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A Sudanese Apostate

Dr Ali Sina

I am a 35 year old Ex-Muslim from Sudan . I have been brought up in a very strict way. My family was really religious, full of hatred against Americans and the Western world and anyone else who is a Kafir. I knew the Quran by heart by age of 15. My father is a Hazrat in our own town. I don’t want to expose him, as this would be very embarrassing for him. My mother is a pious religious lady who lives according to the will of God, but she is not so fanatic or full of hatred. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. We all went overseas for better education and all 9 of us are professionals in foreign lands: Europe, USA , Canada , Japan , Australia and Saudi Arabia . All siblings are married with children and all were Islamically religious.  

It is so hard to believe that we are so fluent and knowledgeable in Islam and that we are so BLIND, that we can not pick out the faults until they are said to us.  

My belief changed about 3 years ago, when I was asked about contradictions in the Quran by a non-Muslim. I answered one question then he threw me another, after that another and another and another and so on. Because I was never taught about the negative points, I was blind to them all.  

After that day, I decided to learn about my religion, ALL of it, not what people said about Islam, but what is authenticated in the Quran and Hadiths. Wow, was I in tears or what. My whole life was torn apart, twisted around, all my life I was thinking that I was a good man and done exactly what Allah has demanded from me and it had just turned out to be a big pack of lies. I studied Islam, inside out; as much as you, I would like to say and for what I found out - I left in a hurry.  

Over the last 3 years, I exposed the truth about Islam to firstly my brothers and sisters and they exposed it to their wives and husbands and children. I am proud to say that all 57 of us are now apostates - but we still have firm belief about the existence of Allah (swt).  

Islam is a sick cult that instills terror into people, murder, pedophiliac relationships, insect, rape, slander, etc, etc. Islam is not a religion - it is a cult, It is a political army out to destroy the world. Mohammed was a sick man who suffers from a mental disease and all his followers are the same. The Quran, (so called Word of God) is full of contradictions, mathematical errors, scientific errors, moral errors and so on.  

I was lucky to get out of this evil cult and God has showed me the right path. Any path except Islam is righter. Unfortunately 99% of Muslims do not even know the truth about Islam and they are in blind faith. If only, everybody knew how mad Mohammed was none would remain Muslim. There are so many Mosques all over the world but there will NEVER EVER be a Church or a Synagogue in Saudi Arabia , as long as that country remains Islamic- This is all due to Mohammed the sick freak.  


Mohammed Islam


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