laid waste to the countryside, abducting captives for slaves and ransom; while Ottoman Turkish occupation meant at the least - pillage, sacrilege and extortion.

While for the Mongols-Tartars the sole purpose of waging war was material gain, before they had succumbed to Islam, the aim changed to imposition of Islam after the Mongol Khans after Hulagu Khan embraced Islam. The Turks who has embraced Islam in the 10th century, expressly invaded the Byzantine Empire and later Europe with the aim of converting the Europeans to Islam at the pain of death.



The Muslim invasion routes were through either the Danube Valley to the walls of Vienna, or through the Moldavian plain and southern Poland. Much of the Turkish effort was directed against Poland, whose heroic resistance earned her the name "Propugnaculum Christianitatis" the bulwark of Christianity.

The Jihadis besiege Vienna but Polish Heroism saves the day

The Turks after overrunning Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, now lunged at the heart of Central Europe by repeatedly attacking Cracow and Vienna. They focused on Vienna as that was the major city, the capture of which would open their advance into Poland and Germany. Sensing the danger, in the winter of 1682-3, Poland, Prussia (Germany) and Austria came to an agreement providing for joint action against a Turkish invasion and promising relief in case of a direct attack on Vienna or Cracow.


Jan Sobieski leading the Hussars at the Battle of Vienna.


The threat of Turkish attack could not have been more real. A Turkish army of over 140,000 men started marching north in March of 1683, and arrived at the walls of Vienna on July 14, 1683.

As about March 1683, the Turks were preparing for an attack on the Hapsburg capital, Vienna, and were gathering their forces together rather rapidly. By June, they had invaded Austria, and King Leopold and his court moved to Passau. On July 14, the Turks reached Vienna.

They laid siege to the great city. One of the disadvantages that the Turks had was that they did not have sufficient heavy artillery. The defenders fought bravely but their food supply and their ammunition were running low. The Turks had made some breaches in the walls but their effort was hindered by the barricades erected by the people of Vienna.



Earlier that year on March 31, 1683, King John III had signed the Treaty of Warsaw with the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold. In this treaty, they had agreed to come to one another’s aid if the Turks attacked either Krakow or Vienna. Following his agreement in the treaty and the appeal of the pope, Sobieski marched to Vienna with an army of about 30,000 men. Sobieski said that his purpose for going to Vienna was "to proceed to the Holy War, and with God's help to give back the old freedom to besieged Vienna, and thereby help wavering Christendom."


Polish light cavalry

Kara Mustapha Pasha lead an Ottoman force of 140,000 against Vienna, defended by 11,000. The Viennese gave up their suburbs, withdrew inside the fortified town and prepared for a siege; Emperor Leopold had moved to the western regions of his Habsburg domains. While the siege (July 14th - Sept. 12th) made progress and the area surrounding Vienna was subjected to raids, relief armies had gathered in various regions of the Empire and in Poland (which had been a French ally and thus a Habsburg enemy, but was drawn into the Habsburg camp by papal diplomacy).

Vienna was a strong fortress, but by the end of August 1683, the city was in mortal danger of collapsing to the Turkish attack. Food and ammunition were inadequate, and on September 1, the Turks exploded a mine under the walls and captured one part of the city. Outside the walls however the outlook was brighter. The defeat of a Turkish corps at Bisamberg allowed for the concentration of the allied armies northwest of Vienna. Most importantly 30,000 Poles under their warrior-king Jan Sobieski, the savior of Vienna and Europe, had arrived.



A winged Hussar at Vienna


Sobieski, who already had a considerable reputation against the Turks, assumed command. His plan was to force battle on the plain west of the city and annihilate the Turkish army, thus breaking the siege. The Turkish commander Kara Mustapha continued to focus much of his effort at capturing the city, therefore at the start of the battle only part of his army was prepared to meet the relief force led by Sobieski. At four a.m. on the 12th of September 1683, the Austrians on the left wing moved forward and commenced battle, the Germans in the left center soon joined them.

As the Turks were preparing to counterattack, the Polish infantry emerged on the right wing clearing the foothills dominating the plain. By four p.m. the cavalry had moved up and prepared to charge. At five P.M., Sobieski ordered the charge. One German-Austrian and three Polish cavalry groups, 20,000 men charged down hill, echelon after echelon, lead by Sobieski, straight for the center of the Turkish camp. As the cavalry burst into the Turkish lines, the garrison in the city attacked the Turkish rear.

The demoralized Turks and their Tartar and Malaysian allies soon broke and ran, and the battle turned into a rout. At half past five Sobieski entered the Grand Viziers tent and the siege of Vienna was broken.

The merciless slaughter of the Jihadis by the Husaria, (Polish armored cavalry) after the victory at Vienna broke the back of the Ottoman Jihad and saved Vienna

In this battle the Polish King Jan Sobieski completely routed the Jihadis with his Husaria, (the Polish armored cavalry), which alongwith the cooperation of the Austrian and German armies, played an important role in the victory.

Sobieski with his Husaria charged toward Kara Mustafa's headquarters and mercilessly slaughtered all the Turks that he had at his mercy. Seeing this, Mustafa's army fled in panic. Even so, the Turkish army suffered heavy losses. This victory freed Europe from the Ottoman Turks and their invasions and secured Christianity as the main religion in all of Europe.



Jan Sobieski the savior of Vienna and of Europe in 1683.


The Turks lost about 15,000 men who constituted the cream of their cavalry on the field, while the Western allies lost less then 4000 – martyred and wounded. Vienna had been delivered in the nick of time, since earlier that same day the Turks had exploded mines that had given them access to the city.

The Turks never recovered from the battle, while the Ottoman Empire survived for another two hundred plus years, from here on out it was merely a holding action. For Poland, this was her last great moment on centerstage when she saved Europe from Islam.

After the Battle Jan Sobieski entered Vienna in glory. The King and his Polish army had won considerable fame after their victory. Jan III Sobieski was not only looked upon as the savior of Vienna, but as a savior of the whole Europe from the Ottoman Turks

The defeat of the Jihadi Ottomans at Vienna in 1683, marked the turning of the tide of the second Muslim invasion of Europe (The first being turned back by Charles Martel at Poitiers in 732). The Republic of Venice declared war on the Ottoman Empire in 1685; a Venetian force conquered Morea and Attica, along with Athens. The Imperial Austrian army also remained on the offensive and gained ground; Buda was taken, after a siege, in 1686.



In 1687 the Ottomans suffered another defeat at Mount Harsan near Mohacs, Belgrade was temporarily taken (1688), but retaken by Ottoman forces in 1690; in 1691 Transylvania was secured by the Imperial Austrian Army. Then the Imperial forces were placed under the command of Prince Eugene of Savoy; in 1697 he lead his forces to victory in the Battle of Zenta; in 1699, the Peace of Karlowitz (named Sremski Karlovci in Serbian, and Karloca in Hungarian) concluded the war.

Legacy of the war against the Ottoman Jihadis

The Ottoman Empire ceded Hungary, including Transylvania, to the house of Habsburg, Podolia to Poland and the Morea (Peloponnese) as well as border territory in Dalmatia to Venice. The war laid open the weakness of the Ottoman Empire; during the 17th century it would have to defend her vast Empire in numerous wars to the gradual advance of the Western powers.

In the 18th century, Russia, Britain and France not only sealed once and for all the threat of Islam to Europe, but took the war against Islam right into the heart of Islamdom with the conquest of Syria, Transjordan, Iraq and also extended their influence into Arabia (the last with the ingenuity of Lawrence of Arabia).


The Ottomans besiege Vienna in 1683.


The victory at Vienna also gave the final death blow to the Ottoman Empire transforming it from an existential threat to Western Civilization into being "The Sick man of the Bosphorus" who survived till 1920 only due to the rivalry between the European powers mainly Russia, Britain and France.

