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Response to 'Haseeb Shad's complaint to Ayesha Ahmed's
"A Complaint to Allah"'

[A Muslim brother Haseeb Shad sent us a complaint to one of Ayesha Ahmed's article, A Complaint to Allah,  in our archive. We had forwarded the complaint to Ms Ahmed and she did not have time to respond to it. I have tried to address some of Mr. Shad's complaints. -MA Khan]
[in her artciles she said "ALLAH gave Noah a life of 950 years, ALLAH gave Mohammed only 63 years. What a shame. Even Ibn Afak, an infidel Jew lived to be 120 and died only when Mohammed had him assassinated.
answer: in those old time before Prophet Mohammed people live longer and they are even tallers than normal size. as the time pass people live shorter than those times. tell me do u see any human on this planet at this time AGE 950 or even 200 years old. NO. but PROPHET NOAH tried to make people muslim HE tried to give messege of ALLAH to people in his 950 years age but did he get as much muslim PROPHET MOHAMMED gets. NO. so which NOAH coudln't do inhis 950 years MOHAMMED S.A.W did only in 20 YEARS. remember he was a prophet when he born even the before all universe born but he started to give ALLAH's messege in his 40 till 60.. so its about 20 years. and if u read history, Prophet ADAM A.S was 1000 yeras old, Prophet Noah was 950, Prophet Idrees was 356, Prophet Hud 265, Prophet Saaleh 586, Prophet Ayub 146, Prophet Suleman 150, Prophet Yaqoob 139, Prophet Mosa 125, Prophet Ishaaq 120, Prophet Haroon 119, Prophet Ismaail 137, Prophet Yuusuf 110, Prophet Yahya 95 and Prophet Mohammad S.A.W 63.]
Dear Mr. Shad,
Your assertion that with time, people live shorter life is not quite true. Some mythical stories from the religious books does not necessarily hold true. It requires proof. The scientific proof is that the longevity of human being is increasing in recent times as higher economic affluence, healthcare and scientific insight into dietary science and physical system improves. The recent rise in longevity has even become an economic problem in wealthy countries of Europe, China, Japan etc. because of the need for feeding and supporting an increasing aged and less productive population. Once again, all scientific proofs suggest people never lived hundreds of years as claimed in the alleged books of divine revelations. Humans live longest in recent times than any time before.
[as u can see as the time pass ages gets shorter. it not that ALLAH being unfair with MOHAMMED. all those PROPHET did not get as much muslim as MOHAMMED gets in short time. i hope this satisfy ur complain against ALLAH. and I BELEIVE THAT IT WAS ALSO MOHAMMED'S MIRICLE that he collect many muslims in HIS short time than any other PROPHET.]
The Prophet did not bring a lot of people to the fold of Islam. Yes, with the sword, he brought a good number of people of Southern Arabia before his death. But Southern Arabia is only a small dot in the entire globe. Yet, he probably had slaughtered and exiled more people than what he got as true converts. In fact, majority of the Muslims had professed to Islam due to the fear of sword of Prophet Muhammad. Most of the Muslims quickly sought to leave Islam after his death thinking that the fear of the sword has died with the Prophet's death. Prophet's first biographer ibn Ishak writes, "When the apostle was dead, most of the Muslims thought of withdrawing from Islam and had made up their mind to do so". Many tribes rose in rejection of Islam, turned to their tribal leaders and rejected to pay taxes to Muslim authority. The first Caliph Abu Bakr had to wage a bitter war with many fierce and recalcitrant tribes in order to bring them back to Islam after a blood-letting war (popularly known as the Battle of Ridda) under the commandership of brutal and bloodthirsty general Khalid ibn Walid.
What you see of Islam today is not Muhammad's single-handed contribution. Much credit must go to his successors. Caliph Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali and subsequent caliphs and Sultans continued to use of sword initiated by the Prophet Muhammad to spread Islam through immense blood-bath, barbarity & cruelty from Europe to Africa, from Arabia to India. If not for campaign of swords kept active usage for centuries after Muhammad's death, Islam would have died in the desert not long after Muhammad's death - given the way Muslims had started leaving Islam immediately after his death.
[and i think Mohammed S.A.W has done everything which ALLAH tell HIM to do in his age. he complete our religion Islam which is most perfect Religion in universe MASHALLAH.]
Allah wants the entire world enslaved to his whims and cruelty - which you call perfect religion. But Muhammad could not convert even 0.1% of the population of his time to Islam.
[2nd complain is "You made Adam 60 cubits (30 meters) tall but you made Mo less than six feet. Even many infidel 7 feet tall basket ball players dwarf the greatest prophet"
i dont have to say anything about this stupid complain but i want to tell u a hadees.
Volume 4, Book 55, Number 543: Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, "Allah created Adam, making him 60 cubits tall. When He created him, He said to him, "Go and greet that group of angels, and listen to their reply, for it will be your greeting (salutation) and the greeting (salutations of your offspring." So, Adam said (to the angels), As-Salamu Alaikum (i.e. Peace be upon you). The angels said, "As-salamu Alaika wa Rahmatu-l-lahi" (i.e. Peace and Allah's Mercy be upon you). Thus the angels added to Adam's salutation the expression, 'Wa Rahmatu-l-lahi,' Any person who will enter Paradise will resemble Adam (in appearance and figure). People have been decreasing in stature since Adam's creation. ]
This is another cock and bull story. Human beings were never that tall and large. Not only human beings live longest now, they are also becoming increasingly taller with greater prosperity and nutritious diet. All fossil evidences suggest our ancestors thousands of years ago were shorter than modern humans.
