Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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Comment From an Old Apostate

Dear Ali Sina,

I'm writing to you to show my deep respect for your work. I'm now almost 65 years old. If you can, please dedicate some time to an old man.

I'm myself an apostate (though I don't like this word as it's too pompous). I left Islam 40 years ago after I had left my mother country which is Oman (nowadays I'm leaving in the USA ). So, coming back to my point, I left Islam long ago and at that time there was nothing dangerous or interesting in it. My American friends didn't understand my deed since nobody was interested in Islam or Muslims. And Muslim communities in the US were small and I didn't fear to be killed by fanatics. Nowadays I'm retired and as I have some free time, I decided to make a little research into the present state of Islam and Muslims.

I looked through different sites but I couldn't find any critical sites about Islam. I found only sites of devout Muslims who can't imagine that some people dare to question Islam or even leave it. And a few months ago I found your site. I'm very happy that there are ex-Muslims like you and some of them are great scholars like you. My daughter is working in Amnesty International and I informed her about your site. Let us hope that human rights organizations will not just help Muslims but will also fight their rotten ideology.

And could you please answer some questions?

1) As I've mentioned, I'm from Oman . That is a very interesting country with interesting culture. Oman is a mixture of Arab, African and Indian traditions. I left Islam but I didn't forget my culture. I'm still interested in Oman . I like Islamic arts and calligraphy. I think Arabic is a beautiful language. So, I want to ask you: are you interested in your culture? Iran has such an interesting history. Islam is dangerous but Islamic culture as well as history of Muslim countries are fascinating.

2) I'm very disturbed by the growing Muslim population in Europe and here in America . Is it dangerous in your opinion? They are breeding like rabbits and sooner or later they will become the majority. They will impose Sharia.They will kill non-believers. They will veil our women. Do you think it will happen? There are many apostates but 1.3 billion Muslims still believe in Allah.

Thank you for your time

Best regards,


My dear friend Ali,

Kudos to you for your insight and wisdom and for realizing that Islam is dangerous before most people.

Yes of course I am very much interested in my culture. I also love Persian language, Parsi, its architecture, its poetry and its art. I also love Persian calligraphy. Yes I think Arabic is also a beautiful language and I love the Middle Eastern art and cousin. However, these are not Islamic. Is there any instruction or even mention of architecture, calligraphy, music, poetry or any form of art that constitute the basis of any culture in the Quran? Calling our culture Islamic is misnomer. Our culture is ours. It existed before Islam. Take for example the palace of Kasra.

It was destroyed by the marauding army of Islam during the Khilafat of Omar. Doesn’t it look like a mosque? So as you see, what has erroneously come to be known as Islamic architecture is Persian architecture. The word cupola comes from the Persian word coppeh.

Quran does not teach architecture, music, poetry or any form of art. In fact Muhammad berated poets and discouraged or banned art. Painting, sculpture, music and dancing are prohibited in Islam. The Quran does not teach mathematics, chemistry, medicine or any other science. Quran teaches war and incites its followers to hate. It goads the Muslims to become Jihadis and terrorists. So,

Islamic culture is an oxymoron, while Islamic terrorism is redundancy.

We must hold to our culture, cherish it and protect it. It is not Islamic culture; it is the culture of our people. Actually we have to slay Islam to salvage our culture and revive it.

Yes I think the unchecked immigration of this many Muslims to the West and their government subsidized polyfiloprogenration is eventually going to cause big problems in the West. If this growth is not stopped, civil wars are sure to happen. The problem is that Muslims are unwilling to integrate and are determined to take over the countries where they reside. I see only three alternatives. One is expulsing Muslims from the western countries. The other is de-Islamizing them. And the third is civil war. Since the first two are not happening, the third is almost certain to happen.

I prefer deIslamization. That is why I created this site. People like you and me contribute to our country. We are part of it. We are integrated and love our compatriots. We want to uphold our constitution and promote our liberties. We are not undermining our government nor are we trying to sabotage it and replace it with a 7th century barbarity. We are patriotic citizens of the country were we reside. The followers of Muhammad however are loyal to Muhammad and his cult. They are constantly devising ways to advance their cause and fight the system. They are the fifth column.

Muslims often say the ratio of women to men converting to Islam is 4 to 1. This they say to claim that Islam is not anti woman. But the truth is something else. The truth is that Muslim men target non-Muslim women and seduce them and coerce them to convert to Islam systematically while Muslim females can’t do such thing. Muslims have launched a relentless campaign to conquer the west through seduction conversion and marriage.

I believe it is very much up to the ex-Muslims to not let this happen. We have seen the destructive power of Islam. We saw how it destroyed our cultures and civilization and took away our freedom. We must not let this happen in the West. This time we know the enemy and we are aware of its lies and modus operandi. The truth about Islam is spreading fast and people are awakening. The enlightened people are leaving Islam is huge numbers and each one of us is fighting back to stop Islam in its track. Islam thrives on ignorance. This war can only be won with knowledge. Truth will set us free.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom