Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Bury Jihadi Martyrs in Pig-skin to Deprive Them Paradise

Would Indian Govt. have the courage to bury the dead Pakistani Islamic terrorist martyrs in Bombay with dead pigs?

Islamic Terrorists are brainwashed and motivated to carry out Fidayeen activities with the Koranic assurance that they would enjoy everlasting sex with 72 black eyed virgins with wine and flowing honey etc. once they reach paradise, on sacrificing their lives for Islam.

A Palestinian suicide bomber when caught by Israelis before he could trigger the bomb, was found wearing only a "lungi" or 'single unstitched cloth' without any undergarment, and said he was in a hurry to meet the 72 black eyed virgins and have sex with them immediately!

The Quran also says any contact with pig-skin, meat or blood would prevent the journey to paradise and they would go to hell fire.

So, the Russians, started burying the dead Chechnya terrorists with a piece of pigskin especially after Beslan massacre. The Israelis were already doing it to deter the suicide bombers!!

India too should follow the same so that the terrorists would be denied entry into Paradise.

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