Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

The History of Jihad against the Spanish and the Portuguese (711-1492)

The bloodied saga of how the Spanish initially fell before the Jihad, but rose once again to liberate their homeland from the Jihadis and reaffirm Spain as a Christian nation.

Jihad in Spain


After the conquest of North Africa and the conversion of the Berbers to Islam, the Arabs were frustrated that they faced the Sea (Atlantic Ocean) with no more lands to conquer. According to Arab chronicles, when the Arab army reach the sea shore for the first time, the Arab commander Uqba-ibn-Nafe waded into the sea and swashed his sword at the water to express his frustration that there were no more lands to conquer in which to spread the glory of Islam by terrorizing the conquered people to accept Islam or death.

The Arabs now started eyeing Spain the country that lay across the Mediterranean. They faced the legendary Pillars of Hercules (later renamed by the Arabs as Jebel-ut-Tarik or Gibraltar as we know it today). Spain was then under the rule of the Visigoths, who had embraced Christianity. The Visigothic king who was ruling the Visigothic Spain was Roderic, or Rodrigo (in Spanish)




Legend has it that King Rodrigo of Spain married the daughter of one of his noblemen, Count Julian against the wishes of her father. To avenge what Julian perceived as his violated honor, he opened secret parleys with the enemy and invited with the Emir (Governor) Musa ibn Nusayr, the Muslim ruler of North Africa, who was based in Tunisia to invade Spain. The Caliph al-Walid authorized the invasion of Spain (710-711 AD), on condition that Count Julian recited the Shahada and embraced Islam.

The hate-blinded father, decided to turn traitor and abjured his ancestral faith and embraced Islam along with his retainers. So Musa and his commander, Tarik ibn Ziyad, with the traitor Count Julian as advisor, crossed from Tangier to the Pillars of Hercules (which was renamed by the invading Muslims as called Jebel ut Tarik, or Tarik’s hill which was later corrupted to Gibraltar). Muslim Subterfuge leads to defeat of the Spanish defenders at the Battle of the Guadalete river

The two armies met on the banks of the Guadalete river on July 19, 711 in the extreme south of the Iberian peninsula. The Muslims used their regular subterfuge of inviting the Spanish (Visigothic) army to cross the river.



The Visigothic king Rodrigo decided to cross over to repulse the invading Arab hordes. But as had been pre-mediated those contingents of the Spanish army who were secretly loyal to Count Julian did not cross and remained on the other bank. It was these contingents that betrayed the Spanish army once the battle started, by attacking their own compatriots from behind. This was a tactic of subterfuge that the Muslims successfully used in the battle of Cadesia (Qadsiyah) between the invading Muslims and the Zoroastrian Persians in 637 and also in the battle of the Talas river between the invading Muslims and the Buddhist Chinese in 751.

When the battle of the Guadalete river started turning against the Spanish, Rodrigo with a few troops tried to retreat and regroup by crossing the river. It was here that the traitor contingents blocked his path. He was trapped with the Muslim army closing in from behind and the traitor contingents facing him on the opposite bank.

His troops wanted a fight to death. But Rodrigo, wanting to save the lives of his select troops as well as his own, opened negotiations with the Muslims to secure his freedom and survive to fight another day. The Muslims feigned agreement and asked him to go over to the traitor contingent of the Spanish army. But there was betrayal in store that had been scripted by Tarik ibn Ziyad the commander of the Muslim army.

The neo-Muslim renegades of the Spanish army captured Rodrigo and handed him to Julian, who presented him to Musa ibn Nusayr and Tarik ibn Ziyad. On the orders of Musa, Tarik caught hold of the fugitive emperor’s hair and sawed off his head. The Muslim army stuck the Spanish Emperor’s head on a pole and paraded it before those contingents of the Spanish army that were still engaged in opposing the Muslims in crossing of the Guadalete River.



The grisly sight of their emperor’s severed head was a one which even the brave and chivalrous Spanish were not used to seeing. This gruesome sight, caused pandemonium and panic in the Spanish army and what followed was a unruly retreat and a slaughter of a greater part of the now demoralized and retreating Spanish army.

After this battle the Moors or Moriscos (as the Spanish called the Muslims) proceeded to conquer most of the Iberian peninsula within the next five years.

King Rodrigo’s severed head was sent back to Damascus as a trophy to amuse the Khalifa (Caliph); The Muslims renamed Iberia as Al Andalus and tyrannized it for the next eight centuries.

But the Muslim chieftain Emir Musa’s dream was to invade further through Spain and France and meet Muslims who were supposed to be invading from the east through Byzantium and those who had secure a foothold in Sicily and intended to come up across the Italian peninsula. The grand aim was to attack Europe from three sides and catch the disjointed Frankish kingdoms in a pincer move, so that Islam would surround the Mediterranean Sea which would then become a Muslim Lake and Europe a Muslim continent.

But there was misfortune for Musa. By 715 AD nearly all of Spain was under Muslim occupation. Leaving his son in charge, Musa returned to Damascus to report his success and plans, but the new Caliph Suleiman feared the rising arrogance of Musa and declared that his victories were not Allah's will, and had him banished to live as a beggar in a remote town in Arabia. A just punishment for one who had caused suffering to millions of Spaniards and Berbers.

After the battle of the Guadelete river, one of the slain Emperor Rodrigo’s noblemen Count Pelayo of Asturias escaped the defeat and went on to found the Kingdom of Asturias, resisting Muslim overlordship from the northwest corner of the Spanish peninsula.



As with most resistance the fight began in a small way with Pelayo, who ruled a tiny territory and ran guerrilla raids against the Muslims. This was the beginning of the liberation of Spain from Muslim tyranny – this movement was called the Reconquista.

Faced with the knowledge of the fate that awaits those who fall under Islamic rule, the Spaniards began the attempt to reclaim their land (the 'Reconquista') in 718 AD, but it took until 1492 AD to finally overthrow the invader!


The first battle, on the banks of the Guadelete river, the Christians of Europe were introduced to an enemy who used all foul means to enforce a victory by using a change of religion to mean a change of loyalty from one’s country and community to Islam. This was done for the first time in Europe with Count Julian and his retainers. Thus the Muslims could open a fifth column in the adversaries ranks.

But the Spanish were quick to learn their lessons unlike the Persians, the Byzantines and the Hindus, who kept trusting the Muslims at their word in future battles. A word that the Muslims never meant to keep, as was taught to them by that murderous prophet Muhammed ibn Abdallah. Mohammed was a compulsive murderer who began his murder campaign with the murder of 800 Jews (of the Banu Quraiziya tribe). He was also a lecherous bandit who married sixteen wives, the youngest of them being nine years old. But most importantly Mohammed immortalized his own murderous mentality by founding the bloodied cult of Islam.

For the Spanish, the Muslim invasion this was the beginning of an education, a process of learning from the enemy and beating him at his own game of subterfuge, intolerance and cruelty. That’s why Spain was the only country where a successful guerilla war against the Muslims started almost immediately. This war was known as the Reconquista.



Over the next eight centuries when the Spanish armies eventually liberated all of occupied Spain. In the cities of Seville (Isbilya), Cordova (Muslim Qurdubah), Granada, the Spanish followed the same tactics that had been used originally by their Mohammedan tormentors.


The Spanish reconquistadors reconverted the Mosques to Churches, all of them, not just those which were originally churches and had been converted into Mosques by the Muslim invaders, but also those built anew by the Muslims. The reconquistadors also gave no quarter to the defeated Muslim population (most of whom were originally Christian and had been converted to Islam at the pain of death).




The reconquistadors gave the Muslims three options:

- Retreat out of Spain along with the defeated Moorish armies.
- Embrace (rather return to) the faith of Christ.
- Face a wholesale slaughter as worshippers of Satan.

It was this hardening of Spanish attitudes that lead to the Inquisition and also fuelled the spirit of the Crusades which were launched to protect the pilgrims on the way to the Holy land.


