Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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I was just browsing the net after a local radio station aired a news item about Dr. Yunis Shaikh. Up until this point I wasn't even aware of an atheist movement in Pakistan!!! It didn't take long to find this excellent site, and to be quite honest I feel like this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Born to into a muslim family I was the typical religious fundamentalist, trapped in my own world of conspiracies...the Jews were behind everything. I took on the cause of the Palestinian people as something personal. I became heavily involved with a group of muslims going under the name 'Young Muslims UK' - boy oh boy! This organization single handedly managed to convert me from a Quran quoting nutcase into a fully fledged atheist.

Having been brought up in an area where there weren't any other muslims, I hadn't previously met anyone of the same background as me. When my father decided it was time for me to get involved with some other Pakistani muslims, that's when I realized how stupid the whole thing was.

Prior to joining this organization I hadn't read the Quran in English, instead I read it in Arabic (believing that this would bring me 'Swaab' - blessings). When I did read it for the first time I became VERY worried by the amount of violence in it. Subsequent late night sessions with the Quran convinced me that I was reading a guide to war.

When I asked 'where did Allah come from?' in one of the weekly circles I was told that this question was inspired by the I had thought of this question I took this personally! Well that was the start of my intense haltered for all organized religion.

However according to most of my family and Pakistani friends they think I am a confused muslim. I prefer it like this as it allows me to ask awkward questions and see them get mad.

Well i'm glad i've found this site and i'm going to be doing a bit of on-line and telephone campaigning on behalf of Dr. Yunis Shaikh. Lets use this as an opportunity to bring the worlds focus on the barbarism that is tolerated under the banner of 'cultural differences'...Human life is human life in ALL cultures.

To the people behind this have done an excellent job!!!

Anyone wishing to contact me or help in the campaign can e-mail me at

Taken from ISIS

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