Complete rejection of the Enemy’s Outlook was an essential ingredient in warfare

The reason why the Franks, the Spanish and the Austrians (as also the Byzantines before them) could repel the Muslim invaders at different times in history was that they had a complete disdain for the Muslim enemy’s outlook. They looked upon the Muslims as barbarians (which they in fact were). And with this disdain for the enemy they went to battle. The battle was half won, since it was already won in the mind. They never had the appeasement of the enemy in their minds as had Chamberlain for Hitler or as have Jacques Chirac,, Gerhard Schroeder have for the Islamofascist Jihadis today and to an extent even Tony Blair and George Bush (when he declares Islam to be religion of peace).



The Franks the Spanish and Austrians went to battle with a firm conviction that the enemy has to be not just defeated but utterly destroyed. This gave them victory over the Muslim invaders. We need to reinvent this outlook today, if our civilized way of life had to survive.

A Forward Military policy necessary in battling Islam

For the Franks at Tours, or for the Crusaders or for the Poles and Austrians at Vienna, with the battle already won in the mind due to a total contempt for the Muslim enemy. Because of this, the Franks, Spanish and Austrians, could follow a forward policy while battling Islam. The Muslim enemy was given no quarter, and after the initial Muslim attack, the Europeans of those days did not wait for the Muslims to fall upon them. On the contrary, they followed a forward policy of attacking the Muslims when they least expected and when they were at a disadvantage. This was an crucial reason for their success against the Muslims.

An Ideological battle with those committed to theology inspired warfare is futile, what is needed is their military defeat and decimation

The Franks, Spanish and Austrians (as also the Byzantines) could stand against the Muslims with conviction, as they realized that it was futile to try to negotiate with the Muslims. The only language that the Muslims understood was (and understand today is) that of blood and death.

In the annals of the Muslim attacks on Christendom over one thousand four hundred years, there is no mention of any Christian King surrendering himself to a Muslim conqueror and embracing Islam as a price of his freedom. There were Christian traitors of course, who for the sake of petty gain, went over to the Muslims, (Count Julian of Visigothic Spain is one example). But they were exceptions, that proved the rule to be otherwise.



In the millennium and a half long war with Islam, all Christian kings as also the Christian armies and the lay population preferred fight or flight, rather than surrender and the ignominy of conversion to Islam. It was only those who were unfortunate enough to fall to the hand of the conquering Muslims who had to submit to Islam at the point of the sword and became Muslims at the pain of death.

Taking the war to the Muslim enemy’s civilian population was the trump card to a lasting European victory

Christianity was never spread at the point of the sword, and conversions to Christianity were never effected at the pain of death. But when the Muslim invaders were rolled back after a few centuries of occupation, the Christian re-conquistadors both in Spain and in the Balkans, followed a pragmatic policy of taking the war to the civilian Muslim population (many of whom were originally Christian) to either embrace Christianity, or leave the Christian lands, or to be put to the sword.

This ruthless European policy, ensured that there remained no hostile population in the liberated Christian lands, who would betray the Christian army or in peacetimes sabotage the nation by acting as a Muslim fifth column in Christendom. Today the situation is reversed with the large and ever growing Muslim populations in Europe and the USA. Today’s rulers have forgotten the enlightened policy of our forebears of the days of the Reconquista and the Crusades.

An enemy is an enemy, regardless of whether he is in the armed forces of the enemy’s military or is loyal to the enemy by reason of being a co-religionist. Thus an enemy civilian is also an enemy. This is the harsh reality, that we Americans and Europeans need to face. If we refuse to face it, there would be many more Theo Van Goughs in the near future in Europe, Australia, USA and the rest of the Western world.



The fifth column that the Muslims populations in the West represent a heaven sent sanctuaries for the terrorists to whom the ordinary Muslims are loyal. We need be under no delusion that the Muslims in the West are loyal to the country in which they live. No way. They are loyal to Islam and hence to Islamic terrorism.

The Muslim in the West are vipers whom the Western countries have chosen to nurture on their bosom, a mistake that the enlightened Christian kings of the yore did never make. The argument today is that the world has changed, we no longer live in medieval times. Yes sir you are right. But it is the Western world that has changed. The Muslims still live in medieval times and nurture a blood feud with the West.



