Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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I found your site a few weeks ago on the internet. I am impressed and really feel happy that you are trying to educate muslims.

I was born in a Muslim family and was a practicing muslim until I read Koran. When I read Koran the first time I was terrified because of its threatening language. In next Ramadan I read Koran again and finally discovered that it is noting but just a book to confuse and terrify people so that they obey it and do not question.

I am here in UK for last 5 years. This opportunity to live in a free society gave me a chance to analyze Islam without any influence of mullah.

Obviously I do not say things against Islam openly as I know someone desperate to go to heaven or someone desperate for having sex with 70 women in heaven will just kill me but however I always try to educate people who are willing to listen.

I shall be grateful to you if you kindly give me permission to copy and reproduce some material from your site, not for publication but just to show it to a few Muslims who do not have access to the internet.



Used with permission from Faith Freedom