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To Non Arab Muslims: Islam is a Monkey on Your Back

I am writing this as an appeal to non-Arab Muslims. A word of caution to Arabs: I am not against Arabs or their race. There are lots of good people among them and I also have a few good Arab friends. I am only against their twisted ideology. Let me first tell something about me. I am an Indian Muslim; I should rather say was a Muslim. I believed in Islam for years just like millions of other Indian Muslims. But I found out, I was dead wrong and deluding me by thinking that there was some truth behind Islam. The idea of a fifty year old man marrying a six year old girl is so gross to me. I always despised this Muslim practice and tend to believe this as an aberration among Arabs. Turning point for me was, when I found the “great” prophet of Islam actually practiced his despicable act. Such a person can not be my prophet. That blew the cover of my Islamic faith. I am grateful to Faith Freedom International for that.

Islam is nothing but a political system created by Mohammed to remove the stigma that Arabs are borne out of a bonds-woman. It was created to enforce a new social status for Arabs. Islam is neither divine nor true. It is masqueraded as a religion. The numerous verses in Quran admonishing Jews, the events transpired during the time of Muhammed and events happening now, all point to this one fact. It is an attempt to create a new history for Arabs under the disguise of monotheism. Islam is the product of Arab hatred towards Jews. Islam was just created by Muhammed to elevate the social status of Arabs from the descendents of a bonds-woman to the status of a noble race preferred by God. Quran is a rehashing of Bible stories with a twist to elevate the status of Ismail.

According to the Judeo-Christian teachings Arabs are the descendents of Ismail – the son of Abraham through the maid servant Hagar. Jews are the descendents of Isaac - the son of Abraham through legitimate wife Sarah. Arabs are considered the descendants of the illegitimate son Ismail. This created a social stigma, humiliation and inferiority complex among Arabs. Mohammed invented Islam to erase this blotch and forced everyone to believe in a new history of Arabs.

He was clever in doing this. He knew that to win over the Jews and Christians, the new religion had to be in line with the Semitic belief system. So he claimed to be the next prophet in the lineage of Semitic prophets. Islam claimed to be a continuation of messages sent to Jews. But it was a clever attempt to subjugate Jews under Arab rule. This is evident from Quran, which says that all other previous scriptures are corrupted. The corruption Muslims refer to starts with the story of Isaac and Ismail. Quran says Ismail was preferred by God and selected for sacrifice. All of this twists and corruption charges have only one aim, to elevate the status of Ismail above that of Isaac and hence establish that Arabs are superior and chosen by God to lead the world. This is the reason Arab Muslims are so persistent and adamant in spreading Islam and subjugating everyone else to Islamic belief. When everyone becomes Muslim they have to believe in this new history and elevated status of Arabs. First Mohammed tried to placate Jews with verses like 2:62. When that did not work, he threatened them with verses like 3:85, 5:82 and 9.29.

This point of Arab superiority is evident from Quran, that Quran addresses numerous verses to Jews and telling them to obey and believe in Mohammed. Mohammed said that now Allah had chosen Arabs as the preferred people. He also said that he was last prophet and no more messages would be sent to mankind. This was a pretty smart move that he not only elevated the Arab genealogy but also found a way to lock it from being changed by other newer prophets.

Muslims regard Islam as the true religion. They regard Quran as divine and the literal word of Allah. Muslims say that Allah is the supreme creator and god almighty. All of these arguments are based on what is written in Quran. This rhetoric of Islam the “true religion” does not hold much ground. On close scrutiny one can find that Quran can not be divine or the literal word of god almighty. Allah as presented by Quran can not be the god of this universe.

Islam is actually “Preach what you (Arabs) practice”. Muslims say that Islam is not just a religion; it is a way of life. In fact it is true. The Arab way of life is written down as a book and it is called Quran. This way of life is being imposed on other people. Sex and power are a major part of Arab life. Quran sanctifies this promiscuous behavior of Arabs with verses like “you can have sex with right hand possessions” and promise of virgins in heaven. Allowing sex with right hand possessions (bond-women) is related to Arab history by way of Ismail’s birth. So Muhammed can not stop that practice.

Arabs also have a hierarchical Muslim society with Saudis at the top followed by other Arabs, non-Arab Muslims. They do not treat Muslims from other countries with much respect. There is no equality or righteousness offered to non-Arab Muslims. Arab Muslims are like a privileged class. They are never wrong or apologetic. All of this proves that Islam was created to puff up Arab pride. Other people have no privilege or rights. If Islam was a true religion and it was for the entire mankind such a situation would not have happened. Now they are slowly learning human rights and rule of law from western democracies. If Islam is a true religion from God, why would the Arabs have to learn these traits from the west?

If you read Quran you will find that it has no spirituality or righteousness. On the contrary it is filled with so much worldly topics like power, sex, war etc. How can the creator of this universe entice people with sex and wine in heaven? This is like mafia leaders telling their mercenaries that women and wine will be given as bonus for those who work very hard. Do you think that the supreme entity who created everything in this universe would be so silly to say something like that?

One look at Saudi flag will remove the notion that Islam is the religion of peace. It has the Shahada written on it with an underline using a sword. This truly summarizes the message of Islam. You must submit to this belief system or you will be killed. How can a sword represent peace?

Islam treats the apostates as traitors. Similarly fascist political systems do not allow people to leave their party system. People who leave such political systems are treated as traitors. In this regard Islam resembles a communist or fascist ideology. Islam does not tolerate apostates. The recent Afghan apostate issue reminds how North Korea treats their people trying to escape the communist regime. A true religion based on true god would not want apostates to be killed. Only a religion that wants to hide something from others would want the apostates to be killed. This is the result of inferiority complex and cult like behavior.

Look at the state of Muslims and Islamic countries. The people of this “true” religion kill each other. There are so numerous sects and clans among them. Within a short span after Mohammed, they split into Sunnis and Shias and started killing each other. They have no unity among them. Pakistan is a great example. So much for a “true” religion and “guided” people.

Muslims can be categorized into three types - stupid, intelligent and cunning.

Stupid Muslims:
Majority of non-Arab Muslims belong to this category. They do not read or understand Quran. They fail to realize that Islam is for Arabs. They are the gullible people who are becoming the lackeys and foot soldiers of this political system. They are deluded to think that beneath the filthy and gross practices of Islam, there is some truth. They keep on looking for hidden meaning for gross Quranic verses and Islamic practices.

Intelligent Muslims:
These categories of Muslims are ignorant of Islam and have not read or understood Quran. But they are intelligent people. Once they read and understand Quranic messages, they leave this religion.

Cunning Muslims:
These Muslims are the super intelligent types. They know what Islam is for. They also understand Quranic messages and what is the real meaning of those verses. But they will still keep saying that Islam is a true and divine religion from God and concoct ways to bring more gullible/stupid people to the fold of Islam. Most Arabs belong to this category. Since Islam imposes Arab way of life and elevates status of them, they would naturally want to keep Islam going. It benefits their puffed up pride and suites their way of life of having access to women and unlimited sex.

An appeal:
The non-Arab Muslims from Asia and Western world, you are being used by Arabs for their advantage and selfishness. Arab Muslims are using you in their fight against Jews. They do not respect you or treat you with respect. But you are unnecessarily becoming subservient to Arabs by being a Muslim. They are forcing you believe in a political system that is not yours. Islam is a foreign ideology for you. They placed this monkey on your back and you are happily carrying it around, ruining your life and destroying this world for them. Throw away that Islamic monkey from your back, relieve yourselves and live your life.

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