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Why Islam Broke My Heart :-(

Dear Mr. Sina,

This site is excellent, it is the light of truth in all the darkness, please post my tragic and sad story so others can see what Islam is really all about, I have posted my story on other web sites too. Every Muslim must know the truth. Thank you.

Hi, I was born in a Pakistani family in the UK. I was a major fundamentalist Muslim. I had absolute faith in Islam and I loved it very much. However after reading the Koran a few times I started to wonder about some of the verses. There were things in the Koran that were making me nervous, also the many stories about Mohammed were also cause for concern. The conquest and subjugation of the Jews was rather disturbing, so to was the rape of many women. I didn't want to believe this and i started to say to myself that these stories are lies. However the thought of my faith was eating my mind, slowly, slowly i was being torn apart by this dilemma. I finally wrote down some of the problems I had with the Koran and the story of Mohammed. I went to mosque and asked the mulavi sahib about these issues i had with Islam. He tried his best to explain but its like I knew that he wasn't going to be able to justify some of the atrocities committed by Mohammed. However the part where he got stuck was the Aisha question. How can a man of more than 50 years old have sexual feelings for a girl of only 6! After he gave me a dissatisfactory answer I just went quiet and walked away. I was out the door and I looked back, He looked at me and he put his head down... I think he knew I wasn't going to come back. Since then I have been rather heart broken as I have lost my faith. Islam is a falsehood, a pure hoax. I felt that I might as well believe in Santa clause or the boogie man! I wish I could believe again, but as a normal and respectable human being I cant believe in a man who is a pedophile! Simple as that. I can't comprehend the fact that a man of that age can fantasize about a 6 year old, and then have sex with her while she was still playing with her dolls! And why is it that a woman is lower than a man? is my mother lower than me? why is it that a Muslim can have 4 wives? can a woman not have 4 husbands then? and why did Mohammed have more than 4 wives? doesn't he believe in practice what you preach! Also how can I believe a man with such low moral character? how can I believe in a man who does things which I myself find abhorrent and disgusting, a man like him today instead of being in a mosque would actually be in prison with a 7 year jail sentence for rape, and child molestation/sexual abuse. For the cultural reasons given for this act (by the so called scholars) of Mohammed's marriage with a 6 year old are irrelevant! No SANE man in any time or place would have sexual fallings for a baby! This is reason enough for denouncing Islam. For this man is not from God. And Islam is just the ramblings of some delusional Arab mad man. All this religion has done is cause pain and misery for the world. Especially India where the mass murder of Hindus was unforgivable. No country suffered more than Hindu India. As for other religions at least the so called enemies of Islam such as Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism etc., don't have their religious leaders doing such disgusting things or being complete hypocrites! I'm still a right wing, conservative but I'm not a sucker and I'm not gonna let this nut case ideology ruin my life anymore. Even Jesus wasn't anything like this fiend Mohammed! I'm just glad I got out while I could, and I just hope that all the other Muslims finally get their facts right and come to their senses. They should DUMP this evil satanic cult immediately, and do with the Koran as is done with all other piles of useless TRASH! - commit it to the FLAMES! Any way, thank you for your time,

Ahmed K.

P.S. Apology to all those Sikhs and others i fought with and got many a bloody nose for the defense of this pathetic cult, forgive me, thank you.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom