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Would-Be Suicide Bomber Leaves Islam

The mind is its own place, and can make of itself a hell or a heaven" 

Just six months ago I was another person. Today I can stand on my feet and call myself a free man. Then it was darkness, today it is light. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Then I would have bowed down to the Demonic Allah.


I have no words to express my feelings. I want to rejoice in every moment, to live every moment to the full. I want to rejoice in this beautiful earth and our wonderful human race, in spite of the ugly misery they live in because  of  the cult invented by the psychotic, evil terrorist Muhammad. 

I wish you every success Mr Sina. Let no one demoralize or deter you in your dream, a dream which I promise you is shared by many, many more. A dream of a world free of  vicious, inhuman ideologies like Islam which enslave, corrupt and distort the human spirit. 

The task is not as hard as it may seem. Islam is a house of one billion cards. If a man 100% ready to blow himself  up like me can change so fast so can the others. 

Carry on with your task undaunted. I hear of a book you are launching. There will be tremendous, frightening opposition even you may not have envisaged. If Salman Rushdie's book was treated the way it was, what of yours? 

But Sir, to you this humble request, no matter how hard or impossible the goal, I beg you never to retreat.  

I am looking 200 years into the future. In a history textbook, children will learn of this evil cult, and of the heroes who liberated us from it. Among the greatest:


I would love to have a reply from you provided you find the time. 

Thanking you Sir,


Dear Mehmood.  

It's past midnight. I have been up since 7.00 AM and with the exception of half an hour of running and a few minutes for eating and taking shower, I have been sitting and writing all day. I was tired. It's time to take a rest. Then I thought to check out the mails and read your email. It made me so energized that I think I can carry on until morning. I am so pleased to see this site has helped you, especially someone "100% ready to blow up himself" to see the light and join the fold of mankind.  

Yes I am absolutely sure that the task is much easier than most people think. Once we can reach to millions of Muslims and take them the lights, there would be no one left wanting to blow up himself for a foolish ideology made up by a psychopath.  

I don't know why billions of dollars are being spent finding and killing the terrorists when with a fraction of that we can rescue them and convert them into allies?  

Education works. Truth is very powerful. Through this site and sites like this, we have been able to rescue thousands of people so far. We have a cookie cutter that works. Now all we have to do is to replicate it. We should have more sites in all languages and more people should start writing. As I said, we will grow exponentially.  

I am also grateful for your kind words about me. However, I am only a webmaster. This site is created thanks to the effort of many people. I am very proud of this site. I think I deserve a round of applause. But let us not blow things out of proportion. This is not about me. This site is the podium for a great number of enlightened friends whose writings have inspired and illumined the minds of many. Furthermore, there are other great sites with the same mission and more sites are being created every day. This is indeed a grassroots movement and I am so happy to see you are now a soldier in this army of light.

Please join the forum and meet other fellow travelers.

Ali Sina