Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
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International Women’s Day and Islamic Misogyny [09 Mar, 2009]

The Left and the Mullahs in Iran [22 Jan, 2009]

Dogma of Halal and Haram  [15 Oct, 2008]

Gender Division Based on Mahram and Non-Mahram [18 Sep, 2008]

Minorities in Allah’s Country [28 May, 2008]

Book Burning: The Nazis, the Clergies and the Ayatollahs [26 May, 2008]

Born in Iran, Jahanshah Rashidian studied psychology in France and is currently a German national. He is a freelancer and writes on democracy, secularism, and human rights issues in several languages. He maintains a blog at Jahanshah Rashidian.

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