Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

The 'Religion of Peace' Wants All Jews Dead

The Western apologists of Islam, dominated by left-liberals, insist that Islam is a peaceful religion, hijacked by a few radicals, who distort the true meaning of the Koran. If that is true, why do the Koran and Hadith, the sacred Muslim scriptures, call for the death of non-Muslims?
It is more correct to call Islam, which means “surrender”, Mohammadism; because, Muslims follow the dictates of a mass-murderer, mentioned as often as their made-up pagan moon god in the Koran. Mohammad started the religion: he massacred people who refused to follow his beliefs, and enslaved, raped, pillaged, and plundered by himself but put the sanction of his vile acts in the mouth of Allah, his make-believe god. His aim was to gain control of the Middle East, which he terrorized into “submission.”

After Mohammad’s death, his followers continued to follow all his injunctions recorded in the Koran and Hadith: kill the unbelievers who refuse to submit [Quran 9:5,29 etc.]. Since then, Islam has been murdering its way across the planet earth, on a vengeful mission to change the course of humanity, into full submission to Islam.

The War on Terror is a war against Islam.

Muslims, like their Western apologists, infiltrate their propaganda through the pretense of peace. They insist that they are peaceful, yet they murder any Muslim, who dares leave Islam, as long as it is within their reach and power. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world have left Islam. Those ex-Muslims live under the constant threat of execution. No Muslim is allowed to leave Islam. To do so warrants immediate execution. Muslims defend themselves by saying that those killings are done by a handful misguided radicals. Yet, they will never voice condemnation of such vile acts until non-Muslims raise concerns about them. Islam is vile at its heart, but Muslims will never condemn those horrid teachings. On the one hand, Muslims look in the eye of “unbelievers” and swear that they have no ill-feelings against any people; on the other, they spit on Israel and her people.

Israel has had to defend itself from the day it was born against the “religion of peace”, whose followers want all Jews driven into the sea. Notice that Israel never starts the violence. It is always those brilliant little rock-hurlers, who invest their money, into exploding backpacks. Jews never blow up buses, schools, malls, cafés, and airports; Muslims do. Jews don’t execute their daughters for leaving the religion and marrying a Catholic or Protestant. Muslims do, the horrible Islamic code of "honor killing". Muslims will insist honor killing is not Islamic, but it is they, who do it all the time.

The Palestinians always instigate Israel by attacking first, targeting its civilian population with rockets, suicide-bombings; Israel is forced to take occasional military actions against the militants and their infrastructures to protect its citizens, and rightly so. While Muslims will never condemn Palestinians for attacking Israel with barrage of rockets and suicide-bombings, but whenever Israel goes on the defensive, they cries out in foul outrage, claiming that they are being persecuted by the Jews. They commit violence in the streets, and then stomp your feet like a spoiled brat when call out for their crimes. Muslims do this to con the white Westernersever-guilty over its past actions, such as the Crusadesinto assuming they are to blame for all the violence in the world.

The West is unwilling to look at the history to understand that Mohammad, through his invention of Islam, started the violence 14 centuries ago. Mohammad went on a rampage of slaughter, forced conversion of the Jews and pagans of Arabia. Those who resisted were massacred. He committed all these criminality in the name of his god, Allah. Mohammad's murderous followers continued and widened his spade-works after his death. Christiansfrom Central Asia to West Europe, from North Africa to West Asiawere slaughtered for 400 years before Christian Europe quite justifiably hit back in the form of the Crusades. The Crusades were just wars against murderous aggressors.

Now we face the followers of these murderous religion, who have changed very little, in our very homeland, pretending to be our friends, when in actuality, they hate all that our society stands for. And their apologists are ready to defend these deceptive followers of this violent cult to their teeth. Our homegrown apologists, by touting murderous Islam as a peaceful religion, are only aiding and abetting the death of the West.

Our media portray Palestinians as a nice, innocence people, victims of Israeli occupation and violence. If they are innocent, why do they continue attacking Israel with rockets and suicide-bombings to kill civilian Jews? These attackers hate Israel, deny the right of the Jewish state and its people to live their: it is clearly outlined in their manifesto. The few, who do not and attempt to befriend Jews, are executed and their bodies dragged through the streets of Gaza. That is a demonstration of their all-out desire to rid the world of Jews and their supporters.

In this hate-fest, Muslims all over the world, including of the West, are eager participants, marching in the streets, screaming death to Jews and Israel. In Toronto, Muslims shouted: “Jewish child, you’re gonna’ f---ing die! Hammas is coming for you!” “I want the war to continue, because I want Hezbollah to wipe the state of terrorism off the planet.” For that to happen in reality, Hezbollah would have to blow up Gaza, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia—world's leading sponsor of terrorism. Others shouted: “you’re [you Jews are] being wiped off the planet. That’s a promise!” In Montreal, Muslims demanded: “Burn, burn Israel!” Jews were called “dogs” as the death of all Jews was demanded, declaring: “Palestine is ours!”

Technically that is false since the Palestinians are from Jordan and Jordan threw them out, refusing them reentry. That shows how much Muslims love their own.

The elite media and lukewarm politicians in the West think that peace talks must go forward, that both sides can come to an agreement. That is impossible unless drastic change in attitude of Muslims occur. Muslims believe only in “submission,” not negotiation. An agreement with these people will be achieved only when it means a complete surrender for Israel. They know that it is possible to achieve with the gullible West on their side; that is why they are for unending peace-talks, not for immediate recognition of Israel to end the conflict quickly.

Those, who eagerly believe that peace can be achieved with Islam, believed the same about the Soviet Union. The liberal-left kept America play an inactive bystanders, while the Soviet brutality and aggression claimed about a 100 million innocent lives. Islam is bigger enemy to humanity; peace can not be attained through handshakes and flower-bouquets with its followers. This enemy of humanity lives by a code of violence that must require a greater might, or ingenious tactics, to subdue.

Take a look at the anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli, anti-American, anti-Britain marches organized by Muslims in London and Birmingham, and in Europe and the U.S.; they have no intentions of halting their hateful, violent tactics. It is in their religion, in their 14-century-old heritage. Violence is in their blood.

What more do we need to prove that? Spilling of more Jewish and Christian blood?

We will sure get it, if we fail to act to discredit and undermine this vicious enemy, which goes by the name of peaceful religion of Islam.

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