Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Is Slavery better than Prostitution?

Although many of us do not want to waste their time and energy on the plight of prostitutes, but it is a fact that prostitution is not only a major curse for any self-respecting nation; it is also a black-spot on the conscience of humanity. Mankind cannot justify their own existence and civilization, when many of their women are forced to sell their bodies in their backyard; mankind cannot claim that they have made great progress, when the children of the prostitutes are forced to take up their mothers' profession after they have grown up.
I do not know when prostitution came into being, yet I do not deny that it is the oldest profession on earth. It is also not known whether it was a man or woman who was responsible for introducing this profession first on earth.

I agree with most of the things Mr. Prodhan has mentioned in his write up. I also agree that prostitution is a man-made phenomenon. It has been existing from time immemorial. Even during the time when women tried to control men through polyandry, men kept on turning women into prostitutes, and they could do nothing to save their bodies from being devoured by the hungry men.

Any amount of criticisms directed at men would be fair, for they are not only responsible for turning many young girls and women into prostitutes; they are also responsible for its existence. Had they ever stopped their patronization of it, prostitution would have disappeared from our midst a long time ago.

Apart from man's culpability in the creation and support of prostitution, economic deprivation is also a very important factor that forced many women to become prostitutes. This is true not only in case of impoverished countries; it is also true about those countries of the world, which are highly developed and wealthy. Hence, the existence of prostitution in such countries as are Japan and the United States.

But is it fair for anyone, especially for a Muslim, to criticize prostitution, when slavery is permitted or rather encouraged subtly by his religion?

Is slavery better than prostitution?

To respond to my above questions, I have to delve a little bit deeper into both the issues in order to make them easy for readers understanding.

In the scheme of things, a prostitute has more rights than does a slave. A prostitute sales her body only for money. If she does not like a customer, or if he does not want to pay her the price she asks for, very often she can refuse to sleep with that customer. If she feels sick or is not in a mood to do business, she can take the day off and relax in a manner she chooses for herself.

The foregoing exceptions do not apply to a slave. A slave is not expected to get paid for the services she renders to her master. If her master wants her to sleep with him even when she is not well, she cannot refuse his demand. If a master wants her to remain awake the whole night, she cannot defy his order. If a master refuses to meet any of her needs, she has no recourse to force him to do so.

If what I have described above is true, then can anyone say that slavery is better than prostitution? If it is not, then can I ask as to why the merciful Allah of the Muslims has allowed them to turn the women of their victims into slaves and then treat them in any manner they liked?

Why Muslim men have been allowed by their Allah to have sex with those slave-girls who are Muslims? (See Quran; 4:92 et al). If we humans can judge the severe difference that exists between slaves and prostitutes, then why the All-Knowing Allah of the Muslims has failed abolish the practice of slavery from among the people He Himself created?

Was not Abraham Lincoln a better God than the Muslim Allah? Should not all Americans worship Lincoln for his ability to abolish slavery from the land he was the ruler of?

Should not the America blacks worship Abraham Lincoln, instead of bowing down before a God who did nothing to ameliorate their sufferings?

Why Allah deemed Paganism worse than slavery? Did He love slavery? If not, then why did He ask for a share of them through His glorious Quran?

What Allah is supposed to do with His share of the slaves? Are they supposed to provide Him with sexual pleasures? If the answer is in affirmative, then what is the difference between Him and a peccant human being?

I ask all Muslims who read this write up to ponder over my questions and then to respond to them responsibly. Irresponsible responses will signify the respondent's ignorance. I do not want ignorant persons to waste my time. I, therefore, ask them not to respond to my questions, if they do not have right answers to them.