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Say Proudly, "I'm a Kafir"

Most Muslims when they are questioned about their faith immediately denounce us 'kafir'as if it is a very bad name per se.I want to say that this is not the case. We should be proud to call ourselves kafirs.I will give you the reasons.....

I call myself a kafir because:

  1. I believe in Democracy (visit

  2. I believe that women are equal to men

  3. I believe in the freedom of religions.

  4. I believe in respecting other faiths.

  5. I believe in accepting criticism, both of me and my beliefs. If the criticism is constructive I will accept it and if not Ill ignore it (and will not pass a death sentence)

  6. I believe in answering debate with debate and logic with logic and not debate with guns and logic with bombs.

  7. I believe that Human life is more sacred than any idea.

  8. I believe in humane, reform able, flexible though (man-made) laws and not fixed, rigid, (divine?) laws that were given by a blood -thirsty God (or maybe they arose out of the mind of a schizophrenic.

  9. I believe that humanity is one family (and not separated into two hostile camps as 'momin' and 'kuffar'

  10. I believe that every human being has the right to follow his own path.

  11. I disbelieve in both 'The greed for heaven' and 'The fear of hell' for I know that both fear and greed are negative emotions and that two negative emotions can never lead to any positive change in me.

  12. I believe that I'm not a child to be disciplined by the greed of a sweetmeat and the fear of the rod.Im mature ,I don't commit crime, for I know that every crime hurts someone, and my basic humanity not to hurt others prevents me from evil and not my greed or fear.

  13. I believe that women are not' one step lesser than men'.

  14. I believe that a woman's word carries equal weight in a court of law.

  15. I believe that in a rape the rapist should be punished and not the raped woman punished (death by throwing stones) for adultery.

  16. I believe that no dress code should be imposed on anyone forcibly.

  17. I believe in being patriotic and I love my nation in which I was born.

  18. I believe in being loyal first to my nation and not to Arabia.

  19. I believe that my country is not an Infidel nation (Dar ul harb-land of war)rather my country is as sacred as Arabia and cities of my country are as sacred as Mecca or medina.

  20. I believe in not hating my own country (just because the majority are infidel Christians though I may enjoy all the freedoms here)

  21. I disbelieve in slavery

  22. I disbelieve in invading other nations and looting them.

  23. I believe that answering criticism with murder is immoral (and not an act of political genius)

  24. I believe that polygamy belittles women (for a man with 4 wives each wife is effectively only one-fourth of her husband)

  25. I believe in loving-kindness

  26. I believe in a religion which is flexible and which welcomes science.

  27. I believe in free thought.

  28. I believe in allowing doubt and even welcoming doubt

  29. I believe in inviting criticism

  30. I believe in respecting the sacred places of other faiths and not demolishing them

  31. I believe that murder is a greater crime than 'kufr' and rape a worse vice than 'shirk'

  32. I disbelieve in a merciless, bloodthirsty, incompetent, impotent god.

  33. I believe in a faith that's so flexible that even though injustices do creep in, there is at least a chance for reform.

  34. I value a humane person more than a prayerful one...a man of good character more than a god fearing one.

  35. I believe that religion should be a personal experience and voluntary and not a mass hypnosis based on a single man's “revelation” forced down our throats.

  36. I believe that a thief should be reformed and not having his hands cut-off and therefore reducing him to a beggar rather than helping him find a reasonable livelihood.

  37. I believe that adultery should be punished with divorce and not with death by stoning.

  38. I believe in empathizing for the whole of humanity and not only for my religious community.

  39. I believe in love and not in hate.

  40. I love music and dance and consider them to be divine and uplifting.

  41. I love sculpture and painting ...of both human and non-human forms

  42. I believe that Art shouldn't be restricted by narrow views and fatwas.

  43. I believe in the separation of religion from statecraft...I don't want mullahs and Imams meddling with politics.

  44. I love to have fun and be happy and see other people happy and peaceful and trembling throughout their lives with the fear of hell.


So when you meet a Muslim anywhere and he asks what your religion is ….reply proudly


By Shafi H.

Used with permission from Faith Freedom