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Allah’s Theory on Human Sexes

We learn from the divine book "Holy Koran" that Allah creates human beings from a clot of blood (although in a wrong process). Then He constructs human beings into two genders: male and female. Please take a look some sample verses:

Sura Al Qiyama

75:36: Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)?

75:37: Was he not a small seed in the seminal elements?

75:38: Then he was a clot of blood, so He created (him) then made (him) perfect

75:39: And of him He made two sexes, male and female.

However, human beings are not categorised only into tow sexes: male and female, but also either androgynous or another sex, which is called "hermaphrodite" in biological term. And this is divided into three groups: True, Male Pseudo and Female Pseudo. However, likewise all are genuine. People of those categories are very few in all around the world. They are biologically or physically different from both male and female group. But, hermaphrodites are members of the same human species. Allah does/can not make them in His process what we just saw in above verses. Now dear readers, which one is correct to you on human genders: almighty Allah's theory or biological theory? 

Anyways, there are a lot of instructions and guidelines in Islam which are applied upon sexes. Therefore, what would be hermaphrodites' right path according to Allah's doctrine or Islam? Let's see some problems:

  1. Can hermaphrodites become Imam (who leads prayer) or Moaj-jem (who announces Azan) at the Masques?
  2. Do they need to use Hijab/Borkha to veil themselves where ladies do?
  3. Do they have right to build up and lead any Madrasah, or Majar Sharif? (For example, Ajmir Sharif in India)
  4. Are they allowed to arrange Janaja (funeral), Miryad or Khutba (reciting in Islamic party/ programme)?
  5. Are they allowed to go to Masque? If so, who do they join in with: brothers or sisters?
  6. If some of them live in a hard-core Islamic Country like Saudi Arabia, are they allowed to hang out on the street without any man or Botkha?
  7. Can they sacrifice/slaughter animals for Halal purpose where men do?
  8. Do they have right to lead Hajj in Kaba Sharif?
  9. What will they be awarded in the heaven: 72 virgin ladies or some young stronger guys?

Religion in general and Islam in particular make the human species morally imperfect. In poorer countries, hermaphrodites are often being ignored and socially tortured only because of religion. That's why most of them are forced to become nomad. However, hermaphrodites have typical normal life in the West and some East Asian countries where religion is insignificant.

Conversely, Allah (swt) easily makes discrimination amongst human beings. Allah is here completely racist that He would furnish appropriate celestial gifts to His true male and female followers only. But, most merciful Allah completely backs off hermaphrodites. What a sympathetic God!!! Hermaphrodites have no guidance in social life and gifts in afterlife from compassionate Allah.

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