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I Decided to Leave Islam

Hello Ali Sina,

I am an Iranian-Australian and I left Islam just 2 days before I write this. I left Islam because your website has defeated my faith in Muhammad. I cannot see how a man who had s*x with a 9 year old girl would be a prophet of God. I had no idea about this. All this time I was thinking Muhammad was just another Buddha. What an idiot I was. I had no knowledge of the Qur'an until I visited your website. Thank you.

You are an Atheist, correct? Well, now that I have left Islam, I want to become a Christian. I have lost my faith in Muhammad, but I still believe in God. Atheism is too hard for me. Belief in God is very important in my eyes. So I want to become a Christian. I have read the teachings of Jesus and they are just beautiful, nothing like what idiotic Muhammad teaches. What is your opinion on this? You see that Islam is a threat to the Human Race, but I can assure you Christianity is different than that.

Anyways, thank you for showing me the Truth about Islam. I have even told my father about Muhammad's violent life. My dad knew absolutely nothing about Islam either. My dad, a Shi'a, decided to leave Islam and wants to become a Christian too. Now, even my mother has left Islam becuase the influence of my dad on her. No more Muslims in my family! :P

You are Iranian too huh? I have lived in Australia all my life and cannot speak Iranian for peanuts, but I am improving.

One day, Iran WILL overthrow those Mullahs. Payendeh Iran :)

PS: In your forums, there is a person named assyrian_king_86 and he is the one who promoted this website to me. He has an Iraqi (Assyrian) background and is a Christian. He is a good freind of mine and my family would not have left Islam if he never promoted your website to me. Thanks to you and him :)

Reply to me if you wish to ask any qustions.

Dear KK,

Good to hear you left Islam. Congratulations for your enlightenment. This is indeed a glorious day for you.

You chose to become a Christian. That is fine. Not everyone can live without a religion and for those who really need to believe, Christianity is a good choice. In fact one who tries to live by the spiritual teachings of Christ often is a very good person and at the end this is what matters most. Our beliefs are irrelevant, what are important are our actions.

No, I am not an atheist in the traditional sense of this word. What I mean to say is that I am not a materialist. I consider materialism another misguided faith based on dogmas and unsubstantiated beliefs and in my discussion with materialists I found them to be just as arrogant as the most close-minded religionists. Just like a good Muslim, they start insulting you as soon as they feel defeated rationally.

When I left Islam I turned first to Buddhism and finally realized that the essence of Buddhism is to become a Buddha. So now, I am no more a Buddhist but a Buddha. I have decided to become a prophet unto my own. It would be nice if everyone did the same thing. Of course this entails a lot of responsibility. Not everyone is ready to take that responsibility. It is much easier to rely on someone else to lead you than to grope your way relying on your own intelligence and senses. My only compass is the Golden Rule and that is all I need. With the Golden Rule I can dispense all the religions. But Christianity, unlike Islam is mostly based on the Golden Rule. So if it makes you happy, go for it. The important thing is what you do and not what you believe.

Now that you are out of the hole of Islam, it is your responsibility to help others who are still caught in that web of lies. Join the army of light, become a soldier of truth, fight this evil and save mankind.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom