Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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My Journey to Enlightenment

My journey to enlightenment started when I was a final year medical student. One day as I was praying in the rest room of my college one of my professor enter the room. He was sitting there and looking at me praying. When I finish he said "Son can I give you some advice" I replied "OK sir" Then he something which I will remember forever. This is his exact words "Don't waste your time kissing the floor. The whole Islam is a scam. It is a mad-man ideology of hate. Quran is nothing but a book of baloney."

I was shocked. This proof is a very nice man. Most students liked him. He even took extra hours to teach us. Out of all professors I like him the most. I was thinking how he can say that. I just kept quite and walked out of the room.

Later that day I told my roommate about it. He said it was a common knowledge that he is an atheist. My roommate told me how much he hated this professor. I was dumbfounded. My roommate always saw him to ask his help in studies yet he hated him. Then I told myself that I have to save this man from hell. I thought if I understand Islam deeply, I would be able to explain to him the truth of Islam. I bought a Quran translation by Yusuf Ali and a translation of Sahih Bukhari. That was the turning point in my life. The more I read the Quran; the more realized that the book cannot be from God. The verse on slavery finally broke the shell. I am free now. Free from fear. A religion should give mankind a reason to live yet Islam gives reasons to die.

Unfortunately before I could tell this professor about my enlightenment he died of a heart attack. It was a sad day for me. I was the only "Muslim" who attended his funeral. All other Muslim students I met told me that he is going to hell. What kind of God can condemn such a great man to hell? What is sure is that Muslims had made my life a living hell. Writing to you is the only spiritual luxury I have in an Islamic country. Anyway I am still thankful that Malaysia is just a moderate Islamic country unlike Iran.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom