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My Apostasy

Dear Ali Sina,

My name is Aisha (name changed). I would like to tell you about my spiritual journey out of Islam.

I ran into your site six months ago. At first I thought you were absolutely mad and made a vow to study Islam harder and become a better Muslimah. My faith, however, had to be restored because your articles are written in a very powerful and uncompromising way. I decided to show some of your articles, especially about misogyny, to my Imam.

He is not hateful at all and strongly condemns all acts of violence. Even though he is imam and a well-educated man in the Islamic science, I now doubt he has ever read the Quran! He is so peaceful and is often denounced by hard-line Muslims.

When I headed for the mosque, I thought we would just laugh together at your stupidity.

I handed your articles to him. To tell the truth, I expected him to burst out into laughter, but he began to read your writings carefully. When he finished, he told me that he had learnt the truth. My eyes were blank and I barely could respond to him. He then continued. As a matter of fact, he has known that Islam is false for some time. He said he was too old (70 years) to change his life and so he kept on preaching sermons in mosques. Of course, he chose some more or less peaceful verses from the Quran. But it was not all! I will just quote what he said. “I’m old. My life is coming to an end. But you, Aisha, are young. Run, girl, run before it is too late!”

Can you imagine how shocked I was by his words? I’ve mentioned that he is such a nice and lovable man so I simply couldn’t help believing him. I, however, decided to carry out my own research.

I visited "billions" of Islamic sites, read articles and reflected. It turned out you were the only man who used logic and intelligence when writing articles. Muslims prefer to speak of the greatness of Mohammed, Allah and their religion without any basis.

Then I joined millions of forums. I even chatted with a much respected Ph.D. carrying scholar from Egypt. Boy, was he angry! He literally commanded me to stop reading your articles and move to the Middle East (I am from Australia).

But that was the proof I needed. You don’t ask people who share your views to stop reading Islamic sites. Why? It’s clear. You are not afraid of opposing views. You really mean what you say. Islam is based on blind faith. Muslims seem to accept everything Mohammed (or as they like to think, Allah) said with blind faith.

It took me 6 months to see the light. Hope you aren’t offended but I would like to thank my Imam in the first place. It is so unfortunate that he will have to put up with Islam day by day until his death. Certainly, I also want to thank you for the freedom that I enjoy now.

Best regards,


Dear Aisha
That was a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Now you have to join our spiritual struggle and help awaken the rest of the Muslims. Just think that out of 1.2 billion people who pretend to be Muslims, over one billion of them are not. They are good people like you and your enlightened Imam, They are fed with lies all their lives and now they have come to believe in those lies. If they discover the truth, none of them will remain a Muslim. It is up to us to make them see the truth. Now is your turn to shine and become a torch of guidance to others. Continue using the Internet. This is our turf. Avoid personal contacts with angry Muslims that may endanger your life. We will grow exponentially and we will remove the curse of Islam from our people and this world in our own lifetime.

Give my kind regards to your Imam. Tell him he is my Imam too. Ask him to write his story and send it to me anonymously. In fact I would love to publish his articles.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom