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Gaza-Supporting anti-Semites Hold New York University Hostage

As someone, not Jewish, it is difficult for me to understand why so many Jews support the Palestinians, the very people, who want to drive out the Jews from the Middle East. Oddly enough, it is mainly non-Jewish people (non-Muslim of course), who support and stand up to defend Jews against the anti-Semites. The New York University (NYU) students, many of them Jewish, barricaded themselves inside the Kimmel Center for University Life, holding the building hostage in protest to support Palestinian students and Gaza terrorists.
Why? Those liberal-left students, including many Jewish ones, believe that Palestinians from around the world should receive free educations from NYU. It appears that Palestinian Muslims, who have created as much trouble for themselves as for Israel by pledging to destroy the Jewish state and its people, deserve civil rights for full affirmative action in order to become educated anti-Semites.

The takeover was part of a worldwide coalition of liberal-left indoctrinated college students protesting Israel’s right to exist.

Anti-Semitic/anti-Israel activism is gaining in strength all over Europe, Greece, Great Britain, and the United states. Those activist students belong to Amnesty International, that lovable organization, which adores terrorists and criminals, as well as to NYU’s own group, Take Back NYU, a part of the Students For A Democratic Society. Basically that translates as students for a world without Israel.

NYU students demanded legal amnesty for protestors, workman’s compensation for NYU workers who lost pay during the stand-off (the activistas should be forced to pay those who lost money due to their actions), demands that NYU disclose full amounts of budgets and endowment funds to students (in other words, are alumni donating scholarship money to Muslim students or supporting Israel), and the creation of a student-elected organization titled “Socially Responsible Finance Committee” to investigate NYU investments with companies and organizations that support Israel.

The NYU activitas want Israeli support, in any kind, banned.

The stand-off had nothing to do with making NYU adhere to University ethics and unbiased teaching, something NYU doesn’t practice. It was an occasion for the lovers of anti-Semitism and terrorism, often dominated by the liberal-left, to hold a hate-fest against Israel and the Jews.

When would the world witness students marching in defense of Israel's right to exist? When would students demand that the world support Israel, march to keep Guantanimo Bay opened, demand that Islamic terrorists be punished rigorously for crimes against humanity. When would students demand that Muslims not be allowed to enter U.S. universities without background checks? Probably never.

NYU activistas list of demands included free tuition for Palestinians. Below are a few commands.

“An in depth investigation of all investments in war and genocide profiteers, as well as companies profiting from the occupation of Palestinian territories.”

“A reassessment of the recently lifted of the ban on Coca Cola products.”

“…annual scholarships be provided for thirteen Palestinian students, starting with the 2009/2010 academic year. These scholarships will include funding for books, housing, meals and travel expenses.”

“…the university [will] donate all excess supplies and materials in an effort to rebuild the University of Gaza.”

Forget paying your child’s tuition, it is more important you pay to rebuild anti-Semitic colleges that teach backpack skills.

“Tuition stabilization for all students, beginning with the class of 2012…The university shall meet 100% of government-calculated student financial need.”

That means, New York taxpayers will spend fortunes, so that brats can learn how to hate Jews.

“The students also demand general public have access to NYU’s Bobst Library.”

New York City has public libraries. All are allowed access because they are public. Universities do not, and should not, open doors to those not paying to attend schools.

Those spoiled brats further declared “solidarity with student sleepovers in Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, University of Rochester, the New School for Social Research, the University of Gaza,” demanding “future sleepovers” for democratic student power.

The above is what $150,000 dollars will buy: slumber parties in honor of people blowing up buses full of Jews.

The activistas did not get their way. They will face suspension. They deserve expulsion from college. Their actions should go on public record so that employers can be careful while hiring them.

Let them flip burgers. College is not a playground; it is a privilege, a gift of higher education that lays foundations for the future. Those who abuse the opportunity that education provides should should be held accountable for their actions.

If the NYU Gaza-lovers hate their cushy school so much, go live in Gaza and attend Gravel U. Just don’t forget your backpack and sling-shot.

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