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Young Apostate

Hi Ali Sina,

Can you please dedicate a minute to an apostate?

My name is Mehdi and I am 13 years old.

Your site is just cool and I decided to leave the cult of Mohammed. I always wondered why my father beat my mother and then told her, “It is my right to discipline you, woman”. He hates the West even though we live in Canada . I think it is grossly unfair to use everything western and then celebrate death of every single infidel. So I said to myself that there must be a problem with Islam because my dad does it all “in the name of Allah”. Your site definitely needs more publicity because I’d been looking for 3 months for a site like yours before I actually found I now see perfectly well that my father is a true believer and a faithful Muslim. Islam does NOTHING to stop men from beating women and as a matter of fact ENCOURAGES men to treat their wives like dirt. The Quran doesn’t directly command Muslims to hate the West (because The Quran is an old book :))))) but this book tells Muslims to hate infidels and no wonder my dad is so hateful.

I will never be a Muslim. When I grow up I will be a good man like you (with your intelligence and knowledge, you are an example to me). My dad will kill me if I tell him about my apostasy so I will be a closet apostate for now. I spoke to my mum because she can understand me and she said that if she were younger, stronger and more educated she would take me to a different town where we would be living together without Islam. But she can’t because she is not very educated and unfortunately has given in.

I love my dad because he is my dad but sometimes I want to hit him. He beats my mum and she cries. I think many Muslims can become apostates because most of them are not real Muslims, but those like my dad are hopeless. But you need to carry on with enlightening Muslims because it is very needed nowadays.

Anyways, I wish you luck and success.

Best wishes,

Mehdi, the Iranian

[Mehdi is a name given to this young apostate by Ali Sina. His real name has been withheld]

Dear Mehdi.

You are a very wise young man. Your father is not a bad person. He is a victim of his wrong upbringing. The way he treats your mother is the only way he knows how to treat women. This is how his father treated his mother. As men grow older, they become mellower (produce less testosterone) and he will eventually stop being aggressive and abusive to your mother. However in Canada there are strict laws that protect abused women. You may let your father know that he could be in trouble with the law and even go to jail if he does not control his temper. Many immigrants don’t know about this. They should be told. You may want to get some literature on domestic violence and give it to him. You may also want to talk with your teacher and get a social worker help your father know about his responsibilities as a new Canadian. If he fears the consequence of his actions he will think twice before hitting your mother.

But be kind to your Dad. Remember that he is a victim too. Muslims are all victims and victimizers at the same time. The only thing that can bring us out of this mess is if we leave Islam and this is going to happen and you will see it in your own lifetime. When that happens, remember I told you this first when no one believed that is possible.

It is not late for your mother to get education. If you are 13 years old, I assume your mother must be in her thirties. That is still young and she has her whole life ahead of her. Encourage her to further her education and get into work force. Encourage her to take ESL courses. These courses are free in Canada. Then there are job trainings that last only few months. She can be a cashier, run daycare from home, learn hairdressing, become a Realtor, etc. Opportunities are endless and the pay is good. She will contribute to the society and will feel fulfilled and happy. When she becomes financially independent and hopefully make more money than your father, he too will start respecting her.

Keep reading the articles of this site and talk about it with your friends.

Best wishes

Ali Sina.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom


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