Once again, stories of the Bible, Koran do not necessarily hold true. They are like grandma stories of ghosts, devils etc. Such claims require scientific evidences which are not in favor of those mythical stories.
[Your fourth complain is "You gave Jesus the power to make dead people live, give back parents to orphans and husbands to widows. The only power you gave Mo was to make live people dead, take away parents from children and husbands from wives which any common criminal can do.
Answer: yes ALLAH gave all those power to JESUS A.S. but where in QURAN and HADEES say that PROPHET MOHAMMED S.A.W only kill people, take away childrens from parents and husband from wives.
in periods of JAHALAT before MOHAMMED S.A.W non muslim people KAIFR use to buried their daughters alive. kill their daughters. then the PROPHET came and stop those people doing this. stop people burning their young born daughters. that mean he gave life to women. if there was no MOHAMMED... there would have been no women alive in this WORLD. there would have not been any human being in this world. the world would have been finish.]
Mr. Haseeb, this is another cock and bull story which is not supported by evidence on the ground. If there was wide-spread killing of female babies, there would have been severe shortage of women in Arabia at Muhammad's time. But we do not see any such evidence. We do not see any evidence of men living without getting married because there are not enough women because of wide-spread female infanticide. Instead, we see Muhammad and his gangs having multiple women plus unaccounted number of sex-slaves - captured in raids or bought from the market. There appears a surplus of women - definitely not a shortage.
Having said that, I agree there might have been limited infanticide of female. Daughters are still less preferred by parents in most Muslim countries. Daughters are still considered a burden to Muslim parents in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and probably more in other Muslim countries. Yet, daughters are well valued in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and all Western countries - as good as equal to sons. In most Muslim countries, female children continue to be looked down upon.
[non muslim tried many many many times to KILL MOHAMMED but he did not kill them he did not even cursed them. u know what MOHAMMED did.. he prayed to ALLAH for those people for good.
there was a OLD woman who use to threw rubish on MOHAMMED S.A.W from her house roof. but MOHAMMED S.A.W never said anything to that woman. HE even never change his route. but one day when that woman didnt threw the rubish MOHAMMED was wondering where is that old woman. he knock her door and went in that old woman was very ILL. MOHAMMED was the one who take care of that woman when she was ILL. HE use to visit that woman everyday until she was healthy again. after this behaviour of MOHAMMED S.A.W. that woman accept ISLAM. and u say MOHAMMED kill people.]
This is a rubbish claim. Muhammad killed many people who opposed his preaching and criticized his dogma. One case is Abu Afak, a 120 year-old man. He composed poetry criticizing Muhammad's revelation - so Muhammad ordered his assassination. There are numerous stories of Muhammad's killing apostates and critics. He killed all of 600-900 surrendered men of able age of the Quraiza clan.
Read more on Muhammad's assassinations: Assassinations -Ali Sina
Slaughter and enslavement of Banu Quraiza: The Invasion of Banu Qainuqa
[and when the people hit stones to MOAHAMMED S.A.W in TAIF, HIS shoes were filled with HIS blood, HIS companion asked MOHAMMED to cursed them but HE pray for those people that O ALLAH THEY DONT KNOW ME, THEY DONT KNOW I'M YOUR PROPHET. PLEASE FORGIVE THEM. that was the MOHAMMED and u said HE kill people.]
This story again is baseless. In 619 Muhammad went to Mecca to find a new sanctuary. He had already insulted the Tayifites' chief deity, Allat in the Koranic verses and preaching in Mecca. Yet, the Tayifites did not resist his stepping into their community. However, once there ??? he asked people of Tayif to leave their false religion and to accept Islam. Can anyone guess what will happen if a Christian from a distant community go to Mecca, Jerusalem or any main city in Pakistan and insist that Islam is false and ask the Muslims to accept Christianity today. Can Mr. Haseeb tell us what fate that Christian man would face even today world of tolerance and human progress?
Muhammad also sought to incite Tayifites' rivalry against Meccans on whom the Tayifites heavily depended for trades. Yet, Muhammad was allowed to stay there for 10 days and when his pestering preaching became too annoying ??? the tribal elders order him out of Mecca. Given that the Tayifites did not harm Muhammad for 10 days, it is unlikely they gave too bad a treatment as Muslims claim.
But Muhammad tried to take his revenge. When Muhammad was returning to Medina after conquering Mecca with 12000 of his army, he had attacked the Tayif community in revenge. But the Taifites from a vantage position counter-attacked with archery and killed 12 of Muhammad's men. Seeing no hope of breaking through the wall of the Tayif enclave against the deadly archery attack of the Tayifites, Muhammad order despoliation of the Tayif orchards and vineyards, which were lying outside their enclave. However, in a few months' time, Tayites realized that it was impossible for them not to submit to Muhammad and under the mediation of Tayif chief Orwa ibn Masud, son-in-law of Abu Sufian (Muhammad too was a son-in-law of Abu Sufian), the Tayifites submitted to Muhammad.

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