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Islam Cannot Bring Peace and Guidance to Humankind

Islam is based on Quran and Sunnah (practices of Mohamed). About 1.2-billion people believe in Islam and it is known to its followers Muslims in many ways, such as by birth, conversion, and study. Most Muslims adopt Islam due to their birth to Muslim parents. Among all these Muslims, most of them are familiar with Islam by faith and little practices. However, Islam is not limited with prayers, hajj, jakat, and fast only. Islam is supposed to be the example of Mohamed (the founder) and what Quran emphasises, and all Muslims are required to obey.

In reality, Islam is far away from the ideal of a religion when Quran and Hadis (Sunnah) are thoroughly read. The majority Muslims are not even near Islam and it is not honestly known to them. Imams, Mullahs, or such people who spend their lives on Islam represent the picture of Islam. A literal study in Islam reveals Islam as follows.

1) Mohamed does not qualify as a good person,

2) Quran is a confusing book and its teaching creates hate and fight and takes away the rights of women and non-Muslims,

3) Islam fails to provide appropriate guidance for entire mankind, and

4) More importantly, a) Islam wants to dominate the whole word b) it wants to impose its own law to every citizen.

1) The founder of Islam: The very important factor of Islam is Mohamed. In order to know a religion, it is mandatory to know the originator very well, whether he represents the messages of God. While paying full attention to the biography of Mohamed, unfortunately he is far from a holy being. He waged wars against non-Muslims, killed, and forced them to embrace his religion. He assassinated his enemies. He captured and later raped women like Safia and Jawaraiha. He was sexually attracted to a child. He looted commodities of civilians and made halal for his team (8:69, 48:20) and many more.

Now some questions arise whether this man sent by God or not and humankind choose his religion or not.

Even if people do not care of what Mohamed did in the past, Islam can still be acceptable. But a few more questions to ponder again. Quran says he is a perfect example to follow and a mercy for entire humankind. So Mohamed's examples are an integral part of Islam. During his prophecy, he looted and wage wars against infidels for Islam; he punished the thieves by cutting their hands and feet; he killed people who spoke against his brand religion; he raped and married a child of 9 years old. For human beings, none of these examples is possible to follow. If anyone desires to copy his practices completely, he will definitely end up his life living in jail. 

2) Holy Book Quran: Muslims believe in Quran by heart, but it is totally a confusing book. It has no chapter, no chronology. This book is loaded with mistakes in grammar, math, logics, and science. Monotheistic God of Islam is serving himself as "We" and "Us". Without the history context of every Sura, this book cannot be understood. Anyways, it is acceptable but important to know the contents of Quran.

Quran grants different rights to women and minorities. Women cannot enjoy full rights as men. Women do not have the freedom to change husbands while men do deliberately. This book lowers the rights of minorities and asks to pay penalty taxes unless they submit into Islam. Both Quran and Hadith stress to kill anyone who leaves Islam or proselytize. Quran asks Muslims to brutally kill anyone who speaks against or wants to change Islam. Quran asks married Muslim men to have sex with slaves (23:01 - 06, 33:50, 33:52).

Quran says to avoid Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslim who can never be brothers of Muslims (5:51, 3:28). Quran teaches to hate even to own brothers and fathers if they do not believe in Islam ( 3:28, 9:23). It is an obstacle of humanity. A Muslim is not religiously allowed to associate with others just because they do not believe in Islam.

3) Missing Information: Through a study in Islamic sources, there is no special good stuff in Islam. Yes, there is some good, but this does not say better than other books. Islam is claimed to be the true religion but fails to provide with appropriate guidelines that entire humankind needs.

Islam explains the feature of males and females but badly fails to describe about hermaphrodites. They are also part of human beings. A true religion must care for hermaphrodites for this life and afterlife.

Based on the rotation of the sun and moon, Islam schedules prayers, fast, and so on. This was the idea of ancient people that reflects in many religions and cultures. In Islam, praying and fasting time is timed when the sun and moon move their courses. However, it is unknown to people how they in the northern part of the world would perform prayers and observe fasting. Over there, the length of day and night is six months long each, and many countries have very longer daylight and darkness. In this case, performing prayers and observing fast are really confusing. Islam does not provide this information and Muslims solely need to use their intelligence to figure out, which implies they are smarter than Islam.

Islam does not say any story about religions, people and culture of Eastern Asia, Australia, Americas and many parts of the world. A religion that is true must include the fact of every part of the world. It is very ambiguous to think how people in those places would be able to practise Islam and why they are supposed to go to hell without knowing Islam. It is a solid piece of absurdity that God ignores the other human beings but will put them in hell for eternity.