After conquering Spain, the Muslims immediately began the campaign to head on for France. Some Jews helped the Muslims thinking they were liberators. The Jews soon learned the folly of this belief! Soon the Jews along with the Christians were made to pay the Jiziya poll tax was imposed on all non-Muslims (Kafirs) by the Muslims. They were also drafted for slave labour to demolish churches and build mosques from the columns of the destroyed churches.




The Jews and Christians also could not carry weapons, ride horses, wear shoes, ring church bells, wear anything green, or resist a Muslim assault. From these earliest times proclaiming Jesus’ divinity and attempting conversion from Islam were made capital offences. The persecution, torture and murder of peoples of other faiths is a constant reminder of the satanic nature of Islam.

According to Muslim custom based on he Quran, any peace with the Kafirs is not a true peace and a time of peace longer than a decade is an occasion not for relaxation but for preparing for eventual war against the non-Muslims.






According to the Instruction Manual of Hate and Murder – the Quran Infidels should never be allowed to rest on their laurels.

They are ineligible for any public office and without right even to testify in court.  Jewish and Christian Dhimmis were not allowed to possess weapons, marry Muslim women, meet with others on the streets, or ride horses or camels (the two 'noble animals'). Jews and Christians had to wear special clothes, walk with eyes lowered and accept being pushed aside by Muslims. Jews and Christians had to have low doors on their houses, with no lights on the doors.  Some particular aspects varied from age to age and region to region.

Did you ever wonder where the Nazi's got their ideas for the denigration and humiliation of Jews?  In the 9th century, Spanish Jews in Muslim areas had to wear on their shoulders a patch of white cloth that bore the image of an ape; Christians, since they ate pork, wore the image of a pig. On the Caliph al-Mutawakkil’s orders a yellow badge for Jews was made compulsory, setting a precedent that would be followed centuries later in Nazi Germany. 

In 11th century Seville (the Moorish Isbilya), Jews were not to be met with the greeting, 'Peace be unto you,' because they were not supposed to have any peace!  Other edicts affected not just finances but self-respect. This much for Muslim claims that they treated Jews and Christians in Spain very generously.

How Zakat, the Muslim Charity tax, goes to breed killers

According to the Quranic law, Muslims are required to pay 2.5 per cent of their annual earnings as Zakat (tax) to the Muslim ruler. Zakat is one of the five compulsory pillars of Islam, the others being Shahada or Qualama (the acceptance of there being no god but Allah, and Mohammed being his prophet, this declaration is uttered into a child’s ear immediately after it is born and the child is made to repeat it during Sunttah – circumcision), Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), Roza (fasting during Ramzan), Ibadat/Namaz (prayer five times a day) and Jihad being added as the sixth additional one.




Zakat is NOT to be paid to a non-Muslim ruler. So in its nature it is a communal tax, which can be collected only by a Muslim ruler, unlike secular taxes that have to be paid in a state by all its subjects to the ruler. Today those Muslims who live in a non-Muslim country lie the USA, UK, etc do not pay zakat to the government of that country. But instead they pay their share as charity to Muslim organizations like CAIR in the US or the Al Mujahiroun in UK. This money goes directly into financing global terrorism.

Since Muslim charities are under investigation after 9/11, many Muslims give to charities to feed illegitimate, destitute and orphaned Muslim children. Now this appears to be an innocuous act at face value. But these children are being taken care of at Madrassahs, where they are only or mainly taught the Quran. The Quran calls for forcible conversion of the Kafirs (non-Muslims) to Islam or their murder. The Quran legitimizes the murder of those non-Muslim who do not consent to give up their faith and embrace Islam.

So by allowing Muslim charities to operate in non-Muslim countries, the governments and people of those countries are digging their own grave. The Muslim charities have to be banned forthwith and all financial transactions of the Muslim citizens have to be always closely monitored with suspicion.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters

Today Muslim strategists and seemingly cultured and sophisticated Jihadis who masquerade as intellectuals keep drumming into the ears of the global audience that it is the Muslims who are suffering in Palestine, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, Mindanao, Southern Sudan, Southern Thailand, etc., and they only fight back against their oppressors(sic).

