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Muhammad Made Fool of Us

I want to thank you once again for opening my eyes.

I have just been reading your article about inheritance and who taught Allah math and it really amazes me that for 1400 years no one had bothered to check the math of the inheritance rules and question the stupidity of this screwed up law.

I feel such a dick that I had been following this crap for all this time. Spend thousands on books on Islam.

I feel such a big fool I really don't know what to do.

I also feel so angry that I have been made a jack ass by Islam. I feel like taking revenge against this religion for making me look an idiot

I don't know what to do.

Any thanks will always have a friend in the UK.

Kind Regards


Dear Umair:

It is not true that for 1400 years no one saw that the math of Allah in the Quran does not add up. Even Muslims saw it, but they did not want to admit it. They tried hard to fool themselves by going around it. This is what faith does to people. The believers see the error but do not admit it and try to justify it.

Do you think Muslims are not aware that it is wrong for a 54-year-old man to sleep with a 9-year-old girl? Do you think they do not know raiding civilians and killing unarmed people and then raping their wives and taking their children as slaves is wrong? Of course they do. Do they like this done to them? Certainly not! So it is clear that they know what Muhammad did was evil. However, faith is a debilitating narcotic. It robs one’s rational faculty. Muslims see these things are wrong and still defend Muhammad. Nothing is more dangerous than blind faith.

I understand you perfectly. Muhammad made a jackass of many people and then those people continued this tradition and fooled their children forcing them to believe in stupidities and prided themselves in their ignorance.

The person you want to take revenge from is dead 1400 years ago and if there is a hell he is right at the bottom of it envying Hitler and Pol Pot.

I sometimes fantasize riding a time machine and going back to meet Muhammad on the Mount Hira when he was contemplating to commit suicide and giving him a hand and thus saving millions of lives and mankind from this curse. But since there are no such machines, all I can do is change the future by unmasking this impostor and by helping Muslims see the truth. So let us do it together.

You and I have a responsibility to help others who have been fooled by this cult. We lost a lot. Actually humanity has lost a lot. A thousand years ago Renascence was about to be born in Iran with men such a Zakaria Razi, Khayyam, Ibn Sina, Khwarazmi and others. This was stopped by religious fanatics such as Al Gazzali who derided rationalism and is reported to have said, “If Plato and Ibn Sina were alive I would have killed them.” Well, he killed their thoughts. As the result science and knowledge was halted and many centuries later it flourished in Europe. Where would the science be today if Islam did not exist?

Look at the miserable state of the Muslims worldwide. They are the lowest of the low. This backwardness has nothing to do with our race and ethnicity. It has everything to do with our spurious belief.

So you want to do something? Well, there is a lot to be done. Join the army of ex-Muslims and help other Muslims see the truth. The sooner we get rid of this cult, the sooner we will stop this madness and we all can live in peace. This hatred that Muslims feel towards others is entirely Islam induced. Once we get rid of Islam we will get rid of hate and the world will become a better and safer place to live. We are one people. Humanity is one family. This “Muslim” vs. “Kafir” business is sheer stupidity. We must get rid of Islam and start seeing people of other beliefs as our own brothers and sisters. If there is a God, he created us all of the same substance and he loves us all equally. Why should we hate what God has created? If there is no god, then what is this madness? Why should we hate one another for a fairytale?

Welcome to the family of mankind my friend. Welcome!

Dear friend Ali,

You're right. The person who we need to take revenge against is dead. May Muhammed rot in hell.

This Evil Sick Lord has poisened the minds of millions. People have been brainwashed by his cult teachings and nations that have embraced Islam are some of the most poorest and backward in the world today.

I agree if I had a time machine I would go back in time and push this fool off the cliff when he wanted to jump off however this is just a dream.

What we must become are Jedi Knights and help other Muslims to come out of the darkness and ignorance of this evil doctrine and into light.

I pray that the true God give us strength, help others who are caught and trapped in this cult to become free and to aid the soldiers of truth to defeat this evil backward Islam.

Yours faithfully


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