Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Did the Quran come down as a complete Book?

Allah has said in the Quran:
16:44: “(We sent them) with Clear Signs and Books of dark prophecies; and We have sent down unto (thee) the Message; that thou mayest explain clearly to men what is sent for them, and that they may give thought.”

This is a Medinese verse. The word “Book” in it leads us to conclude:

It is evident from the Quran that in his preaching in Mecca, Muhammad always insisted, even in the face of severe objection from the Quraish, that the Quran had been revealed in piecemeal through inspiration brought to him by the angel Gabriel, who carried the Soul or Spirit of Allah, hence his title “the Holy Spirit.”[1] When people asked him, “Why not the Quran is revealed to him all at once (jumlatan wahidatan),” Allah had him tell them:

“…Thus (is it revealed), that We may strengthen thy heart thereby, and We have rehearsed it to thee in slow, well-arranged stages, gradually.”[2]

This was not intended to oppose the Jewishand what Muhammad understood to be the Christiancontention that Scriptures are revealed all at once. Instead, it conforms to the Quran’s descriptions of his early visions and what every Muslim knows, that he continued to receive revelations[3] right down to the very end of his life. But his position on revelations changed after he arrived in Medina; here, he began asserting that the Quran (“The Book”) had in fact, like the Torah, been revealed to him on a single occasion, first, ‘we hypothesize, on Ashura, the very same day as the Torah, and then, after his break with the Jews, on the old Arabian New Year’s “Night of Destiny”[4,5] ‘for the express purpose of making clear those things (to the Jews) in which they differed.’[6]

But how good is our assumption? Not much, for the Quran says “Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Quran, as Guide to mankind….”[7] This clearly contradicts Allah’s assertion that He had revealed the entire Quran in a single night.

As it is clear from the above verse, Allah had revealed the entire Quran to Muhammad in the month of Ramadhan, and not in the single Night of Destiny. This being the fact, the question is: What is the significance of the “Night of Destiny” and what He revealed or reveals in this night?

As the Quran explains, the Night of Destiny is a Night,[8] which is better than a thousand months, for “on that night the angels and Spirit[9] by their Lord’s leave come down with each decree. That night is peace, till break of dawn.”[10]

Muslim scholars do not know which night the ‘night’ of the verse refers to, as such, one of them says: “Usually taken to be a night in the month of Ramadhan, say the 23rd, 25th or 27th night of that month.”[11]

Maududi thinks this refers to the Night in which Allah had handed over the entire celestial Quran to the angels from which angel Gabriel “kept on revealing its verses and Ayats from time to time to Rasul Allah for 23 years in accordance with events and circumstances.”[12]

Tafsir al-Jalalayn agrees and accordingly, it translated the verse 97:1 in the following words:

“Lo! We revealed it, that is, the Qur'ān, in its entirety, [sending it down] from the Preserved Tablet to the heaven of this world, on the Night of Ordainment, that is, [the Night] of great eminence.”

But if Allah had revealed the entire Quran in the Night of Destiny or Glory, why has He not stated it clearly in the verse and also what He intended to say by using the word “errand” or “decree” in verse 97:4?

In our understanding, the “Night of Destiny,” or “The Blessed Night”[13] was a new expression, or rather, an old occasion newly employed by Allah to appease the Jews of Medina. From its generic descriptions, the Night of Destiny can be identified with a typical New Year’s day observance, an occasion, as on Rosh ha-Shana, on which Allah determines how the humans and all other creatures would fare in the following year;[14] i.e. their lot; this having been written down by Him in the Heavenly Book[15] before He created the Universe. As we have stated earlier, the Quran is a prototype of the Heavenly Book.

But was the Quran revealed in a single night? Here is Allah’s response to the question:

“(This is) the revelation of the Book in which there is no doubt, - from the Lord of the worlds.” [16]

It is clear from the verse that what the Quran contains are the revelations from the Heavenly Book – referred to in the Quran as the Book - and these came to Muhammad in piecemeal over a period of almost 23 three years. So, the question of the Quran coming to him in the form of a Book did not and could arise, for it took its present shape only after all the revelations were brought together following his death.

