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'Inhuman Rights' of UN Human Rights Council

The UN’s Human Rights Council, friend to Islamists and tyrants everywhere...


In December 2006, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), an international group established in 1971 and representing 57 countries, hosted an emergency summit in Mecca. The event became infamous after two angry imams from Denmark presented a dossier of cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten that mocked the Prophet Mohammed. In the ensuing uproar, Muslims murdered several people in Europe and torched the Danish embassy in Beirut.

But the cartoon episode wasn’t the summit’s starkest example of Muslim outrage over free speech. The most critical decision that the OIC made in Mecca was to adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward perceived insults to Islam. In its “Ten-Year Programme of Action,” the OIC announced that it would create an “observatory” to monitor acts of “Islamophobia.” It would also “endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments”—essentially the goal of its nonbinding UN resolution on “combating defamation of religions,” which the UN’s General Assembly adopted in March 2008. And it would “participate and coordinate effectively in all regional and international forums, in order to protect and promote the collective interests of the Muslim Ummah, including UN reform [and] expanding the Security Council membership.”

The goal was simple: to infiltrate and weaken secular democratic covenants and institutions from within, in a manner reminiscent of revolutionary Marxist groups’ “entryism” into the British Labour Party in the seventies and eighties. The OIC’s plan for implementing its Islamist agenda hasn’t succeeded on all fronts, of course. But it has succeeded spectacularly on one: the United Nations Human Rights Council.

A subsidiary of the General Assembly, the Geneva-based Human Rights Council (HRC) was reconstituted from the ashes of the previous Commission on Human Rights. The 60-year-old commission had long been criticized for ignoring atrocities and allowing membership to notorious human rights violators—most notably, Sudan at the height of the Darfur genocide. In 2006, the General Assembly, backed by then–secretary general Kofi Annan, voted to scrap the commission.

The HRC was formed that March by a UN resolution, though the United States, Israel, the Marshall Islands, and Palau voted against it. The U.S. at present does not occupy a seat on the council because of the Bush administration’s skeptical view that the HRC would prove just as ineffectual and biased as the former commission. Bush did license American aid to the HRC, but in September 2007 the U.S. Senate voted to cut that off, too.

In late March, however, the Obama administration announced that the U.S. would seek a seat during the upcoming HRC elections in May. According to Susan Rice, America’s ambassador to the UN, “The U.S. is seeking election to the council because we believe that working from within, we can make the council a more effective forum to promote and protect human rights.”

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Ibn Warraq is the author of Why I Am Not a Muslim & Defending the West, and the editor of The Origins of the Koran, The Quest for the Historical Muhammad& What the Koran Really Says.


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Name: vbv
Date: Wednesday May 20, 2009
Time: 06:00:53 -0400


Why islam doesn't allow free speech? Because free speech will expose the stupidities of the arab-cult meant to promote arab supremacy . It will expose the barbarity of islam and promote wahabi, deobandi, talibani cults . It will make the world of Orwell's novel 1984 seem much more benign than the world of islamism. Islamism is a curse on humanity, the sooner the free, secular and sane world co-operate to stop the onslaught of this mad hate idealogy the better it will be for the survival of peace, progress, freedom, enlightenment and knowledge.

Name: vbv
Date: Wednesday May 20, 2009
Time: 07:20:17 -0400


Why not ask those sikhs who wanted to secede from India and create a 'Khalistan' with the support of the same Pakistanis? Sikhs are generally good people but sikhs in the western countries like Canada, UK, USA etc. foment trouble and instigate the sikhs in India, blissfully ignorant of the fact that sikhs' interests are best served in India as they are part of the composite culture of India. They cannot ever find affinities with muslims, who will devour them by killing or converting them to islam. I hope the recent events in Pakistan has opened their eyes to this stark reality.

Name: balam
Subject: human rights council
Date: Wednesday May 20, 2009
Time: 09:55:37 -0400


Tme has come for the so called United Nations to scrap human rights council. It is no longer serving any useful perpose. It is just a talking shop. It is operating under the shadow of Islam, which intends to enslave all the free thinking Nations. Islam is a cult of slavery. Mohammad was a slave of Allah and the Muslims are slaves of Allah and Mohammad. Hence the Muslims can not think and act freely because they are basically slaves. How many rights do the slaves have? NONE. They only do what they are told to do.

Name: Malek
Subject: Cartoons
Date: Monday May 25, 2009
Time: 07:01:33 -0400


I havent seen anything on the news about muslims murdering anyone on the cartoons. Personally I think certain muslim did overeact on the cartoons... We should just let the fools fool themselves!.... I remember that one... in my country everyone stoped buying danish products. I think it is called the right to choose... Just that put danemark in a Crisis Bad enough... We didnt need nor did we murder anyone on that !...

Name: haleem ullah
Subject: Pakistan International Human Rights Member
Date: Sunday May 31, 2009
Time: 07:21:56 -0400


I want to join Human rights and works for everyone.

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