Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Plagues of Religious Fanaticism

It seems religious fanaticism is like a plague in South Asia. In India, attacks on Christians in certain parts of the country is increasing. In Bangladesh, the Government is becoming a mute spectator as well as a direct supporter of religious fanatics. I am talking about the Islamic fanatics' attack on a Statue of Baul Folksingers at Dhaka airport, because statues are haraam in Islam. Appeasing the fanatics, the military-led government quickly removed the statue.

Pakistan has barely six more weeks of Forex to feed its population and recently it is residing in a "red zone" in the U.N. hunger index, indicating more than 50% of the Pakistani population already slipped into one meal a day. Bangladesh, is no better and is ensuing in a financial crisis would curtail foreign aids to Bangladesh severely.

With this background of hand-to-mouth situation faced by South Asian countries, it should surprise everyone that, instead of a concerted effort to alleviate poverty and hunger, we are plunged deeply into a myriad of religious fanaticism, which severely diverts our attention, time and efforts away from planning for food production and industrialization. This is true for all major South Asian countries, prominently the two Islamic nations: Pakistan and Bangladesh. What a shame on our people and our civilization!

Lalan Fakir, the father of Baul folksong aka Lalan Giti, is deeply revered in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore had once said, "Lalan Giti is the best philosophical gift from Bengal to the whole mankind." Lalan's philosophy and humanism is the greatest treasure of Bengali culture; great Bengali poets, Tagore and Nazrul Islam, had reaped rich harvest from Lalan Giti. It's a tragic twist of fate that the Bengalis, particularly Muslim Bengalis, have never pursued jingoistic feeling to protect their culture. As a result, medieval  Islamic Arab culture today is determined to destroy best of what Bengal has to offer to the world!

The hatred of statues in Islam emanate from Islam's intense hatred of Idol-worship, over which Muslim never fail to point fingers at Hinduism. In reality, true Hinduism, the Sanatan Dharma, is monotheistic like Islam. There was no Idol-worship in Hinduism before the 3rd century CE. It was brought to India by the Hun invaders, who were good at making Idols. As Huns gradually assimilated in Hindu society, Idol-worship gradually entered the body of Hinduism as a synthesis between the aboriginal and invading cultures.

A careful study of religious scriptures reveals that the oppositions to Idol-worship in monotheism stemmed from various reasons:

  1. Idol-worship was a fulfillment of one's material greed and not spiritual offering through action or knowledge.

  2. It created people with vested interest, who were simply doing business in the form of religion by fooling common people.

  3. Idol & demi-God culture were promoting a material society with lust, drugs and disintegration, which is despised in the path of spiritual quest.

In reality, even the  followers of monotheistic creeds are indulged in 1 & 2. And regarding their objections to polytheism vis-à-vis point 3, let us ask a few simple questions:

  • Is the culture of Lalan Giti against spiritual quest?

  • Does a Fakir promote a society full of lust and drugs?

  • Then why a sculpture of him, who is an embodiment of the best practice of humanism from Bengal, it would violate any of the 13, which are given as essential reasons against the demi-God worshipping?

This incident in Dhaka is another glaring proof that religion is practiced by fools only. Otherwise, why would the essence of a practice would always take a backseat while the fanatics would impose it by force?

Let me repeat: practice of religion is for the fools and fanatics while the essence of a religion is a myth created by the Prophets to gain power and wealth misleading its followers as the seekers of truth???

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Name: ZingPao
Date: Saturday February 07, 2009
Time: 22:59:24 -0500


All religious extemists are dangerous. Islamic radicals take 1st place.

Name: Flex
Date: Monday February 09, 2009
Time: 03:54:51 -0500


Good article and very true. Superstition is for children and fools. What sane person could believe the absurdities of any religion ? They fear death so much that they'll believe anything so long as it promises them eternal life. Too many people refuse to face the truth,that we live,we die,and that's it. There is no more to it. Enjoy your life,fill it with love and kindness,to make it worth living,it's all we have.

Name: Contradiction
Date: Monday February 09, 2009
Time: 04:57:52 -0500


"n India, attacks on Christians in certain parts of the country is increasing. " First you lament for a foreign culture. "It's a tragic twist of fate that the Bengalis, particularly Muslim Bengalis, have never pursued jingoistic feeling to protect their culture. " Then you lament for a native culture.

Name: Mac Haque
Date: Monday February 09, 2009
Time: 22:56:19 -0500


On Bauls and the October 15th 2008 attack on the 'statue' in Dhaka, I request the author and readers to visit my Blog I guess the answer to the 3 questions above has ben aptly addressed. Regards Mac

Name: Stop brain washing
Date: Friday February 13, 2009
Time: 23:07:44 -0500


again i say that this site is mainly depend on 1_take part of the quran and leave the other and this not accepted. 2_adding some words to the quranic verse to get his intended propaganda in some verses. 3_use arabic names and the site claim that the admins re ex_muslim and this is fake too and using arab names wont support ur propganda. 4_the site show how the admins think with ahtered aginst the other relegion and the site mix. politics in relegion to get his intended propaganda. 5_i added some comments which were in good way and accepted and the site del. them or hide them i cannt find them now. 6_the translation of quran in the site the author mix. some words which renot in quran. and finnaly i advice all non_muslims not to follow the media and the articles that not qualified ..and any one wanna to know about islam i advice him to read the quran and do his own search and dont follow liars and cheaters like whom made that site and actually itis not logic even for non_muslims to allow any one to cheat them even if he was non_muslim too ..b/c cheating isnot accepted ok..and we all see that islam spreeding dailly although all this propaganda aginst it..and inshallah all lairs and cheaters will gain nothing of their propaganda aginst islam.. and although i dont know english alot but i think u get wut i mean ..Stop hatered..Stop brain washing..

Name: Alex Steel
Date: Saturday February 14, 2009
Time: 14:14:53 -0500


Islam is a horse that carries a myriad of cultures,fanatics,and all of the weak minded. Is this one of another one of Ibrahamic cancers? Burn`t any witches lately? Torquemada

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