Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Superstition is Truth: What is often barbaric in the West is normal in Islam

I briefly talked about the Undercover Mosque documentary from Britain yesterday. The reply to the show makes for an interesting reading.

The programme also showed the preachers discussing what are actually normal Islamic opinions and practices and seemed to suggest that they were morally equivalent. For example, the command to enforce prayer on older children in the family, and to hit them if they refuse, is not limited to the people shown up as extremists in the programme: it comes straight from the Prophet (sall' Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam).

That's the core problem. Islam is extreme.

Just look at the guy who is thought to be the perfect moral example for Muslims: he married multiple women; had sex with a 9-year-old girl; ordered to kill those who criticized him; had all the adults of a Jewish tribe murdered and took their women and children as slaves and on and on.

How the hell is that in any way moral?

But you see, for Muslims, morality is defined by what Muhammad did and what he told others to do. Period.

The documentary implicitly showed the prophet as an immoral man. This presents a "problem" for both non-Muslims and Muslims.

  • Non-Muslims cannot criticize Islamic practices in a logical manner without inferring that Muhammad was a monster.
  • Muslims can't explicitly and openly disagree with the odious imams and preachers without saying that Muhammad was wrong.

The entire rotten foundation of a religion is one evil man and the non-Muslims should not be afraid to say just that.

If Muslims think that that is wrong, then they can point out the flaws in the argument. (Saying that Muhammad did X and thus by definition X is moral ain't an argument.)

If the non-Muslims are right, then Muslims ought to wake up and leave their decrepit ideology.

Kamila, from the comments:

Islam is originally from Saudi Arabia and Muslim knows that, so the modern Muslims should not complain about the extremism because Islam never originated from Pakistan, Iran or England. So if the Saudi are extreme then the original Islam is extreme and it should be practiced to the fullest.

Yusuf Smith, from the comments:

Andy: parents hit their kids in this country for petty "P's and Q's" matters all the time, not just because they won't do their homework. To a lot of parents it's the only way to chastise a recalcitrant child. I got smacked many times and don't think my parents barbaric. Maybe Islam is superstition to you but to us it's the Truth.

Indeed. What is often barbaric in the West is normal in Islam.

Ergo, Islam is barbaric.

Isaac Schrödinger is a Pakistani ex-Muslim currently lives in Canada. Here is his personal blog.

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