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I Think I Left Islam

Dear webmaster,

I think I left Islam. It is my final decision but I still can’t get a grip on myself. I am not a young girl so changing my life like this is not easy.

If you want to know who I am you can read this post.

The response was inadequate. Again brother Areeb started calling for the pure Islam. How tired I am of such young Muslims who are clueless and can’t comprehend that Muslim countries are evil. Dear Ali Sina (if you’re the one who is reading this letter), let’s hope together that things will get better in Iran, our beloved country.

If you scroll down you will see that Areeb said “I state it again, punishment for Adultery is stoned to death, not hanged to death!” Once again I was faced with the fact that most Muslims are crackpots (to say the least!). I was going against the current. I am exhausted and tired of attempting to reform Islam on my own.

Your site is quite refreshing. I don’t have to carry the burden of being a modernized Muslim any longer (convey my best wishes to Haifa who claims to be a modernized Muslim).

My life is not quite successful but at least my girls will escape the monster called “Islam”

I think I will keep on reading your site because it is so informative.

And I strongly advise you to read replies of this Areeb to me. You feel laugh a lot and then…cry a lot!

Best regards,


Dear Latifa,

I read your debate with Areeb. No, you did not leave Islam. You were never a Muslim to begin with. I can perfectly identify myself with you and Haifa . Our mistake was that we thought we knew Islam but the truth is that we did not. Areeb knows Islam. He is right. You, Haifa and I were wrong. I noticed how you tried to argue with him saying “this is not the real Islam”. But the truth is that what he says IS the real Islam.

You defended the rights of the religious minorities in Islamic countries. You talked about the hatred of Jews that are inseminated in schools, about the rights of women in Saudi Arabia who in that heat are forced to cover themselves in black veils and are not allowed to drive. Interestingly Areeb at first denied everything you said and asked for proof as if he does not believe you and immediately defended all that and justified every abuse. He even tried to bully you for your lack of faith. The truth is that he has the Quran and hadith on his side and you are just talking from your conscience. The moment you try to be fair and do unto others as you expect them do unto you, you can no more be a Muslim. Islam is contrary to fairness and the Golden Rule. Muslims in Western countries demand all sorts of privileges and concessions while deny the basic human rights to the non-Muslims in their own Islamic paradises. This is not due to the lack of understanding of Islam. This IS Islam. Islam is an unfair doctrine. The problem is not the Muslims but Islam itself.

Muslims have been fooling themselves about Muhammad being the most perfect human being and blaming themselves for everything that is wrong. But this is a lie. A lie that has been repeated so much that is now believed as true. Muhammad was the most ruthless and imperfect person. Hardly can we find any man as ruthless as him among all the Muslim rulers, past and present. That includes Khomeini and Saddam. This love affair with Muhammad must end. Islam cannot be reformed or modernized. Just as it is impossible to humanize Nazism and make of Hitler a saint, it is impossible to reform Islam and pretend that Muhammad was a prophet.

You have never been a Muslim, even though you called yourself with that name. Haifa was never a Muslim. She does no more calls herself “a modernized Muslim”. She and all her family are proud apostates and enlightened human beings. I was never a Muslim. Millions of people who call themselves Muslims but defend the human rights and the rights of the women; who oppose stoning, hanging, eye gauging, hand chopping, beheading and all other savageries practiced by Muhammad and taught by him are not Muslims. We must stop calling ourselves Muslims when we neither practice it nor believe in it. Areeb is a Muslim. Yamin Zakaria is a Muslim. Osama Bin Laden and all other terrorists are Muslims. We do not belong to this gang. Why we want to be part of them?

Yes please continue reading the articles in this site. The more you read the more you become convinced that you were never a Muslim. But it is important that we stop calling ourselves with that name too. These zealot followers of that madman of Arabia must see that Islam is not the fastest growing religion but a religion in fast demise. Only then they will stop their hooliganism and barbaric behavior and come to their senses. Who knows, maybe even they come to see the light and stop calling themselves Muslims one day. But they will be the last. They are triumphalists. Their faith is not based on logics but on hypes. When they see that millions of Muslims are leaving Islam and are announcing it publicly, their pomposity will be deflated and they may end this madness too.

Peace is still possible, but it is in the hands of people like you, Haifa and millions of other apostates. If each one of us who becomes enlightened helps another person, this will have an exponential effect and I promise before this generation passes, we will see the end of Islam as we saw the end of communism. The non-Muslims can’t do much except stand on the side and cheer us. But the destiny of mankind is in the hands of people like you, Haifa, me and the rest of apostates. We have passion and we have compassion. We have to use that to awaken our fellow humans. At no time, no cause has ever been more sacred than this. This truly is the cause of saving mankind. But time is running out and all of us must do whatever is in our power to avert the impending disaster.

Best wishes

Ali Sina

Used with permission from Faith Freedom


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