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Treatment of Infidels in Saudi Arabia - Time to Apologise?

This is how we treat the infidels in Saudi Arabia:

We abuse the non-Muslims living and working in Saudi Arabia all the time, especially the Christians and the Jews. 

We call them grandsons of pigs and monkeys. We say this openly, everywhere, particularly in mosques. 

We do not respect any religions except Islam. This is the Saudi official policy: all religions other than Islam are false. Only Islam is the true religion. To accomplish this extremely bigoted notion, the Saudi state policy is to convert to Islam as many infidels as possible. So, proselytising for Islam is a major activity of the government and the religious department. Those who convert to Islam are rewarded handsomely. This is a kind of bribe, you might say-to force infidels into Islam. Those preachers and Islamic workers who succeed in converting the loathsome infidels to Islam might also expect to be richly rewarded. 

In Saudi Arabia, discrimination against the non-Muslims is absolutely rampant, very clear and open. It starts with aqama (red cards for the non-Muslims and green cards for the Muslims). The rule on taxation is also different for the Muslims and the non-Muslims. This is open, clear and meticulously planned Islamic apartheid which might even surpass the enormity of the apartheid policies of the erstwhile South African government. 

In Saudi Arabia, non-Muslims are merely tolerated. They have no right to build any places of worship for their customary religious rituals and practices. Non-Muslims are not allowed to observe their rites, celebrate their religious festivals or even extend congratulations to one another in front of any Saudis. If any infidels dare to carry out his religion openly, he is threatened with immediate deportation from Saudi Arabia. 

Non-Muslims living in Saudi Arabia cannot marry any Muslim women. This is completely forbidden. 

No non-Saudi could acquire Saudi Nationality either by birth or through naturalisation. Recently, there have been some minor changes to the Citizenship laws, but no non-Muslim could ever be awarded with Saudi citizenship. 

Infidels living in Saudi Arabia cannot build their own schools. 

Non-Muslims who are lucky enough to live in their own compounds can practice their religious activities in secret, out-of-sight of Muslims. This means they have to live like prisoners in their abodes. They could never invite any Muslims in their homes.

During the month of Ramadan, non-Muslims are instructed by the Saudi authorities to respect the religious feeling of the Muslims. The infidels are ordered not to consume any food in front of Muslims. Any violation of this requirement might result in expulsion from Saudi Arabia of the infidel culprit-merely for eating in the presence of a Muslim. That is why, at the outset, in the month of Ramadan, to show respect to the Muslims, the government announces that if the infidels want to consume food they must do this in hiding, completely out of view of any Muslims. I have a premonition that the Muslims living in Europe, very soon, might demand such a law from the governments of their host countries.

The law of Sharia in Saudi Arabia forces non-Muslim women to wear Muslim costume abaya. If any non-Muslim women refuse to comply with this rule she will be in deep trouble with the enforcement authority.

Saudi authorities exert enormous pressure on the non-Muslims to convert to Islam. I have personally witnessed this forced conversion right in front of my eyes. And, to tell the truth, to the joy of many Wahabi Islamists, the Islamic authority is quite successful in this subtle forced conversion into Wahabi brand of Islam. To perpetuate such religious propaganda and coercion, these events of Wahabi Islam conversions are advertised in the leading newspapers with great fanfare which includes the photographs of the newly-converted Muslims published in the media.

In Saudi Arabia, unless a non-Muslim had converted to Islam, he/she is not eligible to receive any charity (Zakat) whatsoever. That is why many infidels from poor countries are enticed to convert to Islam so that the rich Saudi Muslims could earn Allah's blessings by bestowing charity to these poor converts. 

Now, contrast those despicable treatments of non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia with the treatment of Muslims in infidel lands.

Saudi Arabia builds mosques all around the world, especially in America and Europe.

Muslims living in infidel lands enjoy full right to marry any women of their choice. They have the right to build their own Islamic Schools.

Muslims are eligible to acquire citizenship either through naturalisation or by birth. Remember, non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia have no such right,

Muslims enjoy full entitlement of proselytising their religion and convert infidels into Islam. True to this spirit, the Muslims in infidel lands are hell-bent to perform just this-they would like to convert all the harami kafirs in infidel countries to Islam.

Muslims living in the west can criticise other religions (especially Christianity and Judaism) to the fullest extent, but kafirs living in Muslim countries are legally bound not to mention a single sentence which is critical of pure, serene Islam-it is blasphemous and punishable by death.

But all those rights enjoyed by the Muslims in western countries are not enough for them. They want more. That is why they perpetrate 9/11 on the innocent people of the USA. That is why very few Muslims had ever criticised Bin Ladin's atrocities on the western people. All those crimes of Bin Laden were holy Islamic acts-in full agreement with the Islamic tenets. That is why majority Muslims are Bin Ladin's supporters. Until today, I have not heard any Imam in Saudi Arabia who had said Bin Ladin is wrong. No Imam has, so far, declared Bin Ladin a non-Muslim or a kafir. All Imams support him-if not openly, then secretly. Being a native of Saudi Arabia and having lived here since my birth, I can certainly vouch of what I say. I hear people's (Saudi) conversation, and they are in praise of Bin Ladin's murder of infidels. I watched on Television a famous Sheikh eulogising Bin Laden, although the Sheikh admitted that Bin Ladin's actions hurt the reputation of Saudi Arabia.

It is absolutely audacious for the Muslims to criticise the French law banning religious symbols in French public schools. Muslim's cry on this is nothing but the practice of pure double-standard. They would not allow non-Muslims to exercise their religious freedom in Islamic countries, but they would expect the kafir lands to respect and uphold their archaic religious (Islamic) symbolism. What sheer nonsensical and hypocritical this demand could be, come to think of it!

To illustrate the utter menace of Islam that Europe faces today, perhaps it would be germane to mention the killing of artist/film director Van Gough in the Netherlands, who was brutally murdered, in broad daylight, by an Islamist Jihadist. I am very certain that in the coming months and years many such murders will be committed by the Muslims living in Europe and America. Many innocent western people will have to die in the hands of Islam, just because they happen to be non-Muslims. I am writing this because I am a Saudi and I know very well what Islam is all about.

I understand that many readers are already aware of the grave peril of Islam to the current civilisation, thanks to the power of Internet. In fact, I did not write anything new. What prompted me to warn the non-Muslims is that: last week I received a number of e-mails listing the Danish products which I must avoid. I see a great calamity is developing quite fast. I feel that the world is about to face a crisis-a showdown between Islam and the rest of the world. Those non-Muslims who still believe that somewhere there is such a thing called 'peaceful' or 'moderate' Islam, this cartoon incident should be a wake-up call to them.

It could be argued that the cartoons depicting Muhammad might be offensive to some Muslims .This, to me, seems to be fair enough. But then, the cartoons are the work of a single or a few cartoonists or it might be a newspaper. Then, why should the Muslim world punish the innocent people of Denmark? Is this a fair treatment? When I ask this question to my friends they become very angry. They told me that entire Europe is the enemy of Islam and all Europeans deserve to be punished. It is because the Europeans would never stop criticising Islam.

So, I told my friends that many Americans and Europeans consider all Muslims to be terrorists-they must be correct in their opinion. They (my friends) cannot refute me; instead, they grow more irate. They even challenge me to be either with them (Muslims) or with the infidels. But I am on neither side. I am on the side of justice and fairness.

We criticise others, but then, we do worse than what we are criticising. Truly, Muslims are dim-witted. They do not realise that the USA and Europe could destroy the entire Muslim population if they were to emulate the Islam's example of apartheid, unfairness and absolute perpetration of hate towards non-Muslims. The Muslims are very lucky that these infidels do not imitate our policies.

Today, Muslims are seeking apology for a dead man (Muhammad) from the government of Denmark.

My question is: who really deserve an apology-Muslims or the non-Muslims around the world?


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