If the blood-thirsty Muslim outlook is not seen-through for what it really is, and recognized as THE mortal danger it presents and countered with means that are far more ruthless than the ruthlessness and cruelty that the Muslims embody, there is a very dangerous future ahead for Western civilization. We hope today’s Western leaders open their eyes to reality, before it is too late in our battle against the Islamic Jihad. Islam presents a far more pervasive danger than Nazism, Fascism, or Communism ever did to our way of life based on Democracy and the Market Economy.


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good article,hope the europeans now push out muslims. same way europe was earlier pagan and then converted to christianity,so hope finally europeans embrace paganism and save thesmefl from christianity also.

Name: Yes we can!
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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Modern technology and scientific progress enabled the victory against the ottomans, and in a few decades the world will have made progress in a way that nobody will believe in islam anymore. Islam cannot stand science because it is the opposite of it. However, it cannot survive without science either because any modern society depends on it. So we will see islam disappearing very sooner than later. The process is already beginning.

Name: DH
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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And this is why Muslims hate "The West" above all other Kafirs. Europeans MORE THAN ANY OTHER PEOPLE ON EARTH repeatedly held the Islamic Jihad and threw it back and thereby demonstrating TIME AND TIME AGAIN: MUHAMMAD IS A FALSE PROPHET. ISLAM IS A FALSE RELIGION. MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN WELL AND TRULY DUPED!!!!

Name: The eurppeans must kick islam out of eurpe soon
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The eurppeans must kick islam out of eurpe soon.THis can be done just by educating allincluding muslims about the danger of islam which is more dngerous than AIDS

Name: Kick them
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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The propaganda that Israelis are deliberately undertaking to undermine any country, which is a fact you can not deny. And most people in this world are reluctant to believe in them without verifying their validity, which is unfortunate. It is also very clear in portraying Israel as a flawless country. But this anger should not make us make comments that undermines the truth no matter who it is for/against. Also, The World should take the fair share of guilt - what have we ever done anything to make things better? Massive problems continue, including: Jewish settlements in Palestinian areas, Palestinian statehood, sovereignty over Jerusalem, and control of the Al-Harem Al-Sharif (temple mount). Al Qaeda, whose influence had been in decline prior to 9-11, has had a new lease on life. They are experiencing a groundswell of support since the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Israeli backed western contries who support the excisting Gulf/Middle Eastern countries by making use of all the Gulfs resources, that could have been used to eliminate troubles of all communities and most people of this planet. is it the Israelis selfishness, greed, and their hunger for power that make them act against justice? "Even small children in Palastine know that Israel is nothing without American aid. And in the occupied territories, America means F-16, M-16, Apache helicopters, the tools Israelis use to kill Palastinians and destroy their homes." Does Israel adhere to the UN resolutions? Why should they when, They control the UN and The Security council. The Israelis are also doing their best to see that, Islam is not practiced anywhere in The Gulf/Middle East. Israel is always trying to influence the World and other Western institutions to create more favorable conditions for themselves. I can't help, but believe that their efforts to Undermine these organizations are not in the best interest of this world as a whole, but for the best interests of themselves.

Name: antimod
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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I watched with interest an interview with Mr. Geert, a dutch politician,in the BBC program of "Hard Talk". I wish all European watched this program. The British i dare say are behaving like the proverbial ostrich and refuse to the impending danger. Iam now more confident that clash of civilisation is imminent. The world is waiting for Iran to develop nuclear weoponry and this will trigger a great war. This is not a prophecy. Gone are the days of taqiyya and sword. Islam will face a total wipe out from the face of the earth. This article by History of Jihad should come like an eye opener not only to the europeans but to the asians as well. The western media is silent about the Amarnath Shrine case. Muslims are not ready to give some land for temporary use by the hindu pilgrims and all that is happening is neither reported by CNN or the BBC. Who says the west is not biased.