This reality brings us to the question: Why Allah insisted that He revealed the Quran to Muhammad in a single night?

F. E. Peters answers:

“Linked with this new assertion of a single revelation of the Quran was another notion that might also have been Jewish inspired, that an angel, specifically Gabriel, was an agent of that revelation. This too had been thrown up to him earlier (6:8) but he {Muhammad} dismissed it (16:43). Now, however, at Medina, he concedes that Gabriel was the messenger for his revelations – an assertion that of course caused later Muslims to read the visions of Sura 53 as referring not to God but to an angel. But if the identification of Gabriel was intended to make the Quran more “scriptural,” it did not satisfy the “enemies of Gabriel,” probably the Jews of Medina who preferred to see Michael as the guardian of Scripture: “Say: Who is an enemy of Gabriel? For he it is who revealed it [that is, the Quran] to your heart by God’s permission, confirming what was before it, and a guidance and glad tidings to believers (Quran 2:97).”[17]

Conclusion: The Quran is a Book of contradiction, hence it could not have come from Allah or an all-knowing Deity, as Allah is believed to be by Muslims and other monotheists of the world.


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[2] Verse 25:32.
[3] The Arabic word “wahy” translated as “inspiration” is generally understood as the “inspiration of scriptural revelations by the Muslims, but as Richard Bell has pointed out (Bell, 1934, pp. 94-96), the Quranic usage is more generally “to suggest” or “to prompt.”
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[14] To Muslims of the Indian sub-continent, this night is known as “Shab-e-bara’at,” the “Night of Lot.” A large number of them pass this night, beseeching Allah to bestow His favors on them in the days to come.
[15] Shelomo Dov Goitein (b. 1900) translates ‘Lailat al-qadr as “the night of the measuring-out,” or “night of the decree’” a typical New Year’s night. The Jewish parallel is important: the Heavenly Book is opened on New Year’s day, the first of Tishri, but it is not closed until the tenth, the ashorlashura of Tishri, and the intervening ten days, the “Ten Days of Penitence” of the Jewish tradition, a view that found a notable, if temporary, echo in Islam.
[16] The Quran; 32:2.
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Name: Indian Infidel
Date: Saturday November 01, 2008
Time: 23:44:02 -0500


If the quran was there in Heaven since eternity, how come Muhammed's shennagins with his daughter in law is commented upon in the quran ? So was this predestined. There are many other events during Muhammeds time on which the Quran comments. Does this mean that all these events ( like the massacre of the Banu Qurazya ) are predestined ?? Would any Muslim like to answer this ?

Name: blagger
Date: Sunday November 02, 2008
Time: 08:57:44 -0500


One of the principle messages of the quran seems to be that god hates the jews and the christians because they have tampered with his scriptures. If the quran existed from before the creation of the world, it must mean that god already hated the jews and the christians before there were any jews or christians to hate. Any muslims like to comment on this?

Name: Quron is all mohammad creation out of his dilusions
Date: Sunday November 02, 2008
Time: 09:15:40 -0500


Quron is all mohammad creation out of his dilusions.

Name: if it existed before the world began
Date: Sunday November 02, 2008
Time: 16:33:06 -0500


then why didn't everyone know about it Moses' time? Why wasn't it Moses that brought this book to light? Or Abraham? Or any other prophet from the bible? How about explaining that? It's because they, this book and the bible didn't exist until humans wrote them. And they both are human creations, not divine works.

Name: North
Date: Sunday November 02, 2008
Time: 17:58:44 -0500


The Quran is a book of contradictions. And as bad: A book full of mistakes, included mistaken facts and invalid logic. All the mistakes prove 100% that something is wrong with the book and with the religion, for the claim is that it is the copy of the revered Mother Book in Allah's heaven - and no omniscient god makes, not to mention reveres, a book full of mistakes and invalid logic + contradictions.

