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The Mini Taliban Factory

What does "Taliban" mean?  Taliban is an Arabic word that is a plural form of the word student who studies Holy Koran and Hadiths. Afghani Taliban, the pure (Pukka) Muslims on earth, existed for several years after Mohamed. We are so lucky; we had a great chance to see some fresh Muslims few years ago. These warm-blooded Muslims are gently trained and boosted by their spiritual masters in the factories. The biggest Taliban factories are the Arab-based "Madrasahs," which are scattered throughout the Islamic kingdoms. Likewise, there are thousands of Taliban factories in the West. But, because of the western influences, the factories turn into small size that can be called "the mini Taliban factory."   The question is, "where are the factories located in the lands of Kaffirs?" These mini factories are nowhere but in many Masques, Islamic Learning Centres, and reserved rooms in universities & colleges.  There is another question left, that is, "then who are the mini Taliban in the West?" The simple answer for that question is: the mini Taliban are the devout Muslims and hard-core Islamists who smoothly get energised in the mini factories.  

Since I almost grew up in North America , please let me focus on its territories where I know hundreds of Muslims who are from around the world. I often talk to many Muslims and Islamists on the phone, and I sometimes meet them in their residences, Islamic Learning Centres, Masques, and many other places. Whenever I talk and meet them, I always discover 100% identical idea from almost all Muslims. Therefore, I get to know what most Muslims think and try to do. I never, however, get to hear from the factories about any progressive work that could be beneficial for USA or Canada . Today, I will be discussing the roles and ultimate goals of the mini Taliban for North America ( USA and Canada ). Now let's see some of their (the mini Taliban) functions.  

The roles:  

a)      Duties in the schools:  

  1. While attending in the universities and colleges, mostly international and newly immigrated Muslim students (basically from Middle East and Pakistan) build a "Muslim Association" beside their educations where the first job is to hunt down all Muslim names from the school catalogues (if possible) or any source.
  2. The devoted Muslim students do not hesitate to go up to the people who are like Middle Eastern & East Indian and have kind of dark or brown skin colour. Then those Muslim students ask people's full name. If the names sound like Muslim names, they try to pick, and they invite and want the fellows to join the Muslim Association.
  3. When the loyal Muslim students obtain Muslim names, phone numbers, and addresses from the new people, they make a well-patterned list.
  4. And then the Muslim students book a room or mini hall room in the Kaffirs' universities and colleges for the Islamic performances and rituals where they invite other Muslims and Islamists.  

 b)      Duties in both schools and other places:  

  1. Islamists advise every Muslim keeping 1000 feet away from Jews and not hanging out with the infidels, such as host Canadians and Americans.
  2. Islamists want Muslim women to use Islamic dress code "Borkha (veil)."
  3. Islamists suggest that all Muslim children should be raised in a 100% Islamic way.
  4. If any person is a Jewish nominee, the Islamists produce and pass a significant advice to the listed or known Muslims not to vote a Jew. It does not matter whether the candidate is a good person or not, but his or her religion i.e. Judaism is very important to most Muslims.
  5. Islamists ask all possible Muslims not to buy meats from the Kaffirs' stores like Safeways, Superstores, Loblaws, etc. because the fresh and hygienic meats are considered "Harram."   
  6. Hard-core Islamists in the group particularly focus on Coca Cola, MacDonald's, and KFC to boycott them because they are American products.
  7. Islamists frequently discuss to blacklist all types of American and British products, mostly American ones. It seems to be so funny to me that any Muslim or civilised person can never be able to quit US and UK products.
  8. Islamists and other Muslims evaluate the problems for only Kashmiri, Palestinian, and other Muslim brothers and sisters. 
  9. Islamists hand out the Salat and fasting schedules to the Muslims as many as possible.
  10. Some of the Muslim students and young Islamists know computer programming (Kaffirs' one of the greatest inventions). Thus, they make hundreds of Islamic programs, mini software, and files (like Islamic miracles, lucky words, etc.), and then they send and forward these Islamic computing-products via e-mails to the people with Muslim names.
  11. Young-adult Islamists and Muslim students are excited as well. They can't wait to build hundreds of Islamic websites to brag out Islam is a good and true religion. 

Some questions to consider:  

1)      In the universities and colleges, is any "Muslim Association" concerned about the improvement of the schools, or do these organisations usually participate in the school-development programmes? The answer is negative.

2)      Do the "Muslim Associations" and other Islamists ever discuss about the progress of USA or Canada where they live? OOOh!! Never.

3)      Do Islamists feel sympathy and talk about it in the Mosques and Islamic Centres or anywhere when some Canadian or US soldiers die in any war? Impossible!! That is not Islamic. 

4)      Do Islamists or the devout Muslims ever protest for the Muslim women and non-Muslims when they are in the Islamic paradises the second and third class citizens respectively? NO!!! But, they raise their voice to upgrade Islam in USA and Canada without any challenge. 

5)      Do Islamists or Muslims ever grateful to the Kaffir officers who granted visa and immigration papers for USA or Canada??? No Never heard of. Muslims consider it to be their right.

6)      Do Islamists or Muslims ever pray for the Kaffirs in every Salat (prayer) in the Masques which are at least granted and partially funded by the Kaffirs of infidels, Jews, Christians, and so on? The Answer is big "NO." Mohammed prohibited praying for kafirs.

7)      Did Islamists pray in the North American Mosques for the innocent Kaffir people who died in 11-September tragedy? Nope!!

8)      Do Islamists or their organisations participate in any national and social work which they (Islamists) at least should do as residents or citizens of USA or Canada? I do not think so. (I find most Muslims busy in the Mosques and Islamic Centres discussing about Islam and Muslim brotherhood mostly at weekends and on the statutory holidays. I was amazed on Remembrance Day, 2003 when I went to a big Mosque. I found not a single Muslim pronounce a single word for those who fought and died in WW2. All I heard was the same stories of Islamic brotherhood).

Please consider these also:  

1.   Do all types of Muslims (mostly under 40) from every Islamic country prefer to settle in North America?  Yes, virtually every one of them!

2.   Is it true that many Muslims even pay thousands of dollars for the fake visas or passports just to get to North America. .Yes.

3.      Do Islamists or Muslims want enjoy the good life in USA and Canada? Of Course! YES, who wants to miss this opportunity?

4.      Is it true that Islamists or Muslims pledge allegiance to the Kafir lands to take in order to receive citizenship but really do not intend to keep that pledge and their allegiance remains with the ummah? YES.

5.      Are American or Canadian Muslims concerned at all about their host country's well being or do they do anything patriotic that would benefit their host countreis? NO. .

6.      Do the Islamists or Muslims want to establish Islam in USA and Canada? YES. Absolutely. No doubt about it.

7.    Do they want and expect to rule USA and Canada as per Allah's true words? YES. So, do those Islamists or Muslims break the words which they (Islamists) promise to US or Canadian government? YESSSS.   

      Now, can't I (or any sane person) say that Islamists or most Muslims are betraying and cheating the US or Canadian govt. by dishonouring the oath? Then, can't those Islamists or Muslims be called "betrayers?"    

      Dear readers please ask any Islamists or devout Muslims who reside in USA and Canada whether they want the Islamic light (noor) or not where they live. I bet my bottom dollar, all of them spontaneously reply you, "YES, OF COURSE, WHY NOT?"  Here the Muslims have a higher expectation to get united and strengthen the Ummah to establish Allah's best code of life in USA and Canada.  


Well, let's see some of the Islamic symbols if these were imposed in USA and Canada by the betrayers.

In general, primarily, the following things we might expect to experience:  

1)      All white and other ladies will be forced to use Borkhas (veils) and avoid skirts, tight jeans, shorts etc.  Also, no woman can ever show her beauty to the guys as per the Islamic rules.

2)      All white and other ladies can not work in the workplaces and attend in the class rooms with boys.

3)      All white and other non-Muslims women will not be able to go out of their homes and hang out on the streets without any guy. If so, ladies will receive some Islamic punishments like "lashings."

4)      Obviously, liquor stores will not survive.

5)      Hopefully, Mohamed's language Arabic will be the prime language rather than Kaffirs' language English and French (French i.e. in QB and NB, Canada).

6)      FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in USA will turn into IBI, that is, Islamic Bureau of Investigation, and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in Canada will become ICMP i.e. Islam Canadian Mounted Police. ICMP will act like "Muttawallee" (special type of police force that is to look after and impose Islamic laws to the common people).

7)      Canada's head of state is Queen Elizabeth 2; after the Islamic revolution, Allah will be the head of state of USA and Canada.

8)      Islamists will build Mosques at every other block. As a result, we will hear loud Azan (prayer call) 5 times a day, 365 days a year. As well as, Islamic reciting (Khutba) will often reach to our ears beside loud Azan. (All of these exist in the Islamic soils).

9)      Islamists will flood with full Madrasahs, Islamic Learning Centres, Tabligs (Islamic teaching) Centres, and Mazar Sharifs (e.g. Ajmir Sharif in India) as well.

10)  Islamists will never authorise any organisations like NASA that plays with Allah's mystery of universe and makes Muslims' holy moon dirty.

11)  Of course Islamists will NEVER tolerate Hollywood, so Islamists will instantly shut it down.

12)  Financial institutions that offer credit card, mortgage, lease etc. will be eliminated by the Islamists because these financial products depend 100% on interest.  Interest is Harram in Islam.

13)  Islamists will soon drive out the Harram food items which are made of Harram pork like bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and so forth.

14)  Islamic butchers will be ready to invade all meat firms to slaughter animals in the name of Allah to make meats 100% Halal.

15)  Islamists will never allow semi-naked women in the lakes, sea beaches, and swimming pools. So, the sun-bath process, swimming, etc. in USA and Canada will permanently be locked for women. 

       In fact, there are lots more things to write. I think, for today, I shall not continue anymore. For the rest, you readers can take a guess.      

      The mini Taliban factories in the west vigorously encourage the Muslims to get united and invade the West by Islam. Eventually, what would be then if USA and Canada got Islamised? North America would become like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Iran , and former Talibani Afghanistan . Am I wrong? Dear readers, if you are Muslims and live in the continent of USA or Canada , please honestly tell us- do you support the mini Taliban and want them to launch the pure Islam in North America?

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