4) The Goal of Islam: People might forget the past of Islam and be able to practise it personally. But it is very, very important to the world that Islam wants to topple the will of people, democracy and culture, and rule the world. Dominating the world with Sharia is an emphasised part of Islam.

Mohamed used religious sentiment to make the people believe in the doctrine of his religion and used them to take over the land of Jews, Christians, and Pagans. He did not stop here. He made a religious obligatory for Muslims to fight for Islam and impose Islamic law all over the world.

Stealing is a crime, but people do not want to cut the hand of a thief. Offence is always bad, but people do not want to flog the guilty. Adultery is a crime, but a sensible human will never stone the guilty to death. Drinking is not good for health, but cultured people never want to flog the drinker. The world wants to go by its own rules. It does not need to adopt the 7th century Bedouin tradition.  

Muslim Immigrants to the West must destroy the welcoming and loving culture of their host countries and impose Islamic law in the lands, if they truly go by Quran and Hadis. Islam's ultimate goal is to convert the developed world including all other non-Muslim countries to Islamic paradises like Saudi Arab, Iran, or Talibani Afghanistan.

People always want to live with their own freedom and expect others to enjoy it. But Islam will take it away as soon as it becomes powerful. Islam will impose its own policy that will force people to obey Islamic tyranny.  

All four factors mentioned above prove that Islam meaningfully loses concepts of an ideal religious conviction. People must make a choice between reality and falsehood. Islam is completely different faith that cannot stand near the border of humanism, truth, and tolerance. In general, Islam has various parts that appear when it is scrutinised thoroughly.

Here are some core examples of Islam:

  1. Islam divides human beings into Muslims and Kafirs, which makes Muslims underestimate Kaffirs.

  2. Islam will put non-Muslims in hell for eternity.

  3. Islamic punishments and justice are brutal and inhuman (stoning, flogging, beheading).

  4. Islam is alien to modern culture and democracy.

  5. Islam keeps Muslims busy in it therefore progression in modernity is fuzzy among them.

  6. Islam's founder was not a good person.

  7. Islam has its own law, and it wants to take over the world and impose its rules.

  8. Islam takes away the rights of women and non-Muslims.

  9. Islam blocks the freedom and free speech.

  10. Islam can make Muslims as wild as hyenas while taking revenge.

  11. Islam encourages fighting and war.

  12. Islam kills Murtads (Islam leavers) and critics.

  13. Islam authorizes polygamy for men.

  14. Islam does not allow women to divorce.

  15. Islam produces terrorists / Jihadists / muftis (fighters of Islam).

  16. Islam forces Muslims to pray and fast.

  17. Islam forces women to wear burkas (veils).

  18. Islam encourages provoking pre-existence fight (that happened 1,400 years ago) against Jews and Christians, it means this faction of hate is never-ending.

 In reality, Islam has produced the following scenarios over the last 1,400 years.

  1. For Islam, 11 September (9/11) has occurred.

  2. For Islam, Islamic world has no good invention.

  3. For Islam, some or many Muslims talk nonsense and insult others.

  4. For Islam, world security is now under a threat.

  5. For Islam, Muslims are now becoming suspicious to the West.

  6. For Islam, People in Palestine, Kashmir etc cannot get along with others.

  7. For Islam, non-Muslims cannot bring their holy books in Saudi and cannot travel to Mecca and Medina.

  8. For Islam, Muslims are lying too much nowadays creating websites and publishing books.

  9. For Islam, many innocent people lost their body parts when charged as robbers or thieves but later found no guilty.

  10. For Islam, oil-rich countries raise funds for expansion, which breeds more extremism and terrorism.

  11. For Islam, a faithful Muslim can kill another human being.

  12. For Islam, Muslims become part of Umma and forget his nationality.

  13. For Islam, the world has much warfare.

  14. For Islam, hundreds of bombs are exploding and killing innocent people including Muslims in restaurants, hotels, buses, trains, beaches, and many places.

  15. For Islam, Muslims have conflicts with western/modern culture (e.g. riots in France, Britain, etc).

  16. For Islam, every media is loaded with Islamic madness news.

  17. For Islam, some Muslims are still fighting non-Muslims in many Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

  18. For Islam, thousands of people had to give their lives for religious conflicts.

  19. For Islam, honour killing is frequent to Muslims families.

  20. For Islam, many sects like Shia and Ahmedia have grown, and Sunnis and the sects have been fighting since the birth of sects, which caused huge devastations and millions of lives.

These days, Islam has been a centre point of discussion everywhere in the world. People are wondering what actually Islam is. Islam is very complicated, which has various impacts on every walk of life. If there is anything that creates similar shapes, that must be discussed along with Islam. Lie cannot defeat the truth. The truth is that Islam is not a right choice for human beings. The more it is practiced, the more fascism, extremism, and terrorism increase.


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