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Dr Yunus' Nobel Prize Win and the Birth of a New Kolema

On October 13, 2006 Prof. Yunus got Nobel Prize for peace. All the citizens of Bangladesh and Bengalee speaking people all over the world got immense pleasure for his great success. I, Abdus Salam also was pleased. But my pleasure knew no bounds because it solved my life-long problem that started when I was a boy of 11. From that time till October 13, 2006 I had been suffering from severe psychological dissatisfaction, because I did not have the full-fledged Kolema.

My parents and religious teachers initiated this problem. They advised me,  “Look boy, things were different in the early days when men had little intelligence. Those less-intelligent men used to believe or follow whatever they were told. But now things have changed and men are the most intelligent species of this world. That made them to rule over all other species including the animals. In this age if you still follow things without proper understanding, then I must say you are no better than like animals. So, whenever you hear or read something, apply your intelligence and try to get its real meaning before you accept it”.

As soon as my religious teacher came to teach me religion in the alien language, the first request I placed before him was to explain things in my mother tongue. My teacher agreed. Through his deliberations I came across a force that according to my teacher, was the most powerful. I had no problem to accept it because I also felt the activities of extremely powerful unseen forces behind all events. He told that the name of this force was Allah. Later I came to know that the scientists also indicate these forces by many names. In case they can combine all those probably they would call it “String theory”. In that case I shall replace it by Allah or vice versa. Next, my teacher mentioned of a man with miraculous powers and told he was his dearest friend. I could not accept it because I asked to myself, “Why a particular man, and why not all the men and his creations should not be equally dear to him ?” Then I thought, probably that man had such excellent qualities that the rest of the creations would be benefited by following him. So, I prepared my mind to follow him.

As my teacher went on narrating his activities from the holy religious book, I did not see any miraculous power in that man. On the other hand, he was like any other men, faced defeat in some wars, even got his teeth broken and so on. His special attraction for women, however, could not deceive my attention. After I came to know that he cursed his grand father’s brother and his wife to hang from above and throw in fire (because they used to spread thorn on his way) I could not find any greatness in that man. When I came to know of his marriage with tender-aged girls when he already had many wives, I could not find anything good in it. Then I came across the case where he was going to have relation with his maid-servant when his wife interfered. In my mind there was no more any possibility to accept him as great man. I noticed, in addition to his preaching the man remained engaged in constant warfare, at the end of which he occupied vast land and became the King. And I understood exactly what was natural for me to understand. By this time, as per direction of my teacher I had to recite the Kolemas everyday. But I could not place that man in that position. I even discovered, as human being I was even better than him and in case I follow those type of activities, I would be placed behind the bars. But using my own name as Allah’s messenger seemed unrealistic. So, I changed my Kolema to “La Ilaha Illalla hu “a good man” ur rasul Allah” and it remained like that till I came to know of Prof. Yunus’ wonderful achievement.

From history I know, in the Indian sub-continent my forefathers had to accept the alien religion because of oppression of the higher caste people and privileges offered by the intruders. Probably they lacked in intelligence because of their lower position in the society. And probably they did not have the scope to “see” the true picture of the new religion. Probably the preachers explained to them only the brighter sides. I am almost sure, in spite of their less intelligence most of them would have disagreed to accept the new religion in case they could know the facts.

I am more intelligent than my forefathers and no one can befool me in that way. In my early age I could guess the real thing from the deliberations of my religious teacher. In my later life I read authentic books translated in many languages and I came to know, how perfect my understanding in that age was. At this age I feel pity for my forefathers for their lack of intelligence that made them to have been cheated. I consider myself intelligent because I know the truth and I work intelligently.

As soon I came to know that Prof. Yunus got the Nobel prize, I came to learn, at long last I have discovered the man I previously substituted by “a good man”. From October 13, 2006 I have got a full-fledged Kolema which is: “La Ilaha Illalla hu Yunus ur rasul allah”. As a matter of fact, I find Dr. Yunus a man worthy of being messenger of the great force. In the old religious books there is mention of one prophet by Yunus nabi. Prof. Yunus is a man of excellent personality, education and character. He married an US lady and then there was separation. This is quite acceptable than someone doing all those Clinton-Monika type activities. Prof. Yunus seriously thought of eradication of poverty in his motherland. He devised a method that worked successfully for the welfare of the poor people. This is a much better act than engaging the followers in constant warfare and to become their king after the land is won.

Ever since I accepted Prof. Yunus as my prophet of Allah I no more suffer from inferiority complex. My Allah is great and his messenger is excellent. I have no hesitation to declare that Prof. Yunus has been able to prove his worth to become the messenger.

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