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My Awakening ......

Dear Ali

Thanks for all you do, I am starting a new website to show Islam's true face,
This is its first entry, the story of how I left Islam. If you do publish, feel free to edit some of my words spouted in anger...

My story is like the story of thousands of other converts. I grew up somewhat rebellious, spiritually anyway, and I hated going to church each Sunday. I was the type of person who loved learning about other people, other cultures, and other religions. When I started studying Islam, I was utterly fascinated. The books that were created for those interested in the religion showed the perfection of the religion. "To kill one man is the same as killing all of humanity" I really loved that one. (Now that I think about it I can see the stupidity of this statement)

I got deeply involved in studying, the sites I studied from had been delicately created by those knowing exactly what a convert hopes to find. A convert is looking for something not disputing science generally, a peaceful religion, and the idea of 1 God. The creators of these sites know this, and they foster towards those on a spiritual search and naive mind. I was indeed one on a spiritual search, I wanted to feel connected to something larger than myself, and I wanted to be surrounded by moral people, with strong convictions against immoral things. Islam was all of this for me. I became very involved in the religion, and whenever I happened to stumble upon "radical" or as I refer to them today Islamically correct sites I simply said "those are the ones with fucked up views, every religion has them, and they're ashamed of them." I found many Muslims on chat rooms, and we all united in the cause that Israel stole Palestines land, the West was corrupt and evil, Jews were behind all evil acts. Funny, how easily you can get convinced with eloquent words!

Then, one day I met Mohamed (NO, not the pedophile who started the whole cult.) This was Mohamed from Morocco , and he had come to the US and was living very close to me. We discussed Islam a lot, and we were both pretty liberal, we listened to music, agreed that a woman shouldn't be forced to wear hijab, if a woman wants a job it's fine, and that polygamy is outdated. I really liked that about him, so we talked every night, on voice chat, and used the webcam (major sin in Islam by the way, to talk with non-mahrams, especially while viewing the face) We were only friends, and he actually had a fiance'e back in Morocco, but he talked to me about how all she wanted to do was lay around on the beach in her bikini, we both agreed she had been corrupted by western values, and women shouldn't show their bodies off for Men to see. So eventually he broke things off with her and can you see the inevitable coming here? Ah yes, we decided that we were a perfect couple to get married. So he made a visit to me, and we affirmed that belief even more. I was moving to another state soon, and he also decided that he would move to be with me, and once he got himself financially secure, we would get married. Here is what was so perfect to me, he had always wanted to go back to his country and live there after finishing his education, but now, because he knew me, he was willing to give up everything that he had planned to do. How romantic right? How could anyone ever say that Muslim guys are controlling over Women. I know you see where this is going.

Things continued to get better with Mo as I called him, we began to plan our whole future I would work in the political field, while he worked in the computer field....We would live in Connecticut (suburbs of course.) Really I was so in love (first time I actually loved a guy who was not attractive by the way hehe.) Then one night, I said something off the topic of discussing our future plans....I said "I just can't get over these men who want more than one wife, I mean that's just really stupid, and demeaning towards women." I was not just speaking of Muslims but Mormons and other primitive people who agreed with this idea. Suddenly his faced changed from its usual happiness, into a scornful look. He said: How could you argue with Allah's words? I said "well in the days of Muhammad, culture was different and so he didn't see anything wrong with having more than one wife, and wars left a lot of women as widows, and they needed caregivers." Now, you see? I was rehashing the prefabricated Islamic response to this question, mindlessly. He asked me if I thought Islam was outdated. I replied: "Well even you agree that cutting off people's heads is barbaric, and that women working can be a necessity in this society." He said: "Yes but I do not argue that it is Allah's will, you say Allah is wrong by saying Polygamy is wrong....and Those who don't fully believe in all of Allah's words are Kaffirs, and Kaffirs go to hell." WOW what a change, I immediately said my good night, and that I didn't want to talk to someone irrational like that. The next day I received a kind email, filled with I'm sorry, forgive me, and regrets. That worked! Naively I accepted his apologies and we continued on as before. I must add, I worried a lot about how I was going to finance certain aspects in my very expensive education *you will see why this is important in the next paragraph*

I really don't know where the changing point came, but I started to become a little suspicious of some Islamic ideas as I researched more. Not befriending Kaffirs, MURDERING, lying, WOMEN'S STATUS!!!! Wow what had I missed here? So I talked to Mo about it, and apparently, this was his boiling point. Here is the email I received from him.

My words are in bold in the following paragraph.

What the hell is your problem? I am willing to give up everything for you, My country, My life, My pride...and whenever I ask you to make one sacrifice, you get scared of it, scared of Allah's will (Note- The sacrifice he is mentioning is my disapproval of being a housewife) How can you dispute what Allah has laid out so clearly? You care only about money...Care? No thats not the word...You are Absessed (Remember English not the first language *Obsessed* is intended word) with Money just as badly as the Jews. Your dreams are not of how to worship your God, and submit to his will, but how you can make more money, and get power. When I dream, I dream of coming home to you, after a hard day of work, and I see you cooking for me, a clean house, and after that, we have our time in bed. When you dream, you dream of how you get more money, how you can get your husband to buy you what you want. That is the mind of a sick woman. (I'm the sick one?) Listen here, Allah says the man is more powerful than the woman, and his job is to watch over her, yet you reject all of it. Here are my demands and you will follow them not because I demand them, but because Allah demands them. And Allah demands submission to the husband.

•You will wear hijab at all times.
• You will not befriend muslim girls without hijab, and you will absolutely not befriend Kaffirs.
• When a male friend or colleague of mine enters the house, you will go to a separete room, and stay there until he leaves, unless you serve him food or drink.
• You will not work, even if I am not able to financially support you, you will be around Kaffirs at work, and they will look at you lustfully and tempt you to do wrong. Women are weak, you are weak, and you will probably end up harrased by a Kaffir.
• If you leave, even with friends, tell me where you are at all times, and whatever you buy you must show me once you return home
• I am allowed to beat you softly, but only under extreme circumstances, such as denying sex.
• If i want to get another wife, or two or three, it is my right, and Allah has recommended it, so if you were a good muslim you will even help me search for a wife. However, if I do find one, you cannot object to me wanting to be a better muslim.

I know this may sound harsh, but you know its right, even if it takes you ten years to realize. This is my demands, meet them, or you will not have the privalege to be my wife.

I love you

My Response:

Dear Mo,

I feel so stupid in my ignorance, in my naivete', to not see the truth. You have laid out everything so perfectly for me. I guess seeing that I am a Woman it is somewhat difficult to come to terms with what Islam expects from me. Islam wants me to be a housewife, Islam wants me to submit to all of your requests, Islam wants me to be completely veiled, except my face and hands. How did I miss this? I really want to thank you for bringing the truth to me, for in your email you have clearly laid out what had previously been hidden to me.

You showed me that Islam believes that women are merely sex objects and property, Islam was created by a Prophet who was indeed vile and a pedophile, Islam allows you to beat me. It allows you to be a polygamist. What does it allow me? It allows me to stay in the house, because I am nothing but an object of sin. If Allah is most gracious, most merciful, he wouldn't have chosen such an ill minded prophet. If Allah is who we worship, and whose aid we seek, count me out! I don't seek the aid of a vengeful God, who thinks beheading people is okay, who thinks beating women is okay, who thinks pedophilia is okay in this life, and homosexual pedophilia is okay in the next.

My Mother always taught me to respect those whose opinions are different, and understand that everyone has their own way of spiritual enlightenment. She also taught me to never use foul language. Most of all; never be angry, because you will later regret what you say. Sorry Mom I guess I failed you tonight with what I am about to say.

Fuck you! (Wow that really does feel good.) I will not serve you, and I will not serve a god who is the monster the qur'an speaks of. Call me a kaffir please, I would much rather be associated with that culture, than one that believes its okay to kill 750 Jews in one day, behead non-believers, and escalate an old man who had sex with a 9 year old girl, and married her at age 6. If the Jannah you speak of is full of people like you, why would I want a destination like that? The true hell would be living around millions of people such as you.

I will lock my doors now, change my name, and move....because for Muslims to denounce Islam and leave their religion is punishable by death.

However, once again thank you, for showing me the light of Islam. May the truth set you free.

Isn't it great how one person can make you see the truth? My only hope now is that we realize how Islam is a threat to our society, and we must help other Muslims escape. Most do not realize what their religion really teaches, and for those that do, well, you see what they do. Look at NYC, look at London , Look at Bali or Beslan; that is the works of true believers. For Verily, Jihad is the duty of all Muslim males. What we call "good" Muslims are actually hypocrites to their religion. Those who claim peace, equality, human rights, are denouncing their religion with those statements. Those who kill non-believers, they are the true Muslims.

This site will be dedicated to proving the truth of all that I have said. It will take some hard work, but I have it all available, and it's worth it if it raises recognition of how Islam truly is evil. I strongly thank Mr. Ali Sina for also uncovering the truth and helping me read more about it, and making me firm in my decision.


Dear Andrea,

Welcome back to the fold of humanity. How lucky you are that Mo was stupid enough to show his hand before marring you and have a child. Other Muslims are much smarter. They wait and play the nice guy game until they know the woman is completely under their control and then they remove the mask.

Also perhaps you should know that the story of Mo's girlfriend lying on the beach in bikini and that in an Islamic country is just a pathetic lie. This controlling man could not have tolerated the thought of a girlfriend in bikini. Also his plan of going back to his country was another lie. Muslims kill to come out of their Islamic paradises. you were for him the Green Card. He said all those things to win your sympathy. Look how he used the "I gave up everything for you" to induce guilt in you. I urge anyone who wants to marry a Muslim, especially a Muslim man to study narcissistic personality disorder and see how the charming man she loves, whom she thinks is different, fits that profile. The moment one becomes a Muslim, and to the degree that he follows Muhammad, he starts showing signs of NPD pathology. That is because all the Muslims have entered into Muhammad's narcissistic bubble universe. They have zero conscience when it comes to the rights of non-Muslims. The only thing admirable about this narcissist is that in a brief moment of honesty, perhaps in rage he wrote that email and said it all. One must read that email several times. These are not Mo's personal views. He is stating the relationship of husband and wife in Islam.

Congratulations for not having the privalege [sic] of becoming the battered wife of this sick man and congratulations for starting your site to expose the evil cult of Islam. I hope you may be able to reach other girls who date Muslim men and save them before it is too late for them. Happy endings to these stories are rare if any. Maybe you should go back to your church and tell your story to everyone.

I encourage everyone to start a site. You can have free sites and you can just copy paste articles from this site. The more sites there are the more google will pick up the articles that expose Islam. Your site can be just a few pages.

What I love about Muslims converting people is that most of them leave Islam as soon as the mask comes down and they see its ugly face. These people then join the army of light and with dedication try to eradicate this cult of hate. So Muslims;... go ahead;... keep converting unwary people with your lies. Soon you'll see what you thought is the "fastest growing religion" is actually the fastest dying insanity.

Ali Sina

Used with permission from Faith Freedom