Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Miracle and Debacle of Allah

Students at San Francisco State University stepped on the flags of Hezballah and Hamas. The Muslims weren't pleased with that and lodged a complaint. Via Instapundit, Eugene Volokh describes what's happening:

The university is expressly investigating (with the threat of formal sanctions behind the investigation) the possibility that the students' speech is ideologically offensive — creates a "hostile environment" and is "incivil[]."

The feelings of Muslims must be protected at all costs. The SFSU should, at the minimum, take the following steps to ensure this.

1. Divine foods shall not be eaten. For example:

Allah in my melon

Another example:

Allah in my tomato

These nutrients if consumed will eventually exit the body in the form of you know what. Can you imagine the psychic trauma for Muslims if that were to happen? Why doesn't the SFSU put an end to this?

From now on, the university should check all foods for the holy presence. People should only consume non-allah foods.

2. Not harming nature which clearly showcases allah:

Allah hurts

The chopping of this cactus would be equivalent to chopping a Muslim! Now, do you understand the depths of Muslim feelings?

3. The mocking of allah in a devious manner shall cease.

Allah on my cream

That was totally uncalled for! Can't a Muslim eat ice cream without feeling like s/he is in a concentration camp?

Really, is that too much to ask?


Piss allah

I hope the SFSU adopts the above sensible policies and learns to treat the tender sensibilities of Muslims with the utmost care.

Isaac Schrödinger is a Pakistani ex-Muslim currently lives in Canada. Here is his personal blog.

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