Name: lw1
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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To Kick them.- I do not feel threatened by the Israelis, but I do feel threatened by the Jihadis and their supporters. Even some muslims have said the same thing about the Jihadis, and I am accepting their words at face value.I was against the Israeli policies a few years ago, but if their state is going to be destroyed they have no choice, but to act with force. I do not believe the world is fooled as you suggest.

Name: Sean (USA)
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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Addressed to: Kick them (see above), You must be a Muslim to attack Israel after this article considering the fact that it had nothing to do with the Israelis...and here you are ranting and attacking them. What a pathetic existance Islam is.

Name: Too late now!!!
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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All that for nothing, Islam is ,not Judaism, Hinduism, or Sikhism the second largest faith in every Christian European country,It is a fact that in another 25 years it will be 35 to 45 % of the population,and hopefully a majority in numbers in next fifty years,Poor Jan Sabesikie did all in vain if only he knew this would happen ,i am sure he would not have bothered.

Name: Ananda
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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(To : Too late now) This is allah & muhammad dreaming, are they delusional I wonder. At this time the world Muslim number is about 16% of world population, including those born in Islamic families with Muslim names but don't believe in allah & muhammad. The Muslim-believer population is trending down and will be about 10% in another eight years.

Name: To: Presidents and Leaders of Europe and USA
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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Please push Indonesian government to cancel the decree of church building in Indonesia. It is against basic human rights. Ban all tourism to Indonesia as long as they hold the decree. Please help !!

Name: To:Too late now
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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More and more muslims are taking to spiritualism which is better than religion

Name: caleb singh
Date: Tuesday August 19, 2008
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koran the lies behind it origin explained further from these materials

Name: To Too late now
Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008
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Keep day dreaming Mr. Your prophecy cannot come true. One more war and your Arab world will be gone and with it all other muslim nations. They will have forgotten Quran and will be searching rat holes to escape.

Name: caleb singh
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murderous and monstrous islam attack on india

Name: kick them
Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008
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The Indian: will get the insect out and drink the coffee. The Chinese: will eat the insect and drink the coffee. The Israeli will: (1) Sell the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese. (2) Cry on all media channels that he feels insecure. (3) Accuse the Palestinians, Hizb Allah, Syria and Iran of using germ-weapons. (4) Keep on crying about anti-semitism and violations of human rights. (5) Ask the Palestinian President to stop planting insects in the cups of coffee. (6) Re-occupy the West Bank, Gaza Strip. (7) Demolish houses, confiscate lands, cut water and electrity from Palestinian houses and randomly shoot Palestinians. (8) Ask the United States for urgent military support and a loan of one million dollars in order to buy a new cup of coffee. (9) Ask the United Nations to punish the coffee-shop owner by making him offer free coffee to him till the end of the century. (10) Last but not least, accuse the whole world to be standing still, not even sympathizing with the Israeli Nation.

Name: To Good Article
Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008
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If there is no christianity who will stop the muslims from conquering the world? It is only the christian countries which have the military might and the technology to defeat islam. The sad truth is that scientific and medical progress by christians is keeping muslims and people like you alive, who have no regards for christianity.

Name: To Kick them
Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008
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We have seen the cruelty and horror of islam down the ages. There must be somebody to keep the muslims under control. As long as israel exists you will spend yoour time fighting with them rather than with the rest of the world. The jewish ideology is also geared for confrontation. It is a great match up. Actually it is easy to win over the jews. All you have to do is leave islam. Within a decade or two you will be more progressive and powerful than them. If you stick to islam you continue being backward and kicked by israel. As long as you muslims continue to stick to your murderous religion the rest of the world will not sympathise with you.

Name: lw1
Date: Wednesday August 20, 2008
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To Kick them.- You like making lists - how about one list of muslim countries which are fairly peaceful ie where muslims are not killing each other and also non-believers. And another list of muslim countries which are giving equal rights to non-believers in law.

