Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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(i dont even bother saying Salaam anymore)

I'm an 18 year old student, I'm studying Financial Services at college and hope to study Social Science at university next year. Now i like to think of myself as a freethinker too. I was raised in a very strict upbringing, my father is a very strict Islamist, he reads all namaz, carries out all the traditions which they do in Islam and according to sunnat of the prophet. My mother is a person who welcomes thought, but has said on numerous occasions that our thinking shouldn't go too far that we should go out of bounds basically. My brothers are older than me and I'm the youngest, they agree to our freethinker's view to an extent, but they are too involved in they're jobs anyway and I don't talk to Islam with any1 really.

I came to question Islam recently now, it started 2 years ago....this is when i pledged i would start reading 5 prayers and read Quran with translation in English.....I bought a book at this point 'the spectacle of death', lol - much to the terror of my friends who thought id become a devoted islamist (this still brings a smile to my face). By reading this book I slowly slowly become to the conclusion that this book was contradicting itself!!!! its stories weren't accurate. Another thing that really got me thinking was Islam's treatment of women.

One day i was sitting in the mosque when our Mosque imam read out a hadith after prayers.....he said something like "All women are going to hell" he said this after reciting a hadith and that "a women will take her husband and son, father etc. to hell because they didn't look after her islamically" now this hadith basically made me jump and i thought to myself - "how could my mother ever go to hell???" i was very angry about this. From this day on i never bothered listening to the imam.....

This imam also brought my dad and his brother to breaking point in relations, because of an "un-islamic" marriage he claimed. This was all mumbo jumbo relating with the sunni-shia cause.

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