Name: if allah allready know abt everything why he created idoaltors,jews,christians,etc ?
Date: Monday November 03, 2008
Time: 01:49:43 -0500


if allah already knew that his own books like torah,bible wud be vollated why he did not do anything to protect them ? also why he created hindus,jews,christians and the biggest question why he created grapes,rye,corn etc which can be used to distill wine or alcohol ? is allah so naive do first make something then regret it ? this means allah is just an imaginary being.

Name: Are "books" an invention of Allah or humans?
Date: Monday November 03, 2008
Time: 02:21:04 -0500


I think the language words, ideas, printing, handwriting are all inventions of Human beings during various stages of their development. The latest being internet, emails, cyber, video conferences etc., Where is allah now? If he is in control of the affairs of teh world why dont he send at least one message even to one human being on this earth. We will help him creating his id and password islam. Is he reading this listening? I think i am far powerful than him with all my resources.

Name: will muslims see he light or will there be a nuke war ? i think it will be a voilent end to the world
Date: Monday November 03, 2008
Time: 05:29:29 -0500


will muslims see he light or will there be a nuke war ? i think it will be a voilent end to the world.why do i think this way ? bcoz muslims r becoming more and more RABID like RABID DOGS to defend a fake ideology like hate absed islam due to lore of imaginary houries and imaginary wine in imaginary what is the future ? i fear a bleak future,when the resurgent christian-cursaders and islamic-jihaids will clash and nuke each other and all man kind out of exisdtance.TRUTH,humanity,love etc have been lost and replaced by HATE=RELIGION.

Name: allah cant mail u or anyone bcoz eh is non existant
Date: Monday November 03, 2008
Time: 05:32:38 -0500


jehova/allah cant mail anyone bcoz he is non-existant.recently a christian priest said that nature is imaginary jehova/allah canvas and when i confronted him with truth of evolution etc...he became like jihaids almost threatening to kill me.i told him,i will go to heaven as i believe in truth and he will go to hell as he is falsehood believer just to test him.looking at the face of this guy i realised that religion has just poisoned humanity so much that there is no chance humanity mabybe able to cure itself from the hiv-hate-intolerance-voilence virus=religion.

Name: kafir/infidel ( & Ex-communist ).
Date: Monday November 03, 2008
Time: 15:55:42 -0500


As far as I understand by reading QQURRAN and analyzing it honestly,logically,using my reason and with my not so brilliant mind , the conclusion is that ALLA is Preislamic moon God of Arabs and that QQURRAN is garbage/sewage/toxic , illogical,irrational,vengeful,hatefilled,killing mindset driven rantings-hallucinations of a narrow minded evil person called MO_HAM_MAD with absolutely no value,cohesion, worthyness , or new ideas or philosophical greatness to any person. Infact , ISLAM/QQURRAN unequivocally incites violence,killing,hatred,fascism,intolerance, dogma ,misogyny against women. So, QQURRAN must be banned in the interest of welfare and peace for humanity and survival of the best .

Name: Quran = Incomplete!
Date: Tuesday November 04, 2008
Time: 19:00:36 -0500


The Qibla, the Satanic Verses and many other contradictions make little sense for a quran considered to be complete from the beginning. Islam is over!

Name: kmgy
Date: Saturday November 08, 2008
Time: 12:08:13 -0500


Koran is a grossly distorted plagiarism of the Bible with added fantastic ideas like 72 big bosom houris or eternal virgins, rivers of wine and other fantasies best fit in a comic cartoon and pornographic magazines combined, awaiting the Muslims in the afterlife.

Name: dd
Date: Sunday November 09, 2008
Time: 00:08:21 -0500


Intolerant monotheism is the cancer of religion. Religion gets a bad name because of Monotheistic Intolerant monopoly.

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