Name: reply to kick them Wednesday August 20, 2008
Date: Thursday August 21, 2008
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You have made to see the imaginary cruelty and horror of islam down the ages by the haters of Islam. According to your comment "As long as Israel exists you will spend yoour time fighting with them rather than with the rest of the world". Well is thats why , the west created Israel? so that the attention in Islam will always be a violent religion. If The jewish ideology is also geared for confrontation, Then why create a law of denying the hollocast and we can justify hitlers deeds to the Jews, right?. Actually it is easy to win over the jews. All you have to do is leave islam. Within a decade or two you will be more progressive and powerful than them. If you stick to islam the world will be a peaceful place as there will not be criminals and drakards in the streets. But do The criminal multinational and NGO want that?

Name: Evil Root & Evil Fruits....
Date: Friday August 29, 2008
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Jihadist Terrorist are Fruits , Islam is the Root. Whenever you destroy only fruits , it will never be end. Cause' The Root of Terrorism (islam ) will produce much more fruits (Terrorist Jihadist). The Problem is not with Musims, The Problem is islam Virus which transmitted to Human Brains by Qua'ran Book. So If we all want Peace without Jihadist Terrorist. All you (we ) have to do is To wide out the Root (islam). Without the Root of Terrorism (islam) . There will be no terrorist anymore. GAME OVER.

Date: Friday August 29, 2008
Time: 05:22:24 -0700


JUST SEE THE PROTESTS THEY DO AND THE SIGNS THEY CARRY. FOR EXAMPLE, A RECENT PROTEST IN LONDON WHERE THEY CARRIED SIGNS SAYING THINGS SUCH AS:1)BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM.2)EUROPE YOU WILL PAY:9/11 IS ON ITS WAY. 3)FREEDOM GO TO HELL.4)SLAY THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM. This article had nothing to do with Israel but all a muslim can do is try to divert attention when he is backed in a corner and attack Israel. Well, Israel never said that freedom can go to hell or that 9/11 is on its way. Israel doesn't attack unless attacked and does not slay people around the world as you folks do and want to do in your protests! When you are backed against a corner, the best thing you can do is attack Israel?

Name: Islam
Date: Saturday August 30, 2008
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Muslims are fucking to Western slut girls and producing Whitey-Islam Generations...The western countries will become over 50 percent Muslims in next 80 years...Allah Akbar.

Date: Saturday August 30, 2008
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Name: To all hardcore Muslim fanatics i.e. true Muslims
Date: Wednesday September 10, 2008
Time: 23:23:29 -0700


Sept. 11 2008 is the 7th anniversary of that dastardly attack destroying the World Trade Center that claimed the lives of more than 3,000 innocent people. The relatives of those victims are mourning while you in the Muslim world are celebrating. Only the Most Evil Mind can plot and execute that terrible Slaughter. Your evil Koran provides the motivation for those blinded fanatics to kill, "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them!", There is no shame in killing!", "Killing is a small matter to us!" You recite these prayers five times a day drilling into your subconsciousness transforming you into Savages. What you get in return? An Imaginary Paradise, promised by an illiterate, sexual pervert, mass murderer, plunderer Mohammad, where big bosom virgins, handsome young boys, rivers of wine are waiting!!! A normal sane mind will call that Pure Nonsense!!!Your Koran is a copycat picking selected verses in the Bible to give credence to an otherwise false religion. When Lies is mixed with Truth many will be deceived! An example of a Bible verse plagiarized by Koran, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind of man can conceived what God has prepared for those who loved Him." Since your pervert Mohammad had already described in detail what's in store of his Imaginary Paradise for his faithfuls who died in the name of Allah (blow themselves to pieces), thereby violating what had been stated beforehand, therefore it proves that Koran is false!!! You hardcore Muslim fanatics i.e. true Muslims had sown the wind the Muslim world will soon reap the Whirlwind!!! America, whom you hate so much, will not be the one who will bring the Sword to your Land and finish Islam. Guess who? It will be the rising Superpower European Union that will devastate your Land and finish Islam!!! It will be the Final Chapter in the Holy Crusade started long ago! So those who want to escape this terrible Whirlwind that will sweep and devastate your Muslim land leave Islam now!!! Or better still overthrow your evil Islamic governments!!!

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