And in this fight, they behead their non-Muslim adversaries, rape non-Muslim women, blow up school kids in school buses (in Jerusalem), tourist hotels (at Taba in Egypt), raise the white flag in fake surrender only to delude their adversaries to cease fire to be mowed down when they expose themselves in response to the white flag of surrender (at Fallujah in Iraq), slaughter school kids (as in Beslan). The list of Muslim perfidies and savagery is endless.





The seemingly cultured and sophisticated Jihadis who masquerade as intellectuals would have us believe that these Muslims who commit such beastlike acts are only fighting for their freedom. The fact that they almost succeed in pulling wool over the eyes of the gullible among the non-Muslim audience, is seen from the thousands of ill-informed non-Muslims, egged on by the traitor communists, who join the Muslims in the ‘Stop the War’ marches in Western cities.

Here we fall prey to the Muslim strategists subterfuge, who have been able to bring many unsuspecting non-Muslims on a slippery slope of deception to hide the bestiality of the Muslims under the grab of ‘freedom struggle’. The Muslim Jihadis who commit vile acts are not to be compared with George Washington, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson who were freedom fighters in the true sense of the word.

It is high time for Western and other non-Muslim audiences to realize that the freedom fighter argument is a grand psychological war of deception that the Muslim strategists are cleverly waging to blunt the operations against the Jihadis who are the vanguard of the attack that seeks to convert the Western (and non-Muslim) world to Islam.

The Communist psyops deceptively calls for stoppage of anti-terrorist campaigns against Jihadis so as to prevent more Jihadis from being born

It is a commonly heard argument these days that calls for stoppage of anti-terrorist campaigns against Jihadis to prevent more Jihadis from being born. This argument is heard whenever an anti-terrorist campaign is impending, as in the campaigns at Jenin, Gaza, Fallujah, Chechnya or any other place. The smartly woven argument tells Western audiences that if the Muslims are attacked, there would be many more Jihadis born because of that attack.

As when Abu Musab Zarqawi was killed we heard warnings that more Zarqawis would be born, as if the living one billion Muslims are any different from Zarqawi!

Like Zarqawi all Muslims are called upon to wage a Jihad by the Quran. A Muslim is a Jihadi by being a Muslim. He or she anyway will keep the conversion of all non-Muslims to Islam at the pain of death wherever possible. This murderous objective is always uppermost in the mind of a Muslim. And whenever, he gets the opportunity he will inflict this choice on the pain of death (Islam or death) on the non-Muslims. This attitude makes all Muslims into Jihadis.

To use imagery, had all tigers been man-eaters, then if we had to save ourselves, we have to hunt all the tigers. There is no point in telling us that if we hunt the tigers in self-defense, the tigers will become man-eaters, since all of them anyway are man-eaters.

Yes it could be that some of the tigers do not indulge in man-eating, since it is dangerous to their own existence as they would then be marked for being hunted down. So out of deference for their adversaries (the non-Muslim’s) superiority in fire power (read : nuclear arms), they do not indulge in man-eating. But in this scenario, if in the process of hunting the tigers, we do not do a clean job of hunting the last one of them to their death, then and only then, the possibility becomes very real that the hurt tiger who was till then dormant, becomes a man-eater openly.

To say that since a tiger is dormant of its man-eating instincts, we need to leave those of them alone and go only after those who indulge in man-eating, since this would make more of the dormant ones to arouse in them their true instincts of man-eating, is a foolish argument, as al of them anyway are prone to be man-eaters.

The point is that for our own safety we need to complete the hunt to their deaths of all tigers at the first go, the inherent instinct of all of whom is man-eating, once their inherent instincts have aroused after tasting blood, as has happened with Muslim after 9/11. So should we wait till all of them have tasted blood (read : acquired nuclear arms to challenge the West to a duel to death, globally), or should we pre-emptively go in and hunt all of them to their deaths before their basic instincts overrule their discretion? A discretion which we owe not to any generosity on their part, but only to our military superiority over them today? A superiority that is fast being eroded with Iran about to become the second Muslim state with nuclear arms!


* For those uninitiated, PBUH expands to Perpetual Battle Upon Hagarism (Islam) – founded by the accursed Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah (Yimach Shmo – May his name and memory be obliterated).



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